Dr. Amanda Freise


Dr. Amanda Freise (she/her) is the Director of Research for the Center for Positive Sexuality, a sexuality educator and researcher, and a microbiology lecturer at UCLA. Using her unique background in science and sexuality, Amanda encourages every human to explore their sexuality with a curious and open mind, and to never stop asking questions. She delivers sexuality education to adults through classes, workshops, and individual coaching, on a variety of topics including anatomy, pleasure, consent, BDSM, nontraditional relationship structures, and more. Amanda has been a featured guest on The Trouble With Sex podcast and enjoys giving “Sexy Mythbusting” talks at bars in her spare time.

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How can you have a fulfilling experience with sexual partners?

Dr. Amanda Freise, Jul 20

Three easy ways to start: 1. Educate: Yourself, and your partners! Learn about your body and how it works. Be curious about what might turn you on. 2.

Three easy ways to start: 1.

50% of adults have herpes!

Dr. Amanda Freise, May 07

Break the stigma.

Break the stigma.

Rock Your Body, Yeah - Movement During Intercourse Leads to More Orgasms in Cis Women

Dr. Amanda Freise, Apr 30

Penetrative sex frequently involves a lot of movement, at least on the part of the penetrating partner.

Penetrative sex frequently involves a lot of movem...

The Orgasm Gap

Dr. Amanda Freise, Apr 16 2020

The numbers and data, what we can do to close it, and why it isn't true for ALL women!