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Unravel the arcane matters of sexual chemistry in our latest workshop with Professor Sex. Understand sexual desire. The things that stoke it. And things that don’t.

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Improve your relationships

Learn to clarify your sexual needs & desires, create a plan to spark your relationships, and get virtual interactive coaching from Professor Sex.

Workshop registration includes

  • 90 minutes Virtual Interactive group coaching Session with Professor Sex and Sex Positive Me

  • Couple/partner Activities

  • Exclusive discounts for 1-on-1 consultation

What makes this workshop special?

Not like any other

A Holistic Workshop

Enrich and enhance your relationship through our workshop curated for everyone irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, and preferences.

Virtual yet Hands-on

The entire workshop woulderver be held on video-conferencing. It would be hands-on, and involves interesting activities planned just for you.

What all will you learn?

Designed to help you grow

Desire Fundamentals
Understand what desire is, what stokes it in your relationship and what puts it out.
Understanding Libido
How does it work? What role does it play, and how to fuel it to keep your relationship sexy.
Sexual Communication
How to be on the same sexual page as your partner, and communicate better. Tips, and tools to make your sexual communication bang on.
Sexual Chemistry
Learn how to navigate tricky waters in a relationship, and build (or rebuild) your sexual chemistry.
Q&A Session
Still got questions? Don't worry. Dedicated time in the end for taking your questions, and getting answers to your specific questions. (Anonymous asking as well)

Angel Russell / Professor Sex

ACS Certified Sex Educator, research sexologist, certified sexual assault victims advocate, and author.

Angel Russell aka Professor Sex

Angel has more than 10 years experience as a sexuality educator. They are a sexuality education provider for the Jacksonville Center for Sexual Health. They are also on the editorial board for Journal of Counseling Sexology & Sexual Wellness.

Angel’s work is part of Teaching Safer Sex – Abridged Edition, curriculum developed by the Center for Sex Education. In 2019 their research on Individual Differences in Coming Out as LGBT+ received a professional paper award nomination from Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA).

They are a member of the Community Sexual Health Education and Research Initiative, a collaborative group working to conduct research and programming in the area of sexual health.

Their initiative, Professor Sex is pleasure-based, empirically backed, medically accurate, anti-racist sex education with an intended adult audience. With consent as a core foundation, they believe people should always have the choice to engage in sex that provides them pleasure.

They ascribe to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definitions of sexual health, sexuality, and sexual rights.

With your co-hosts


Sex Positive Me

Angelique & John host the podcast & radio shows, “Sex Positive Me”, and “Date Nite with The Lunas”. Both are graduates from the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality. They present classes and workshops both online and in person and create content for companies such as ASN Magazine, SDC, Boneyard Toys, Kink Crate and Fairvilla University. Angelique Luna is a sex & relationship expert (Certified Kink Aware Professional & Sex Educator) and intuitive life coach. She helps people confidently communicate their sexual needs, wants, and desires. John C. Luna has 12+ years in the swinger, fetish and BDSM lifestyles. He is now educating others on non-traditional relationships, kink, BDSM and human sexuality. He speaks on non-monogamy, bisexuality, safe sexual practices, and other kink related topics.

Simple Pricing

Single/Couple Ticket

$ 30

Join yourself or together, to improve your sexual chemistry, and learn to communicate your desires better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Ask us at

Any 18+ individual, looking to understand desire, libido and improve their sexual relationships is welcome.

We encourage you to join with your partner, and help us help you light your fire once again.

Absolutely. The workshop would help you understand yourself better.

The entire workshop, notes, handouts would be in English.

The videos/images shared would not be explicit, however to explain certain concepts explicit language may be used.

Oh! "Yes, we will be recording these sessions. Attendees will be able to ask questions anonymously, change the way their names appear in the chat, and if they like, turn off their cameras, to protect their privacy if they wish to do so."


Not as part of the workshop, but our experts are available for you. Special discounts for attendees. We will send this information post the workshop via email.

* None of your personal information will be disclosed
* Anyone registering is 18+ is not TickleLife's liability whatsoever if he/she/they turn out to be underage.