How to Exercise for Better Sex?

Author :- Revathi V Gopal Feb. 18, 2021, 7:03 a.m.
How to Exercise for Better Sex?

Studies conducted across the world show that exercising can improve the quality of your sexual life. It is an excellent way by which we can make sex more enjoyable and pleasurable. Akin to sex, exercise also leads to an increase in your heartbeat, blood flow, and breathing. 

By performing moderate to high-intensity exercises regularly, you can ensure that you can improve your chances of getting aroused sexually. Studies portray that exercising can enhance your erectile function. However, it is pertinent to remain consistent in the routine you follow. 

You can choose any physical activity that strikes your interest. You don't need to hit the gym to stay active. There are a plethora of exercises that you can perform at home as well. For instance, you can go for brisk walking, jogging, running, or engage in other cardiovascular workouts. Along with that, you have to ensure that you are following a healthy and balanced diet. 

As mentioned, there are countless exercises that you can perform to stay active. However, some practices can be highly beneficial for your sexual life.

Let's have a look at some exercises for better sex!

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Strengthen your core!

There are different exercises that you can include in your routine to build your core strength. Having a firm core can boost your performance in bed. It is pertinent for both men and women to include strength training in your workout sessions. Abdominal crunches, pushups, leg raises, V-ups, and bridge pose are a few among them. 

Before starting these exercises, you have to tighten your core. When it comes to planks, side planks can be highly beneficial. If you hold a side plank for 30 to 60 seconds on both sides, you can easily switch positions while engaging in sex. If your core stays loose, you won't be able to receive its benefits. Another point to consider is that you have to focus on your breathing while you workout.

Get the heartbeat up!

When it comes to increasing your heartbeat, cardiovascular exercise can be your sole companion. While indulging in these activities, your chances of gasping for oxygen can decrease. Aerobic exercises like walking, running, rowing, hiking, dancing, can help your sexual life. These activities can clear up your blood vessels. So, for men, it is highly beneficial in attaining a lasting erection. These exercises can increase your blood circulation, which means that your sexual response can improve. If you are not taking part in any cardiovascular activities, there are chances of confronting erectile dysfunction. Lack of exercise can also lead to stress. So, it is always better to exercise regularly.

Enhance your balance and flexibility!

Balancing exercises, such as yoga or other forms of activities, can work on different muscle groups. Mountain climbers, heel-toe, side lunches, tree pose, are some of them. Practicing them for ten repetitions in two to three sets can be helpful.

 Tai Chi is a movement training practice that can also enhance your balance. When it comes to improving your flexibility, yoga can be highly beneficial. Cat cow pose, frog pose, stretching, pigeon pose, are some of them. When you practice frog pose, it can relax your muscles. By doing this, you perform any sexual position with ease.

 Kegel exercises are best for your pelvic floor muscles. These exercises are helpful for women. One of the ways to take part in this exercise is by holding your urine flow. You can count until four and then relax. However, you have to focus on the right pelvic muscles while doing so. It is one of the best ways to initiate bladder control.

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By exercising regularly, you can improve your health and sexual being. Along with your exercises, it is essential to monitor your weight. You can switch to a balanced diet. When you exercise, you can relieve your stress. When you feel stressed, it can affect your sexual performance. Even though it is pertinent to exercise if you are overdoing it, it can be harmful. You have to ensure that you are exercising after considering your health conditions. 

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