What is my Boyfriend Thinking?

Author :- Nivi Shrivastava Nov. 23, 2020, 1:34 p.m.
What is my Boyfriend Thinking?

When a man is too quiet, the woman he is with often wonders what’s going on in his head. Interestingly, 99 out of 100 times the answer is NOTHING. Literally, nothing-at-all. To most women, this might sound a bit odd because their brains are always busy planning or multi-tasking, but men have this superpower of going blank at any point without any extra effort. Although, this is the simple answer in most cases, in the other ones there could be a few things on his mind that he would like to say out loud but secretly hopes that maybe you’d figure out on your own. 

He is too distracted

a distracted boyfriend
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Your boyfriend notices every effort you make when you meet him, from your makeup to your matching dress and accessories – he knows he can’t take his eyes off of you and needs to come up with some clever lines to compliment you. If only he wasn’t so distracted by your beauty, he would have said it too! But, let him collect his thoughts and muster the courage to say it, till then you could just smile and enjoy the show. 

He is thinking about sex

a thinking boyfriend

There is no fixed reason or time for a man to feel sexual, and when he's not thinking about the food he is probably thinking about sex with you. Good thing, you are on his mind and he can’t believe he is so lucky. Strange thing, he would never say it but end up doing silly things to get your attention. So watch out for the inexplicable gestures. 

He cares for you but needs his space: Your boyfriend is pretty tormented if you have been a helicopter girlfriend, and constantly tracking his daily activities. He could be thinking about lying to you without hurting you. Like most individuals, he feels his personality is changing and wants to take some time off and be his old self. 

He is scared

A scared boyfriend
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Even when everything is going fine, men get occasional jitters about planning for the future and the idea of committing for the long-term is scary for them. He could be thinking about your family, his family, or how to plan his finances/work matters without making any mistake. He wants to get everything right for you, but at the same time is also clueless and wondering how not-to-be-stupid about it. He is stressed and wants you to understand his state of mind without judging him. 

He is thinking about random stuff

guy thinking about random stuff

From sports to weather, gadgets, games, and building castles/ planes – men daydream about the most bizarre things when they are idle. A lot of them enjoy hanging out with friends, watching sports, or just chill all day without doing anything – when you see him lying down like a log on a day off, that’s what he wants to do. 

Our advice -- let him be, and carry on with your plans without disturbing his thinking process.

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