Part Four: Mike Brose Reflects on Association History - Through Present Day

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You’re listening to the Mental Health Download from the nonprofit Mental Health Association Oklahoma. I’m Matt Gleason.
Welcome to the fourth and final episode in our series featuring Mike Brose reflecting on the history of the organization he has served for 27 years as CEO.
Knowing that this would be the last in the series, I wanted Mike to tell the story of the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium that started in 1995, just a few years after he was named CEO in 1993.
Of course, the Symposium’s story is powerful and remarkable part of the Association’s history, but the reason I saved the Symposium for the last episode is because the conference themes touch on so many of the ideas and concepts that Mike has championed all these years.
So, you’ll hear stories about the Symposium, but then we get into a variety of topics, including Mobile Medical Intervention Team, Criminal Justice Reform, Advocacy and his successor as CEO, Terri White. In addition, this was my opportunity for Mike to explain why he’s always said Mike-isms like Association is like a high-wire act with no net, why we should use judo instead of karate, and my personal favorite, we ride the bike as we build it.
OK, let’s get this history lesson started. The Mental Health Download starts … now.

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