9 Fetish Sexual Fantasy Ideas to Try with Your Partner(s)

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Dec. 13, 2021, 5:33 p.m.
9 Fetish Sexual Fantasy Ideas to Try with Your Partner(s)

The concepts of sexual fantasy and fetish have been around for decades. In simple terms, a sexual fantasy focuses on gaining sexual arousal through imagination. It can help improve your sexual experiences and pave the way for healthy sex life. 

Having a sexual fantasy will help you obtain clarity on your sexuality and identity as well. As per a research study¹, 90% of the participants stated that they have sexual fantasies from time to time. 

Different factors can result in fetish sexual fantasies. They include your sexual identity, age, health, sexual appetite, sexual history, etc. While fantasizing, most people prefer to think about things that have already occurred. Besides, your fetishes can also become a part of your sexual fantasies that you may wish to try with your partner.

What are Fetishes?

Fetishes refer to sexual desire for a particular body part or inanimate object that may not be seen as sexual by others. Here, you might be fantasizing about these fetishes as a way of gaining sexual arousal. 

Many view fetishes and sexual fantasies as taboo topics. But, in reality, there is nothing wrong with having sexual fantasies and fetishes, and they are healthy. They can be recurring and act as sexual stimuli. 

Now, let's have a look at 9 fetish sexual fantasies to try with your partner(s).

Navel Fetishism or Alvinphila as a Sexual Fantasy Idea

It is a form of sexual fetishism and a sexual fantasy idea, where a person gets sexually attracted to the navel. Interestingly, it is one of the most searched fetishes in 2012 as per Google search results². 

There can be different factors leading to navel fetishism, where one might find navel as a turn-on. It can be through licking, sucking, applying lotion, pouring champagne on the navel, blowing air, placing ice, etc., 

By doing so, you can gain erotic sensation as the navel is one of the erogenous zones in your body. Due to this, you would find navel ticklish as well. 

Navel fetishism is a popular sexual fantasy, and you can gain pleasure by stimulating the navel. Here, you can get excited by your navel or that of others. Another excellent way to gain pleasure from your navel is by fingering it.

Body Piercing

Many consider body piercing as a way of representing sexual confidence and power. Here, a person can get sexually aroused by a nipple, genital, tongue, or belly button piercing. 

Nipple piercing can enhance the sensations on your nipples and make them highly sensitive. Another common fetish is clitoral piercing. When a person has it, it shows that the individual has a good understanding of their body. And this form of piercing can make the clitoris highly receptive to sexual stimulations.

There is a study published in 1993 in the Journal of Psychology³ with 362 participants on nipple piercing. Here, the researchers concluded that these piercings improved sexual responsiveness and interest in people. Apart from piercings, many people find body modifications like tattoos sexually arousing. 

Group Sex

Many people fantasize about group sex as a way to bring play and leisure to their lives. It is an interesting sexual act that you can have as part of a non-monogamous bond. 

Here, consent is integral, and you have to look into the safety factors while engaging in group sex. 

You can participate in group sex activities from different places, including private clubs, sex parties, swinger gatherings, etc. While bringing this fantasy into reality, you have to ensure that it is in no way affecting your relationship if you are in one.

Role Plays

Role plays include reenacting a scenario by pretending to be another person. It is one of the sexual fantasies to try to spice up your relationship. Here, you can bring in costumes and even try out master-slave power plays. 

A uniform fetish is a popular fetish that revolves around the sexual desire for people wearing uniforms. Incest play is another fetish sexual fantasy idea that focuses on having role-plays based on incestuous relationships. Here, the significance is on the power dynamics and the thrill involved in breaking a taboo. 

By bringing in role plays, you can spice up your sex life and explore different realms of sexual fantasies. Here, you can bring in sex toys too. Tail butt plugs and foxtails are toys you can use while trying out this popular sexual fantasy.

Bondage Fetish

Bondage comes under the umbrella of BDSM- Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism. There are different definitions associated with bondage, and most commonly, it focuses on physical restraint. Here, you can use chains, handcuffs, and other methods for tying up your partner to bring in sexual satisfaction. 

Bondage fetish can also be a part of power exchange, and you can blend it with elements of role-playing. Besides, this is a fetish giving importance to diversity. Here, you can bring in experimentations as well. However, you have to use safe words and focus on consent while engaging in this popular sexual fantasy.


Voyeurism involves observing other people, and it can be them having sex, being naked, etc. Here, there won't be any direct interaction with the person, and it would be focusing on observing the person from a distance. 

However, you have to stay away from non-consensual voyeurism. It is wrong and ranges from spying to the usage of hidden cameras. When it comes to consensual voyeurism, it involves permission from the person, and through this, you can achieve sexual gratification as well.

Foot Fetish or Podophilia

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Since feet are intimate parts of your body, many people find them attractive. It involves kissing of the toes, sucking, taking photographs, stimulation of the genitals with the feet, etc. It can be arousing and sensual as feet are erotic and contain several nerve endings. While having such a fetish sexual fantasy, imagining or viewing your partner's feet can become sexual stimuli.

Shoe Fetish or Retifism

A shoe fetish can stay alone as a sexual fetish, or you can have it with others like foot fetish, transvestite fetishism, clothing fetish, etc., 

When it comes to shoe fetish, shoes will act as stimuli, leading to sexual arousal. Here, it can be touching the shoes, their feel, seeing them, etc. Different types of footwear can arouse you sexually, ranging from stilettos to high heels.


Swinging is a form of a non-monogamous relationship. It involves having occasional sex with others while in a serious primary relationship. Several people have this sexual fantasy of indulging in swinging, and it is yet another popular sexual fantasy. 

However, it differs from polyamory. In a polyamorous relationship, both partners would engage in casual sex. However, there won't be much emotional commitment involved in it. 

But, on the other hand, swinging prioritizes emotional commitment, and the primary partner will have more importance. But, in both these cases, consent is essential while having sex with others. 





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