A Shamanic Doll Wants You To Have All the Sensations

Maria Flegas, aka, The Mercury Doll of Shamanic Dolls, is the founder and co-artistic director of Shamanic Dolls Immersive Ritual Theatre and Performance Art Company. Shamanic Dolls is inspired to use Art as a vehicle towards transforming consciousness in culture and society. It seeks to empower us to embody the soulful and archetypal expression of the body, and to integrate all senses towards creating art. Our most commonly used quote is "Our Sex is Our Politics, Our Politics is our Art, and Our Art Is our Magic".
Maria currently has a psychotherapy and bodywork practice in Boulder where she does craniosacral therapy and attuned bodywork. She facilitates Authentic Movement circles, and Ritual and Movement groups. She is also a psychotherapist who uses body-based techniques towards awareness, exploration, and transformation. She recently has been influenced by the Quodoshka work and has been growing her relationship to Rites of Passage and Sexuality through the Nagual Tradition and their teachings.
Towards sexuality, Maria is a sex-positive therapist, who seeks to help people to use sensation as a way to access states, open to their animal and archetypal nature, and to find places of pleasure in their bodies; trusting the body's wisdom to know what she wants, and how to navigate the sexual journey.


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