Understand the new age lingo before you say 'Yes' to online dating.

Author :- Nivi Shrivastava Jan. 11, 2021, 11:57 a.m.
Understand the new age lingo before you say 'Yes' to online dating.

If you have ever dated anyone online, you must have come across or experienced some really interesting terminologies. For instance, how did you feel when someone ghosted you or love-bombed you after some super thirsty convos? We can’t help much if you are confused about the mixed signals from him/ her, but to understand the modern dating language we are here to help you crack the code. Here’s the latest lowdown on dating terms for 2021, date safe.


As the self-explanatory term suggests, you are on hold till the main one exists. Often, used for backups or as a crying shoulder, this is probably a bad sign in your dating life if your partner has “benched” you for someone more important. For the hopeful benchers, you shall be notified until your beloved decides to make up her/his mind.


One of the most annoying and borderline offensive things to do in a relationship is to “ghost” the one you’ve been leading on. Just like ghosts, your date disappears into oblivion and pops up when least expected. In simpler words, ghosting usually stems from a lack of accountability and indecisiveness for a relationship. And, FYI if you have been ghosted by the same person twice, you are not ghosted but “zombied” by them. Stay safe, keep the ghosts at bay.

Thirst trap

The prey should always know about the traps before entering into one. In the dating game, when you start noticing a flurry of sexy photos on your lover’s social accounts, know that it’s a thirst trap to lure you. The tried and tested flirting with photos is a known weapon for him and her while flirting online. If you see a thirst trap, run for the hills unless you want to be involved with them publically.


A very common thing on dating apps is to date multiple people at one time and being quiet about it until one day you discover that they do not believe in being exclusive. Just like a cockroach, the roaches are flirting and sweet-talking to different people and after months of emotional investment from you, they slyly reveal their true nature. Oops! It hurts. Keep the pests at bay, keep it clean.


The term is a combination of two very popular phenomenons we see on social media these days. An unusual combination of “woke” and “catfishing” is "wokefishing," which explains why some people still believe in the highly disturbing phrase – "fake it till you make it." Basically, any man who appears to be a fake feminist or woke online to woo women is a woke fish, a dating wolf hiding in a sheep’s clothing. How do you know he is faking it to fit in? His actions would speak louder than his opinions, so watch out for these guys and stay woke not for them but you.