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Jennifer Beman

Jennifer Beman created the Graphic Sex Project to help people have conversations about sex. Each graph is a little story, and making one gives people an easy way to launch an in-depth conversation about their values and their desires, with a handy visual aid. She has gone all over the Washington DC and New York area with bags of coloured cubes, stickers, and markers, asking people to assign their own words to each colour and make their own graphic story about their sexual life. With a specially-designed light box in tow, people can take a picture of their graph to share with a partner as a sure-fire conversation starter. The graphs de-eroticize sex, making a sometimes difficult subject easier to talk about. Jennifer has collected over 700 graphs, by people of every age, gender, orientation, and relationship style. The collection is an eye-opening, thought-provoking, conversation-inciting glimpse into what people do, presented in a playful, joyous context. See the collection online at GraphicSexProject where you can also make your own graph.

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