10 Sex Positions for Curvy Girls from Elle Chase's Curvy Girl Sex

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team April 5, 2022, 7:54 a.m.
10 Sex Positions for Curvy Girls from Elle Chase's Curvy Girl Sex

Sex is a human right. However, many people undergo challenges due to body image issues that bring in second thoughts on enjoying sex. By accepting and embracing yourself, you can discover more about your likes, dislikes, turn-ons, turn-offs, and more. 

Since each person is unique in their ways, you have to find a position that works best for you. Sex is more than penetrative sex. It has to do with your hands, mouth, etc. Here, we have brought together ten of our favorite positions from Elle Chase’s Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Embrace Your Sex Life¹.

Horizontal CowGirl

With similarities to the traditional cowgirl, Elle Chase adds a twist with a horizontal movement. Here, the receiver would lower to the giver’s penis by kneeling and straddling the hips. Instead of remaining straight, the receiver would move their chest to the giver’s chest. Here, both the partners can move together, or one of them can do the work. While you are lying down, do lift the tummy a bit. 

The horizontal cowgirl is a sex position that can bring you and your partner close to each other- face-to-face. You can wrap your arms around your partner, stroke their hair, and enhance the intimacy level of the moment. Gazing into each other's eyes can also make the moment special.

Solo Doggy

In this position, you take control of your orgasms by being on all fours and spreading your knees. You can use any sex toy like a vibrator, realistic dildo, rabbit vibe, butt plug, or simply your hands to arouse yourself in this position. 

However, you might feel uncomfortable if you are in this position for a long time. Hence, you can use fluffy pillows to rest your torso and place your hands under your body to be more comfortable.

Body parts can sometimes obstruct your reach in this position and hinder your orgasm. But, you can overcome this problem by using a sex toy called an anal hook. Hence, when you use the ring present in the anal hook as your handle, you will get that extra range to reach your anus. However, don't forget to use a lubricant while you try this pose.

The Tree Hugger

In this position, the receiver sits on their butt at the edge of a bed. Then, the receiver lies back by spreading their legs, allowing the giver to enter. Here, the receiver would wrap their legs around the giver. At this time, the giver’s body rests on top of the receiver.

Singing in the Shower 

The shower is a great place to try out new sex positions. For some of us, orgasms while bathing can be the most liberating experience of your day. While in the shower, use a little bit of coconut oil or silicone lube if you are using your fingers. Using them will help you to slide your fingers easily.

A handheld shower is every curvy orgasm seeker’s best friend. You can aim the stream of water towards your vulva, anus, or clitoris while standing. 

You can also be experimental with the handheld shower. Here, try a light or throbbing pulse to find out what works best for you.

Suction-cup handlebars and foot pedestals can elevate your sexual experience while in the shower. They will not only help you to get in and out of the tub. But, they are also moveable. 

When your partner is pounding away, you can hold onto a handle or bend your knees and place your foot on the suction cup foot pedestal. The same pedestal can be used, in such a way, that the water stream hits more area.

Whoopie Pie

Whoopie pie is a portable position that you and your partner can try out from anywhere in the house. Why not take the experience out of your bedroom for a change? 

You can give a try to this exciting sex position by bending onto a counter or even a dining table. Maybe, you and your partner can have a sneak peak and enjoy the moment even more if you have a mirror placed in front of the counter or table. 

Here, the receiver can bend over with both legs together with the forearms offering support. The giver can keep both their legs close to the receiver’s legs. Since the giver’s hands are free, why not try stimulating the clitoris or nipples? You can always spice it by including consensual tickling or slapping.

The Belly Dancer

Masturbating while lying on your belly can be very enjoyable. People with large tummies might find this position a little challenging. Hence, pillows can come to your rescue. You can get into this position by kneeling on the bed and placing pillows between your breasts and stomach. 

These pillows will protect your tummy and lift your torso. This elevation by the pillows will be enough to create a valley between your torso and pelvis, creating space for a hand or wand vibrator.

The Lap Dance

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Now, bring in some excitement with this 'classic move,' as El Chase describes it. Here, you can also spice it with a hand massage and seducing your partner. The receiver can sit on the giver’s lap, moving slowly and dancing the way down. 

The receiver can try to mix it up with some strip moves too. The receiver can then sit on the giver’s penis or strap-on while holding the shoulders and start the movement. Here, the giver can try to spice it up by giving attention to the receiver’s clitoris or breasts.

The Z 

In this position, while the giver sits on their legs, the receiver gets on the giver's lap. The receiver must be facing the giver in this position. Then the receiver lies back with the support of the giver's thighs. 

Each ankle of the receiver must rest on the shoulder of the giver, or the giver is holding the legs together in the air. The giver can then control the thrusts by holding onto the receiver's thighs or hips. 

The giver will have clear access to the receiver's clit since gravity will pull extra flesh from the lower region of the receiver. This position is favorable for both the receiver and giver.

Another alternative in this position can be to keep the receiver's legs in the air, forming a V shape. The giver can widen the shape while entering the giver. At this position, the giver’s hand will be on the inner thighs of the receiver.

Downward Doggy

Elle Chase takes downward doggy to the next level. Here, Chase focuses on deeper penetration. However, it would depend on the hips of the partners involved in the act. While starting this position, the receiver can be on their hands and knees, with their butt in the air. It would resemble a lot of the downward dog yoga pose. 

At that time, the giver would enter from the back. If the receiver feels pressure on their wrists, the receiver can always move their forearms on the floor. 



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