Sex Fantasy Based on Zodiac Signs

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Oct. 18, 2023, 1:16 a.m.
Sex Fantasy Based on Zodiac Signs

Most of us have sexual fantasies that we wish would come true. Some of us prefer to keep them to ourselves, and others would not mind sharing them with their partner(s). 

Based on that, we have brought together some of the sex fantasies different zodiac signs may have. 

Wondering what your fantasy is?

Well, read on to find out!


If you are a Sagittarius, you are probably adventurous and would love to try out things that can excite you. A Sagittarian prefers to make love from exotic places and even from the public.

Most Sagittarians love to have sex when they have guests in their homes, which is yet another sexual fantasy. 

Being an impulsive sign, a Sagittarius person is always ready to hop on any quests to fulfill their sexual fantasies. 

A Sagittarius vulva-owner would be wild and ready to try new things that ignite their sense of adventure. Being someone with a powerful libido, you can make them horny by spicing things up with touch. 

Besides, a Sagittarius is someone who is into kinks and with numerous secret desires. By the way, bringing in sex toys can take your intimate moments to the next level.


With odd sexual energies, Capricorn individuals never hesitate to depict their sexual fantasies. Sometimes, they tend to rush their romantic moments. But, they seem to express their desires upfront to their partner(s). One of the sex fantasies that Capricorn has is to skip work and spend a day with their partner in bed. 

Other than that, a Capricorn will be into having risky sex from public places, trying out acts of bondage, and even enjoy pushing their sexual boundaries to enhance their pleasure. 

If you are with a Capricorn, remember they may enjoy being helpless while having sex. Therefore, bringing in handcuffs and tying up your partner can be things your partner would enjoy. However, before engaging in any of these acts, do seek consent as it is a priority for having safe sex.


An Aquarius person may not take action for their sexual fantasies as they are often unsure how to plan these activities. But, as their partner, you can spice things up by bringing in elements of surprise by creating sexy moments. They can act as the perfect timings for them to explore their fantasies. 

Most Aquarius people seldom hide their sexual fantasies. If you are with an Aquarius, your partner would be ready to say out loud what they would like to try in bed. Besides, with a try anything at least once mentality, they would love to explore the different tastes various types of kinks and BDSM have to offer.


If you are with a Libra, their sexual fantasy can be a bit surprising for you. Their deepest sexual fantasy would be fulfilling your unusual desires. It is a way by which your Libra partner can bring in self-confidence. Most Libra populace finds kinky sex exciting, and they try to incorporate them into their bedroom activities. Besides, they love to try bondage, whips, and similar items while engaging in sex. 

Some of the secret fantasies a Libra would have are about latex, chains, leather, etc. Group sex excites and enhances the fire in the intimate moments for a Libra. 

Apart from that, foreplays are vital for them, and you can spice them up by bringing in sex-based outfits. Even though they have different fantasies, they don’t often step out of their comfort zones. Instead, they tend to maintain their sexual fantasies as silent.


Enthusiastic about reliving the sexy scenes they have seen in movies, a Piscean would replay them in their mind several times. If you are a Piscean, you can fuel your intimate moments by bringing these imaginations into life. 

As Pisceans are more into fantasies, they tend to step into this imaginary world much more than they spent time in the real world. When it comes to enjoying sex, they prefer to bring fantasy. Bringing in bedroom kinks can be another way to spice things up when you are with a Piscean.

Pisceans love to have a storyline while getting intimate with their partner. It can be in the form of roleplays, costumes, and even be fetishes, challenging their comfort zone.

Bringing in touch can be a great way to express your love language with a Piscean. It is because they are highly sensitive and focus on experiencing emotions and feelings through their body. Spicing things up by bringing in elements of change in the form of sex in the bathtub can be an excellent idea when you are with a Piscean.


A hot session of sex can be a great way to bring in passion for a Scorpio, especially after a fight or working hard for a day. Being a mysterious sign as per astrology, Scorpio depicts the same elements of mysteriousness when it comes to sex as well. When you become intimate with a Scorpio, closeness can play a significant role in building the bond.

When it comes to sexual fantasies, a Scorpio would prefer to have sex with a person who can handle them sexually. Besides, they are into kinks and love to be in control during the act. While getting intimate, a Scorpio would like to tie up their partner and exercise power. Other than that, they would show interest in bringing their partner’s bedroom fantasies into life. It is an excellent way by which they can gratify themselves and their partner.


