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Sexuality Studies

Academics and scholarly research on sex and sexuality.

Sexuality is a beautiful amalgamation of complex phenomena in the fields of psychology, sociology, politics, biology and history. It has so much to offer, and even more room for you to explore it from different lenses. This is where we explore the theoretical understanding we have so far gained in the field of sexuality.

Stories on this topic

The Etiology of Sex Offending and the use of Electronic devices in monitoring Sex Offenders

Graham Holloway, Apr 21 2020

Introduction Extensive research has gone into understanding why people commit sexual-based offences and how to prevent them from either happening in the first place or from reoccurring.

Introduction Extensive research has gone into unde...

Objectum Sexuality

Dr. Amy Marsh, Mar 08 2020



Ethical Dilemmas in BDSM- More Visibility

Aud Jektvik, Feb 23 2020

Another dilemma is raised because BDSM has gained more visibility in the last few years. Is all of this visibility a good thing?


The MSM (Non)Identity: Toward Understanding Sexual Behavior and Identity

Professor Sex, Feb 20 2020



Sex, Ethics and Morality - The 'Right' and 'Wrong' of Sex

Gaia Morrissette, Feb 16 2020



The Difference Between a Kink and a Fetish and How They Form

Graham Holloway, Dec 19 2019

While many people like to use the words kink and fetish interchangeably, they actually have different meanings. Read on to know more!


Ray's "Why I Talk About Sexuality"

Ray Motta, Dec 05 2019

Ray talks about how her curiosity for sex has grown over time and made her a sexually liberal writer.


Polyamory in the Kamasutra

Raksha Saraf, Oct 31 2019



On the Use of the Word 'Slut'

Raksha Saraf, Oct 30 2019



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Jennifer Beman

Dr. Amy Marsh

Raksha Saraf

Professor Sex

Aud Jektvik

Graham Holloway

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