Dr. Hazel Grace Yates Talks About The Power Of Community To Overcome Shame

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates is a radical permissionist and pleasure warrior here to help eradicate global toxic sexual shame. Through her compassion, playful and dynamic facilitation, she is endlessly passionate about humans celebrating their bodies, soul, and sex.  
 Her innovative, fun and educational style of sex and intimacy coaching is born out of her deep commitment to creating a more compassionate, loving and safe world. 
 With more than 12 years of experience as a pioneering educator, she brings a unique blend of professional know-how, playful curiosity, authentic communication and personal vulnerability to her practice.  She is a trauma-informed somatic sex educator, sexological bodywork practitioner, and founder of Sex Catalyst Academy - training world-class sex-positive facilitator and leaders.
She offers a Free 45-minute discovery session to get clarity on your desires for your sexual empowerment journey!


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