Why You Should Try Different Sex Positions

Author :- M. Christian June 10, 2020, 9:51 a.m.
Why You Should Try Different Sex Positions

Here are a few very important things about sex: 

1) It can be risky—which is why it’s crucial to keep yourself educated on every aspect of it: to know what’s a myth, what’s misinformation, and what’s the well-researched and documented truth on how to do it safely.

2) It’s nothing like the movies, books, etc.—that’s why they’re called fiction after all.  Even adult entertainment is rarely, if ever, ever close to showing what sex is actually about for most people—which can be silly, scary, messy, clumsy, awkward, giggly, weird but still a lot of fun!  So rather than trying to recreate a fantasy, or think that your bedroom antics are somehow ‘wrong’ for not being porn-pic-perfect, take good sex for what it is: a squishy, slippery, rocking and/or rolling blast for those involved.  And if it isn’t then try again—or equally feel free to call it quits: sex, again, is never perfect.

3) Keep your head screwed-on-straight about it (with no intended insult to queer readers)—back to safety, sex can (and more than often will) mess with your noggin in often really unexpected ways.  So just as you need to stay informed about safe(r) sex and all those physical risks you, too, have to keep in touch with yourself, and get therapeutic help when needed, and stay emotionally healthy.

4) CONSENT CONSENT CONSENT—ask to touch, ask to do anything, ask to proceed, and if you want to be touched, to have something done to you, for anyone to proceed, give clear consent!  It's really not that hard! And, if for any reason (at all) things aren't going well then speak up: consent, after all, for one thing doesn't mean consent for everything else. Plus consent can, at any time, be revoked and continuing after this point is nothing less than sexual assault.  So, one more time: consent, consent, CONSENT!

5) HAVE FUN—which is where we finally get to what this article is all about.  In short, Why You Should Try Different Sex Positions?  Because by doing so you might stumble across the right combination of hands, elbows, legs, knees, and other body parts that really, really, REALLY rocks your world!

Back to point 2 (and to a certain amount 3 as well) sex will rarely be ideal the first time around and so rather than being disappointed or frustrated accept this and use the opportunity find what works for yourself and/or your partner(s).  Knees ache? Say so and try a different position. Arms sore? The same and the same. This or that position not hitting something you really want to be hit? Then—you guessed it-—open your mouth, use your words, and try something new.

On top of this (which is a good position to try, by the way), what works for one partner may not work for another, so feel free to keep experimenting even if you think you might have found the ideal arrangement of body parts.  

Favorite positions can also come and go, maybe it’s joints are acting up or maybe things are getting a bit too predictable—whatever the cause or the reason try changing things around.  Sex, again, is a journey and not a destination, so have fun on the way rather than striving for the one-all, be-all of sex positions.  

When all’s said and done the only reason not to try different sex positions is because you think that somehow you’re doing sex wrong by not tying yourself up in knots like they do in those aforementioned porn flicks.  

Sex can be a lot of things but it should never be a competition, something solely done for bragging rights: there are no merit badges or blue ribbons and no shame in only liking this, that, or the other.  Once again, it’s all about fun: what you and your consensual partner enjoy—and damn what anyone else thinks about that!  

And if you do happen to find yourself getting intimate with someone who thinks that your sexual play is somehow lacking because they want it to be like what they watch on Pornhub—and worst of all blames you for this delusional shortcoming—kick their pathetic ass out of your bed.

When all is said and done, sex is risky (so stay educated), nothing like you’ve seen in movies or read about in books (thank goodness!), something to have a clear head about (as often as possible), CONSENSUAL (always!), and—best of all—FUN!  

And when enjoying the latter do feel free to try new things, no matter what they may be, to have an even better time for yourself and your partner and, should something not work, don’t worry but try to instead giggle, laugh, and try something else.