The Magic of Magic An Unpacking with James Lopez Magician, Aerialist, Man About Town

On his Instagram, it says "Currently a “Most Interesting Man in The World” in training." and while on most guys it might elicit an immediate eye roll, for James that seems plausible. James is an actual practicing magician of the stage variety, as well as an actor, and aerialist. He is bursting with a bohemian charm that Neil Cassidy would admire. We sat down at my kitchen table where I got to pull back the curtain and learn about what it takes to make magic happen and how to be a performer that is always performing. I give more context to my work and when we thought we were done, we got into the good stuff.  You'll want to stick around to the end. 
The sultan of swing, the apostle of hustle, a most interesting man in the world, James is a modern-day practitioner of the legerdemain and deception. A Denver based magician, James has been privy to exploring various ways to interact and connect with audiences including private house party shows and immersive theatre experiments. You can catch James regularly performing with Rainbow Militia, at the Ramble Hotel, or at various events around town.


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