How can You Flirt with Equality in 2021?

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Aug. 3, 2021, 3:37 p.m.
How can You Flirt with Equality in 2021?

Flirting is an art. Would you agree with us?

The different ways to flirt might have evolved, but the intent why we flirt stays the same. When we flirt with someone, most of us try to build a romantic or intimate relationship with them. Also, there are times when we find someone attractive in a room and show our flirting skills to strike up a conversation with them.

Not everyone is as confident as Joey to approach anyone in a crowded setting and ask, "How you doin?". Some of us are more like Chandler. We might be able to crack up a joke in front of our friends. But, we might lack the confidence to flirt with others. Hence, for people like Chandler, dating apps have come to the rescue. 

Today's world of social media has taken the flirting game an edge higher. These dating apps provide a safe environment for people to flirt and connect without any fear of being judged. A study said that more youths today are opting for online dating sites to flirt and build relationships.

What is the Importance of Equality in Flirting?

Gender bias is still prevalent in different parts of our society. If you think flirting is devoid of gender bias, then sorry to burst your bubble. But, many people consider flirting as gender-specific. Even though we live in a society where gender is fluid, numerous assumptions are there about flirting. Many perceive these assumptions as rules for dating too. While we go by the so-called rules, it varies based on the premises of gender. While for one gender, flirting is devoid of any judgments. For others, it is not the same way.

Because of the existing misogynistic culture, there is a gender gap in flirtation. The fact that there is a gap at all indicates the presence of hierarchy and authority. Different kinds of misperceptions are attached to flirting. 

People from minority communities are sometimes afraid of being misread and criticized. This fear often prevents them from making the first move. According to research conducted in the United States, 90% of women said they had at least one instance where others mistook their friendliness.

Flirting is done for a variety of purposes. One of them is to increase sexual interaction. Our want to please someone is motivated by many factors for each individual. While some flirt for fun, others flirt to establish an intimate relationship. There is nothing wrong with healthy flirting. However, we have to do it with a clear goal in mind. Besides that, we have to ensure that the other person is comfortable.

There is a clear distinction between healthy flirting and sexual harassment. It is also a mistake to believe that a person who flirts with you always wishes to involve with you sexually.

A few months back, the Swiss parliament issued a guide after the #MeToo movement. The guide helped the Swiss parliament staff to understand the difference between workplace flirting and harassment. The presence of the same feelings and respect is flirting but looking at someone as an object is harassment.

How to Start Flirting with Equality?

Flirting should be a safe space for all. Every person has the right to complement a person of their choice. We should not limit this space based on our biases and judgments. 

Everyone deserves a fair chance to make someone aware that they are attracted to them. If someone is having a healthy flirty conversation with you, you can respect them for their initiative.

There have been scores of discussions on who should make the first move? But, not many are ready to accept that anyone can make the first move. Regardless of the concept of gender, you can ask a person out if you sense a spark.

Just like flirting, sex is also perceived through the lens of gender discrimination. Understanding the need to open up the conversation, we have curated a safe space with some of the best sexual wellness professionals. By becoming a part of our journey, you can discuss sexual desire, communication, and chemistry. You can join our “Light My Fire” workshop and find out more on the same.

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