5 Role Play Ideas: Best Sex Fantasies to Spice it Up

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team May 31, 2023, 9:03 a.m.
5 Role Play Ideas: Best Sex Fantasies to Spice it Up

"Role-play definitely can spice things up and bring you closer. Your best friends don’t know your fantasies. Your fantasies are your own. Usually, who will know about them is your partner...Even if you don’t try to make it a reality, it will bring you closer together, knowing something that no one knows about your partner." Sam McAllerly Sex coach for Men, said to Tickle.Life.

As McAllery mentioned, why don't we look into role-plays as a way to bring you and your partner closer? Here, we will examine five role-play fantasies that can take your sex life to the next level.

The All-Time Fireman Role-Play Fantasy

As you light up the candles and dress up in your favourite sexy lingeries, you can set the mood for a heated rescue session. When your partner walks in dressed in the uniform of your all-time favourite fireman, it is time for you to ignite your desire. Being one of the top sexy costumes adorned by several people, this fireman role play can bring life to your imagination. Here, you can try out the bondage kit and even focus on the theme of rescuing the "damsel in distress." 

Apart from the fireman fantasy, you and your partner can try other role-plays that bring power dynamics. They include cop and criminal, jail warden and prisoner. There are several others as well that you can try with your partner. However, ensure that both you and your partner are on the same page while trying them out.

Yoga to Spice Things Up

Why not bring in yoga as a way to spice up your role-playing sessions with your partner? Here, you can bring in the sweat and the calm deep voice to your bedroom. From exploring the correct position with your personalized yoga instructor, get ready to take your role-play session to the next level.

During these role-plays, either you or your partner can be that gorgeous yoga instructor who comes to provide private yoga sessions. Here, the instructor can help you mold the right position through their touch and guidance.

Maybe try going the extra mile, where the instructor teaches you to do the positions correctly. You can even dive into tantric sex and try out reading erotica with your partner to steam things up a bit more.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Go Gothic with Vampirism

The desire to get the love bit from a vampire was there even before the Twilight Saga dropped to the market. The narratives on Dracula, focusing on how a vampire seduces young women, have been there for a long time. It is a storyline with numerous overt sexual undertones. Now, you can bring this sexual fantasy into life through your imagination by creating a role-play scenario with your partner. 

From setting the mood with velvet sheets and adding elements of darkness, you can now give life to this thrilling fantasy. With a touch of power dynamics and a sci-fi background, a vampire-themed gothic role-play session can be a great addition to your sex life.

Let's Move to the Future Tonight

Since we live in a world of technology, why not bring it to your sex life as well?

Sex robots are reshaping and rebuilding the sex lives of many people across the globe. Why not add this android technology to your role play sessions?

Here, you don't have to get a sex robot by paying thousands of dollars. You or your partner can be one and spice up the things as you are in a sci-fi world. You might have got this idea ring in your mind while watching Westworld or reading a sci-fi work. So, why not bring it into action through role playing?

However, while acquiring inspiration from movies, shows, or books, ensure that your partner is comfortable with it. By the way, don't forget to add a safe word while you are drifting to the future.

Get Nerdy for a While

Yes, it might sound a bit old school. But, the professor-student dynamics has been one of the evergreen role plays for a long time. Here, bring in the power play and even prop it up to make it more realistic. You can set the scene up and be the personas to ignite the mood. 

From a boarding school to a research program, you and your partner can pick a scenario or even mix it up. Don't forget to bring in a bit of punishment to spice things up and make it edgy!

Special mention to our contributor Sam McAllerly

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