Where Do People Get Information about Sex Positions?

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Oct. 6, 2021, 3:33 p.m.
Where Do People Get Information about Sex Positions?

A few years back, before we stepped into the digital era, most people found information on sex positions and sexuality, in general, from lifestyle magazines. If we go down the historical lane, there are works from different civilizations depicting sexual encounters and pleasure vividly. Kamasutra by Vatsyayana and Philaenis of Samos from the Greco-Roman documentation are two such significant works. 

Currently, there are a variety of resources available on sex positions and sexuality. However, the issue that we have now is caused due to an abundance of information, as most people are not in a position to filter and find the correct information. 

When you create awareness of sex positions, it will help you have a better understanding of your sexual behavior. From simple to acrobatic positions, there are a lot of sex positions for you to explore. 

However, you and your partner have to look into them together and find what is suitable for you both. Through this, you both can spice things up and make your sex life more exciting.

Here, we will look into different resources people search for to gain information on sex positions. However, you have to remember that not all of them are recommended for enhancing your sex life. It is for creating awareness that will help you make informed decisions while searching for sex-related queries on the Internet.


The viewership of pornography has skyrocketed in many places due to the increase in Internet accessibility. As per a research study¹, in countries like the USA and Australia, where there is unrestricted Internet, 76% of men and 41% of women watch porn regularly. Besides, this number continues to escalate with every passing year. 

Watching porn in a controlled manner may not be an issue. But, if you get highly influenced by it and consider it as equivalent to reality, it can be a concern. Under such circumstances, it can lead to psychological and behavioral repercussions.

As per a longitudinal research study conducted with adolescents at the University of Amsterdam², participants who viewed a lot of porn found their sex life unsatisfying. Besides, many youngsters use porn to learn about sex, sex positions, roles, and behaviors. Due to this, youngsters accumulate misinformation, affecting their sex life. 

One of the studies by APA.com³ shows that many kids consider porn as their primary method for sex education. It is because of the lack of proper sex education from their educational institutions. 

However, watching ethical porn and using credible resources can be helpful. Here, try to bring in a balance as well as create a clear distinction between reality and fantasy while watching. If you find a sex position that strikes your interest, try it out with your partner after acquiring consent. You have to look into its practical side as well to reduce risks if any.

Erotic Audios and Stories

Unlike porn, where there is a visual aid, erotic audio and stories rely on your imagination. Here, you can listen to stories and bring in the element of fantasy as you dive deeper into it with your freedom of visualization. Through this, you can explore your sexuality and even find out more about different sex positions

Even though you can't see them, you can picture them by bringing your imagination into play. It is also applicable to erotic stories and novels while reading them. 

When you listen or read, you can focus on your wants and desires and set the scene with your imagination. If you are with your partner, you can do this together as well. It can be an excellent activity to build connections. 

Same as porn, if you or your partner wish to try out a sex position, you have to discuss it with each other and obtain consent.

Books on Sex and Sexual Health

Books on sex and sexual positions can provide you with accurate information. You can read them privately or with your partner and see what works best for you. Here are some books on sex positions that you can add to your reading list. 

  • 365 Sex Positions⁴

With several exotic, exciting, and acrobatic positions, you can use this book to find positions to spice things up in your relationship. As mentioned, this book contains a total of 365 sex positions for you and your partner to try out.

  • The Little Black Book of Sex Positions⁵

It is a book with over one hundred sex positions for you to refer to and try with your partner. Written by Dan Baritchi and Jennifer Baritchi, this book can help you create mind-blowing ecstatic moments with your partner.

  • Position of the Day Playbook: Sex Everyday in Everyway⁶

It is a book that came as the sequel to Position of the Day by Nerve.com. In this book, you can find a total of 366 erotic sex positions for you to try out with your partner. It is a fun book that provides details ranging from the recommended pieces of equipment to the possible side effects of trying out a pose. With this book, you can put the spice in the right place in your intimate moments.

Social Media

Most youngsters rely on social media to garner information. Even though there are different resources available, you have to ensure that you follow trustworthy pages, influencers, or organizations. Since social media intertwines with the sex culture of youngsters, focus on finding relevant and authentic information. 

When it comes to youngsters, especially teenagers, they might not be in a position to find correct sources. In a nutshell, keep a check on the credibility of information shared, and you have to avoid following people who provide misinformation. Try to focus on sex-positive social media handles, doctors, sex educators, therapists, and others belonging to the field.

Blogs and YouTube to Find Information on Sex Positions

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There are hundreds of people searching for queries related to sex positions on the Internet. As per Google Trends, the highest searches are for missionary and cowgirl positions. There are countless blogs on the Internet with information on different sex positions. 

Reading a blog post can give you clarity and find the probability of these poses leading to orgasms. 

Some positions might be challenging for you to try out with your partner as not all of them will be clear while reading them. It is a concern that some of you might have. However, if there are videos or images along with them, you can gain a better understanding. Besides, ensure that you choose platforms that are credible and authentic like ours.

Other than blogs, you can rely upon visual content from YouTube and Twitch. As per a research study⁷ conducted in France, around seven percent of youngsters relied upon YouTube to find information on sexual practices. Even though there are community guidelines, YouTube is not always ensuring the accuracy of the information on the platform.

Workshops, Courses and More

When you attend sex education-based workshops and courses, you can seek guidance from credible and authentic sources. It is because these sessions will be handled by sex educators with a lot of experience in the field. 

Here, you can even opt for one-on-one sections with educators too. They can help you gain a better understanding of sexual wellness. These workshops can not only assist you in creating awareness of sexual positions. But, you can learn different concepts of sexual wellbeing, including intimacy, communication, sexually transmitted diseases, from these sessions.