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Hey!, I'm Ten Ways, a microbiologist turned sex blogger. I have always been intrigued by the different things that turn people on, how they like to be touched, and the different ways that we can connect using our bodies. I am also fascinated with sensations and feelings. How does that feel for you? Does it feel the same for me? What are the reasons that drive your attraction toward a certain kink? What stops you from trying others? While exploring the net one day, looking for different techniques that I could try with my partner I became a little frustrated. There was a lot of advice out there but it mostly distilled down into a few reliable methods that have worked for other people. I thought, "There must be so many other ways to enjoy each other, but no one talks about them". So, I started my blog, www.tenwaystotouch.com as a place where people could go to read about the ways that other people enjoy sex and also submit the things they enjoy. My hope is that it will not only provide advice and fuel for fantasy, but also stimulate more discussion around sex. I hope it helps people feel more open about it and that it's ok to like X weird kink. After all, other people are into weird stuff too, and as long as it's consensual and not really hurting anyone it should be ok to explore. I also enjoy writing erotica and you can find that on my site as well. I am available on Twitter, @WaysTen. Feel free to stop by and say Hi.

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