Rick Griffith Explains Why Sarcasm is Not Allowed, How To Raise His Daughters In Sex Positivity, And If You Want To Talk About TOPY You Don't Know About TOPY

Rick Griffith is probably cooler than you and definitely me, but what makes him so cool is that he is still super nice about it. We can all learn a little bit more about how to live holistically in service of good design through his work-life balance. While sitting in his airy office littered with above his design shop Matter Rick plays some jazz and smokes a little "jazz" cigarette and we explore his world as if on a Sun Ra spaceship fluttering through the galaxy of good practice.
Rick Griffith is a graphic designer and master letterpress printer. His work is an erudite exploration of language, history, politics, science, music, and ethics—typographically-focused and relevant. He is known as a passionate advocate for design. etc....
@rickgriffith @matterdesign


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