Being ruled by Mars, Aries wants to start something new. It can be trying out new and exciting things from unexpected places, rooms, or other such locations. With a lot of energy and passion, a person with this zodiac sign can explode quickly. Besides, an Aries is often into trying risky sexual acts in public, and interested in sadomasochism, voyeurism, etc., 

An Aries prefers to switch the power play while getting intimate with their partner. But, you have to remember that it depends upon your partner’s comfort level. However, most times, they prefer to play a dominant role because of the presence of masculinity. 

Since Aries loves foreplay, it will be beneficial to delay sex to intensify pleasure. You can spice things up by bringing restrictions like tying your partner up or blindfolding them. Adding sensual music can also be a great way to light up the mood. Since Aries loves to bring adventure to their life, they prefer the same when it comes to sex.

So, you can spice things up with wild, passionate, and seductive sexual acts. Remember that typical missionary sex would not be what strikes Aries’ passion.


With a highly adaptable and changeable sexual behavior, Virgos try to explore their sexual preferences by bringing in another person to their sexual acts. However, it exists only as a secret sexual fantasy for most of them.

With the correct amount of visual and verbal stimulation, you can spice up Virgo’s sex life. Some ways by which you can arouse your Virgo partner are through naughty text messages, offering hints of what you would like to do, etc. Other than these, watching porn together, mutual masturbation, or trying on sexy lingeries can also be big turn-ons for a Virgo.

Besides, Virgos desire to be in control and prefer to be the dominating force in a relationship. Punishing their partner in bed is yet another sexual fantasy that a Virgo wishes to explore.


Taurus loves to surrender to their partner while they are pleasuring them. It is a secret fantasy held by Taurus, who doesn’t possess a seductive mindset like a Scorpio. But, they are passionate and live with a curiosity to explore different types of kinks. 

Although Taurus wishes to explore new things in the bedroom, they often abstain from doing it. It is because they feel that they would express themselves as kinkier than their partner. It is something that a Taurus prefers not to enjoy. 

Taurus loves to engage in ball gags and prefers to try out both the roles of a dominant and a submissive. They are into experimenting with new things as well. Therefore, they would wait till they find that one person with whom they feel connected and comfortable.

Once they meet that person, they are ready to explore the various realms associated with their sexuality. Here, they range from having a romantic dinner to engaging in a heated sex session from the kitchen.


From spicily talking in the bed to sending flirty messages, there are different ways by which you can touch your Gemini partner’s sexual fantasies. Since Mercury plays a significant role over Gemini, communication is essential in building sexual fantasies.

 Here, you and your partner can try new things by leading the way with words. Geminis would love to change roles and even opt to become submissive. Colored with their imagination, Geminis can enhance their sex life with a touch of dirty talks, sexting, and emotions.

Other than these, Geminis might be fantasizing about orgies, role plays and even have the desire to try out threesomes.


Being honest and open about their sexuality, Leo would like to explore new things in the bed. With a higher libido, they would be ready to get dirty and wild. 

When you are with Leo, or you are a Leo, you have to remember that Leos prefer to get into kinkier stuff. Since they overwhelm with desires, they would like to spice things up a bit more with a pinch of drama. It is something that can make them feel desired. 

Another interesting sexual fantasy of Leo involves the usage of sex toys. They love to try sex toys with their partner or by themselves. Besides, they prefer to bring in the element of risk while having sex. It is something that excites them the most. Besides that, Leos like to experiment with new things and different ways to stimulate themselves while having sex. 

Since Leos are dominating in bed, they prefer to try out a variety of kinks with their partner. It is a way for them to explore their sexuality and add spice to their sex life.


Although Cancerians hide their sexual fantasies, you can find them out as you encourage them to fight slowly in bed. They would prefer to dominate with a touch of romance. Cancerians love to try out different kinks, especially those enhancing their senses. 

They like to have sex from various locations and often fantasize about having sex from a public place. And if they find products which reminds them about their inner kinky fantasies, WHY NOT.

Cancerians love getting intimate by involving their face. It can be in the form of touch or by looking at their partner’s face while engaging in sexual acts. Besides, Cancerians love to spice things up by dressing up or doing role-plays and prefer to take it up way kinkier than you can imagine. Another factor to note is that Cancerians like to build intimate moments based on emotions.

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