The Best Way to A Man's Heart is Through his Stomach

Author :- Ailsa Keppie June 10, 2020, 9:54 a.m.
The Best Way to A Man's Heart is Through his Stomach

This might be more true than we thought. It also might be true for all genders, not just men.

The ability to feel pleasure is inherently linked to the stomach meridian in Chinese Medical traditions. Have you felt the intensely pleasurable feelings associated with sitting down to a good meal, when you are really hungry? There is nothing better than that first bite of something delicious. It’s almost equal to sex!

We can get out of balance in our stomach meridian by getting upset in our mind. This in turn upsets our stomach and soon we have a cycle which leads to irritability and a constantly unpleasant feeling. Not conducive to finding physical pleasure at all!

“When we are upset, we can’t be satisfied. We are cranky and complain a lot. We turn small problems into big mountains. We reject people and ideas too quickly without fully digesting them. We become irritable and impossible to please.”

Robert Peng, Qigong teacher

Does this sound familiar?

Perhaps our stomach and our ability to have pleasure in our intimate relationships is more connected than we give credit to.

I worked with a client a few months ago, whose biggest complaint was stomach pain, whenever she got involved with a new partner. About a month into a new relationship, her pain would flare up and she would be caught in the same mental/ physical pain loop over and over again. Needless to say, this was not super helpful in her quest to find and keep a romantic partner.

Working with energy and ancient healing techniques can help us overcome seemingly unrelated hurdles in our modern day relationships. Perhaps seeing a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner would help to balance your stomach Qi (energy). Perhaps working with an Ayurvedic practitioner to balance your body type through individually prescribed foods. Maybe a really good Therapeutic massage can help to calm your hyper-aroused sympathetic nervous system. A naturopath can prescribe herbal remedies to balance your hormones.

Having a healthy and balanced physical body, is definitely a no-brainer to get a handle on, when looking at improving your ability to give and receive pleasure. Just as an upset stomach impairs your enjoyment of a good meal, so an imbalanced physical body can stop you having the capacity to enjoy the physical pleasures of life.

So where does pleasure coaching come into the picture?

Well, a pleasure coach can help at any stage of the process, but if there are real physical issues, these will need to be addressed alongside the coaching journey. I often tell clients it is a good idea to create a team of professionals to work with you to align and balance all aspects of your being.

Somatic coaching is one of those important pieces of the puzzle that can get overlooked within our narrow minded medical system. Don’t let the benefits of this amazing modality be left out of your healing journey.

Book your free 30 minute consult with me and lets discuss your comprehensive health plan. If you aren’t including pleasure in your outcomes, you are missing out!

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