Sexy Texting: Improve Relationships And Build Intimacy

Author :- Swati Rout June 30, 2021, 5:41 p.m.
Sexy Texting: Improve Relationships And Build Intimacy

Sexting or sexy texting expands the boundary of communication in a relationship. It can strengthen sexual communication between couples by exploring each other's desires. A study by Computers in Human Behavior showed that around 75 per cent of teens and adults said they were involved in sexting.

Sexting can spice up your relationship. In this digital world, it will help you and your partner to resolve relationship issues. As in any relationship, understanding and consent act as the two main pillars of sexting.

Let's learn more about different aspects of sexy texting in this article.

Advantages of Sexy Texting

  • Maintains a sense of security in relationships

Sexy texting works like magic in long-distance relationships. Sending erotic messages to your partner will show that you crave their presence. It helps people who are in long-distance relationships to maintain their intimacy.

Exchanging sexy texts could make your partner happy. By engaging in sexy texting, it can give your partner satisfaction.

  • Healthy Sex Life

Sending sexy texts is an interesting form of foreplay. If you wish some bold and steamy things to happen at the end of the day, sexting can help. It helps to build up that excitement. Nothing beats the combination of thrill and sex. 

  • Physical Acceptance

Nothing is better than knowing that someone out there desires you. The exchange of erotic texts helps in providing physical validation. People feel less insecure when they realize someone thinks of them in a sexy way. Hence, it boosts confidence. 

When partners know they can please each other sexually, they feel more secure. Sexting through busy days also helps to build up the thrill. It increases the urge to be in each other's company. 

  •  Strengthens long term and committed relationships

Sexy messages help to maintain sexual and emotional bonding. People who are in long-term committed relationships gain from it the most.

According to research, a committed couple benefits more by sending sexual pictures. It helps them to find the long-lost intimacy and give romance another chance.

Study shows men experience positive feelings and women look for emotional closeness. Hence, women prefer to do sexting more in committed relationships.

Tips For Sexting

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Sexy texting is an art, and here are some tips to acquire expertise in this art.

  • Big 'NO' to unsolicited pictures

Anything done without consent is illegal and wrong. It is called sexual assault. The exchange of sexy texts should always remain a healthy activity. Don't share pictures of your genitalia unless it's asked. Research shows that 15 per cent of sex texts shared among teens and adults are non-consensual. 

  •  Set the Mood

Don't just throw yourself out there. Sexting is one of the most intimate and passionate activities. Take the conversation slowly to the next level, along with your partner. Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. Set the scene slowly by building up a sexy conversation.

  • Get familiar with each other's fantasy

Exploring each other's fantasies can make the whole scenario more intimate. Ask questions about each other's wild fantasies. It will help you figure out the characters and the scenarios that can take your virtual sex scene an edge higher. The partners then should decide on the fantasy that will help their sexual arousal.

Some Examples of sexy texts

  • A picture of the sex position you want to try next time with your partner. Send a text saying-:

                                                     "Next Time."

  • You might have that one passionate moment that you both cannot forget. This moment tops all your other sexy moments. Send a text reminding them-:

        "I hope you remember that moment when we had the best orgasm. I can't  stop thinking about it."

  • Teasing always works. Tease your partner by sending-:

  " I wish you were here to see what I am wearing right now. I won't let you use your hands to take it out."

  • If you are having a busy day, take that well-deserved sexy break and text your partner-:

     " Imagine I am lying beside you right now. What would you do if we were together?"

Sexy texting helps to light up the fire in a relationship. There are a variety of other techniques to keep the spark alive in your relationship, similar to sexting. We're holding a session to make your sexual life a lot easier. Our specialists will assist you with any part of your relationship that you require help with. Learn more about sexual desires, communication, and chemistry on 'Light My Fire.'

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