10 New Year's Resolution for a Sexy 2021

Author :- Revathi V Gopal Jan. 9, 2021, 9:27 a.m.
10 New Year's Resolution for a Sexy 2021

New Year is around the corner, and most of us are busy scribbling down the resolutions for the coming year. Managing finances, adopting a budget-friendly lifestyle, and finding a new job might be some of the top priorities you may have set for 2021. But, wait for a second, is that all?

The New Year is all about starting things afresh in your life. Here, we look into the top ten New Year's Resolutions for a Sexy 2021

Let's dive straight into the resolutions for the coming year!

1. Practicing yoga for flexibility

Including yoga as a New Year's resolution is an excellent way to ensure your physical well-being. You can improve your flexibility by practicing asanas like downward-facing dog, extended puppy pose, noose pose, pigeon pose, etc. (Our list of Yoga Positions for better sex)

2. Try something new by yourselves or with your partner!

Have you been planning to take up something new with your partner? So, 2021 is the right time to start. You can take up a salsa class with your partner. You can spend quality time with your partner by sharing your fantasies. You can always do something novel by trying out different sexual positions. You can rely upon Kamasutra as well. You can also enjoy your company and spend time with yourself. Don't forget to add this to your New Year's Resolution for a sexy 2021

3. Have safe sex

As part of the 2021 New Year's Resolution, you can decide to have only safe sex with your partner. Use contraceptives like condoms to avoid unnecessary pregnancies. It is also a great way to stay away from STDs and STIs. You can prioritize safety and consent to ensure your sexual well-being. You can always carry a condom with you as it is a way of caring for yourself.

4. Planning a trip with your partner

Pandemic has locked us inside our houses for almost a year. With the New Year approaching, you can start making plans to go on a trip with your partner. You can travel solo or with your friends as well. However, always ensure that you are following safety measures and social distancing norms.

5. Meditate for mindfulness

Meditation is an excellent way to calm your mind. It is essential to have mental peace to help us in our relationships, career, and life. You can practice meditation daily for at least eight minutes. Walking meditation, connecting with nature, and fragrance therapy are different ways to focus and meditate.

6. Going on dates more often

If you are seeing someone, try to go on a date with your partner once a week. You can go for a romantic dinner date, movie date, or can spend time together in a way that you both enjoy. Try to find time for your partner and try to build communication. 

7. Bringing work-life balance

Most of us have been juggling between our careers and personal life. As part of your 2021 New Year's Resolution, you can start by creating a work-life balance. You can create a schedule, have a routine, and try to follow it as well. It is an excellent way to find time for yourself and your partner.

8. Try working out with your partner!

Working out with your partner is great for improving the bond you have. You can hit the gym together or start working out in your house. You can set goals together, challenge yourself, and work together to achieve them. You can do intensive workouts like weight training. You can also go for a jog or a walk with your partner.

9. Have a better diet to manage your periods

Mindful eating and focusing on your diet can help you manage your periods. You can avoid cramps, bloating, and nausea by having a proper diet. You can kickstart 2021 by including leafy vegetables, chickpeas, nuts, and avocado into your diet. Don't forget to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. It will help you stay hydrated and healthy.

10. Do things spontaneously

2021 is going to be full of surprises. So why don't we add a pinch of spontaneity to it? You can plan a trip with your friends or partner spontaneously. You can bring a shift to your styling and wardrobe. You could try things that you have always wanted to explore. 

These are some of the many resolutions you can adopt for the coming year. Always try to stick to your resolutions and practice them regularly.

So why don't we step into a sexy 2021 with these New Year's Resolutions!

Tell us what is your resolution for 2021, to make it a sexy year