What are The Best Vagina Tightening Exercises?

Author :- Revathi V Gopal March 27, 2021, 5:31 p.m.
What are The Best Vagina Tightening Exercises?

The pelvic floor muscle in our body acts as the support system for our urinary bladder and vagina. Damage caused to these muscles can lead to the loosening of our vagina and its walls. Delivery and heavy weight lifting are the two reasons that cause this problem. In this article, we will look at some of the best exercises to tighten our vagina. 

Though stretching of our vagina can happen for different reasons, we can overcome this with regular physical exercises. Apart from that, we can also tighten our vagina by following a healthy diet and controlling our stress. 

Here are some exercises to incorporate into your lifestyle for vagina tightening.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises focus on tightening our pelvic muscles, which will, in turn, assist in the contraction of our vaginal muscles. The impact you will receive is like stopping urination midway. As part of this exercise, you have to take an inhalation and then relax your body. Then you have to exhale by contracting from your pelvic floor muscles. Apart from that, you have to perform this exercise by lying down on the floor. The entire focus will be on your pelvic floor muscles while engaging in this exercise. 

When you perform the Kegel exercise, you have to hold it for five seconds before releasing it. Along with that, try to do it four to five times a day to get better results. You can also engage in Kegel exercise when watching TV, reading, cooking, or resting. It is not always essential to perform the exercise by lying on the floor. You can also receive the benefits by doing it while you sit or stand. If you have to achieve the desired results, you will have to engage in it consistently. However, if you are irregular in practicing the Kegel exercise, you may not notice any benefits.

Vaginal weights

Vaginal weights, also known as vaginal cones, are substances that look similar to tampons. However, they are weights that can assist us in building resistance in our vagina. It will also strengthen our pelvic floor muscles. Here, we will have to insert a vaginal weight into our vagina. The vaginal muscles would hold them during contractions.

These products are available in different weights. You can purchase them based on your health conditions. Using a vaginal weight while performing Kegel exercises is an excellent way to tighten the vagina. Many people engage in Kegel exercises wrongly, which will not help them in attaining the desired results. However, with vaginal weights, it becomes easier to do Kegel exercises. 

Though they are highly beneficial in tightening your vagina, they might not be suitable for everyone. Under such conditions, you can indulge in other exercises that we will discuss here. 

Engaging in sex

Sex is a great way to tighten your vagina. When you have sexual intercourse, your vaginal muscles can gain strength and endurance. However, attaining orgasm is essential for vagina tightening.

Sex helps in the relaxation of the muscles that remain contracted earlier. Even though many people believe that a loose vagina can hinder sex life, it is not always the case. Sexual intercourse, where a woman achieves orgasm, can increase the chances of vagina tightening.

Other exercises

There are many exercises to indulge in to tighten your vagina, such as squats, glute bridges, bird dogs, sit-ups, leg raises. Including them in your regular workout sessions is one of the best things you can do to improve your vagina's health.

  1. Squats - You can start with your legs wide apart from each other and then sit down as if you are sitting on a chair. After that, you have to stand up. Repeat this exercise regularly to gain its benefits.
  2. Glute Bridges - Here, you have to lie down with your feet on the floor. It is essential to have your knee and hip in the same line. Hold the position for at least five seconds. Next, you can slowly lower your body to the ground. After that, you have to raise your body. Repeat the exercise up to ten times a day.
  3. Bird Dog - Here, you have to be on all fours. To start, you have to place your face down in alignment with your spine. It is an excellent exercise that can assist you in tightening your abs and pelvic floor muscles. Once you are in the correct posture, you have to raise your right arm, followed by your left leg. Then you have to do it with the opposite leg and arm.
  4. Leg Raises - Here, you have to lie down on the floor and raise your legs one at a time. However, you have to place your back straight. You can either perform this exercise with one leg at a time or both legs together.

These are some exercises that you can incorporate to tighten your vagina. They can build strength and endurance in your pelvic floor muscles, vagina, and vaginal walls.

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