Tied and Teased

Author :- TenWays ToTouch July 9, 2020, 7:51 a.m.
Tied and Teased

Normally, I tend to take a more dominant role in my fantasies but I’ve had this one for a long time and it illustrates me on the submissive side of the slash…

You have me naked, gagged, tied down to a chair.  I can’t move, speak, or touch you.  I can only observe and accept whatever you have in store for me. You walk slowly around my chair, fingers brushing languidly along my shoulders.  You’re naked, aroused.  Your nipples are rock hard and I can smell the delectable scent of your sex wafting through the air.  You watch me, gauging my reaction.  My cock is hard as steel and you watch it twitch as a satisfied smirk crosses your lips.

You pull up a chair across from me and look deep into my eyes as you touch yourself.  First, you tease your nipples, rolling them, pinching them between your fingers.  Then, your right hand drops, slowly, gliding over your sensuous curves.  You let out a sigh as your fingers find your sex.  Your eyes never leave mine as you play with your slippery, glistening, wet pussy.  I chomp on the gag, whimpering as precum drips down the sides of my shaft, my cock pulsing with desire, abs flexing.  My entire being cries out to touch you, but I can’t.  I can only watch.

You pull out your favorite vibe and begin to moan as you find your clit.  Your body shakes slightly as you work your way toward orgasm.  You tremble and shake.  So close now, but your eyes never leave mine.  Not until you finally fall over the edge.  You toss your head back, cry out the joy of your orgasm as it blasts through you.  I watch your pussy clench rhythmically to a swollen, indulgent beat, your feet pounding helplessly against the floor as you come.  I moan loudly through the gag, desperate to get my hands on you.

As your orgasm subsides you smile and place a wet finger against your lips, watching me, amused at my desperation.  You get up from the chair and slowly get down on your hands and knees.  You crawl, slowly, toward me, licking your lips as you get closer.  Then, you stand up, gently remove the gag, and press your sopping, swollen sex against my mouth.  I feast hungrily, lapping at your clit, but you grab a fistful of my hair and pull me back.  You slide slowly down my body, taking care to leave a wet trail across my chest.  I sigh, taking in your flavor and scent.

You slide all the way down to your knees until you’re looking up at me, an expression of amused desire writ across your face.  Your tongue lashes out, flicking the underside of my hard, tumescent cock.  I moan, loudly, and nearly jump up, carrying my chair with me but you hold me down and run your tongue slowly around my head, tracing the edges of my helmet, pinching and twisting my insides with desire.

You look up at me, move down, lick, kiss, and gently suck my balls while your hands slowly work my shaft.  I am moaning, quaking with need.  You move up, your lips lock around my cock, and you suck gently as you move up and down.  I can feel the cum pooling, hot and urgent in my balls. 

You relent, momentarily, licking the sides of my shaft as the pressure builds, lurching heavily, thickly, against my restraint.  I can’t hold out much longer and you know it.

You look up at me, tongue poised just below my head, moving almost imperceptibly across my frenulum and I moan, desperate, on the edge.

“Come for me”, you whisper, and then increase the pressure and speed of your tongue.  I scream out my orgasm, thick, heavy jets of cum erupting from my cock.  They fall heavily into your mouth as you seal your lips around it.  I convulse in my chair, twitching, breath frantically as I release my jizz into your hungry, waiting throat.

You swallow, then kiss me deeply, allowing me to taste myself on your lips as you crawl into my lap.  After a while, you untie me and lead me off to bed, just as I can feel my desire returning.  Time for round two of an amazing evening!

Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash