Best Sex Positions for Increased Pleasure

Author :- Revathi V Gopal April 29, 2021, 3:57 p.m.
Best Sex Positions for Increased Pleasure

The human brain desires to explore new things and craves novelty. It is, to an extent, the same with sex and sexual positions. If you and your partner are engaging in sex, there might be a lot more to explore. It can help in building intimacy and provide you with a comfortable climax. In this article, we will walk you through the best sex positions you can try with your partner to increase pleasure. It is an excellent way to boost your sexual experience too.


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Cowgirl, commonly known as woman-on-top, is a sexual position where the man lies on his back, and the woman is on top of him. Here, the woman would have a higher possibility of motion. She can lift, rock, and rotate her hips to increase pleasure. 

You can take pleasure to its next level with an aerial cowgirl. Here, the woman would do dips. However, it might get slippery. So you can place a towel close to you.

Collapsed cowgirl is a variant of the woman-on-top position, which involves kissing. Here, when you place a pillow under the man's back, it can help attain deep penetration.

 Apart from these variations, there are other cowgirl positions too that you can include that can increase sexual pleasure. They are lazy cowgirl, where the female partner would have to work through her Kegels, lying cowgirl or reverse missionary, and lunging cowgirl. Scissored cowgirl is yet another sex position that can enhance pleasure. However, it depends upon the man's flexibility as he would have to lift one of his legs.


Cradle is an intimate sex position that includes face-to-face contact with your partner. You can spice it up with kisses and by looking into each other's eyes. Here, the woman sits on the man's lap. The man needs to have his legs spread. The female partner can push on her man's legs to attain the required lift.

The folded cradle is a variant where the woman can place her legs around the man's shoulders. Here, the woman can take support from the man's legs for lifts. With the wrapped cradle, the female partner can have her legs covered around the man. Though it reduces mobility, it can also enhance pleasure.

Apart from these cradle variations, lazy cradle, mixed cradle, and kneeling cradle are other sex positions you can try with your partner.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a versatile sex position. Here, the woman is on her fours, and the man kneels behind her. It is an excellent position to try while targeting the G-spot. Tilting the pelvis can help the female partner find the right angle. If you like to add extra comfort, you can always place a pillow on the floor.

Closed doggy style is a variant where the woman places her legs inside the man's legs. If you prefer to see your partner's face while you engage in sex, you can opt for the inverted doggy. Here, the male partner attains higher penetration and mobility too. Other doggy style variations you can try are standing doggy and supported-standing doggy.


Spoons is a comfortable position best suited for early morning desires or while watching a movie with your partner. With bent spoons, the woman would have to lie sideways. It helps in increasing mobility, and also, you can attain long penetrations.

The bipolar spoon is another variant that can boost your sexual experience. However, here, the male partner has to angle his erection in a downward direction. With the wrapped spoons, you need to have your legs covered around your partner. The crossed spoon is another variation you can try with your partner. However, it is a position that requires a unique angle.


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Missionary, commonly known as man-on-top, is a common sex position. It can enhance the intimacy level with your partner. Here, the woman would lie on her back, and the man would be on top, facing her. It is a position that requires hip movements.

Closed missionary helps in clitoral stimulation. Some women find it highly pleasurable. 

With the folded missionary, the female partner would have to pivot her hips. The upright missionary, also known as the cowboy, is a sex position that can enhance clitoral stimulation. 

There are other variations too. They are kneeling missionary, mixed missionary, and open missionary.

These are some of the best sex positions you can include while having sex with your partner. However, it is essential to focus on the comfort of both the people engaging in sex, and it has to be consensual.

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