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To all the Men who Swing Both Ways

Agent C Sep 09 2019

To all the Men who Swing Both Ways

Bi-sexuality among men is more socially shunned than bi-sexuality of women. Swinging both ways is okay. Experiment or jump the fence to find the real you!

Swinging both ways guys? It’s cool!

First and foremost, let me just say, a lot of guys have been here at some point. So, what are the worries that guys face when this occurs? Most of the time its your mates calling you ‘gay’ or ‘fag’ or some other colorful euphemism.

But not to worry, because it is totally natural to feel some kind of curiousness towards the same sex. It can be exciting and stimulating at the same time. It is an old cliché that if you somehow feel attracted to or have sex with another man, it makes you less manly. Society seems to be finally taking off their blinders and catching on. Actually, according to an Australian study by the School of Health and Social Development “women in relationships with bisexual men say their partners are better lovers and fathers than straight men.” Voila!

Today, it seems to be trendy if a woman swings both ways, but there is still a lot of discrimination against bi guys. I exist in creative circles and a lot of my girlfriends feel dating a bi guy is weird. That’s okay, I guess society will catch up at some point. It just takes time.

In the meanwhile, do not feel like there is something wrong with you. It is perfectly fine to explore and find out “what’s on the other side”. In fact, if you do, it will give you a wider perspective and make you possibly, a more considerate and understanding lover with your woman.

There are a lot of myths out there that I’m going to squash instantly!

  • Bisexuality is just a phase
  • Bisexual men choose to be gay or straight
  • Bisexual men are confused

Look, if enough people repeat that a man can’t be bisexual, but a woman can, it then starts to sound like a fact.

Over the years there have been conflicting studies that have served only to confuse people further, which helps no one. In my opinion Jim Larsen of the Bisexual Organizing Project said it best when he told the New York Times,

"It's great that they've come out with affirmation that bisexuality exists. Having said that, they're proving what we in the community already know. It's insulting. I think it's unfortunate that anyone doubts an individual who says, this is what I am and who I am."

Guys, what it all comes down to is: it's okay if you want to experiment or jump the fence and find out what’s on the other side. Ultimately, despite what a lot of people think, men and women CAN be bisexual.



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