Is Online dating empowering?

Author :- Chetana Chaudhury March 19, 2021, 5:25 a.m.
Is Online dating empowering?

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and other dating apps, the options are endless, and so are the people using them. In this fun game, it offers some serious business too. Let's see, what are the benefits of online dating? 

Super convenient!

It is convenient to date online because it offers us an opportunity to expand our communication skills with a wide variety of people across the world by sitting at the comfort of our own home. It is just a click away to view all suitable candidates who might be interested in you. Sounds all interesting?

It might come with the cost of authenticity of information available about the people on dating apps - one must gear up his/her Sherlock Holmes' skills, maintain connectivity through regular virtual meets, calls, social media etc. Any kind of relationship; be it online or offline can turn fruitful by your little efforts and interest! 

If needed, use a Google Voice Number Instead of your own.

Tinder has even introduced a feature called Tinder U which makes it easier for college students to connect with people on their campus by showing the profiles of their classmates first. It empowers women as it gives them more agency, choice endeavors and pursuits in their interpersonal relationships than they had in pre-Tinder times.

Room for consent

The online venue has even created sexual opportunities for any kind of relationships to exercise consent, feel relaxed by putting away the stress of life. It is a powerful learning kit through which a person can change their persona, lifestyle, challenge different mindsets of people across cultures by engaging in dynamic conversations. So have you yet not tried online dating? 

It is an outlet to explore one's sexuality. It lets people come out of their comfort zones. There's magic in casualty and mysteries unfolding uncertainty, that only online dating can offer such a platform.

Dating apps also allow women to be more specific, honest and upfront about what they want in relationships according to Pew research study.

Easier to open up

Online dating takes the barrier away and enables people to get to know important make-or-break characteristics sooner and discuss sensitive issues, first hand. 

Apps like Bumble and Hinge allow users to enter details about what they’re looking for like political views and family plans, which are important things to note when considering a relationship. Bumble allow women to make the move first rather than get bombarded by endless messages, photos etc. 

Notably, such apps also provide a safe place with a no-tolerance policy for abuse. 

Assess compatibility

Striking up online conversations also allow them to determine compatibility before meeting their matches in real life. Getting to know someone through texting can help decide if someone is really worth going on a date with. Isn't this saving an enormous amount of your time to invest in other spheres of life! You can figure out on earlier stages of your relationship be it with any gender, what you exactly want. 

Mutual investments both parties are required to make, while it may seem small, the tiny moments are largely important in a healthy relationship. 

In a world where a person systematically faces a lack of power, finding power in the little things matter. Online dating can give agency and control in determining not only what they want, but who they are in their relationships.

A good rule to follow: only share what you would feel comfortable sharing in real life. Block people or report inappropriate activity and respect others’ privacy and choices. 

It's a masterpiece to explore, if used right! ;) 

Jessica Lloyd shares her few lines with us on online dating apps - 

Praise be for the dating app, I’m ready to find a handsome chap

I don’t want another Sunday night alone, it’s time to download Tinder on my phone

If I Happn to come across the one, I’ll promise more than just sexy time fun

I’ll swipe left past all the crazies, I’ll vet them all until I’ve found you baby

Fuck boys need not apply; can’t you tell I’m searching for a good wholesome guy?

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