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In the latest offering by Tickle.Life, we bring to you: Back to Basics by Professor Sex. It is time to brush up on your basics where our sexuality is concerned. It is time to be part of the sex-ed show where we break up myths and build up facts about sex.

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What is sex?

In our first episode, we asked ourselves, that do we all even have a common definition of sex? Is it only with penetration? Is masturbation sex?

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Vagina/Vulva, what's in a name? Well, a lot! What you might be thinking of as a vagina, is actually a vulva. In this episode of Back to Basics, Professor Sex tells us about everything you need to know about Vulvas, or is it a Vagina?

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What's the science behind tampons? What are they? How to use them? What are the disadvantages of using one? Well, these are just questions. To know more watch Professor Sex talk about Tampons in this episode of Back to Basics

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Menstrual Cups

You might have heard about sustainable menstruation and menstrual cups, but do you know how they work? or how to insert & remove them while following all the precautions? Watch Professor Sex tell us about how menstrual cups are used and why they're a better option than other period products.

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