10 Sexy Strip Games for Couples

Author :- Vivek Sancheti March 28, 2024, 2:15 p.m.
10 Sexy Strip Games for Couples

Be it the start of a new relationship where you and your partner want to explore each other or be it adding spice to an existing relationship, strip games or embracing Strip Chat XXX Live to add just the perfect amount of raunchy spark to make things exciting. These games build familiarity and trust in the early phase and help keep the fire going in the later phase.

Over the course of this article, we take a closer look at some of the sexiest couple games out there, which will help you spark things up in your relationship. These are all apps that you can download on your phone and start playing. The best part is, most of these games have different combinations which give you a different experience every time you play!

Best Sexy Strip Games For Spicing Up Heat in Bedroom

To curate this list, we have surveyed couples and gone through a vast pool of apps that can help spice up your intimate life. We strongly recommend trying out each of them yourself before deciding which is the one that suits your needs the best!

1. Best Strip Game: We2 - Sexy Couple Games

Best Strip Game

We2 is the best strip game in our opinion. It's a of 9 sexy games for couples. These are games for all phases of the relationship. Whether you are just getting to know your partner, or have been intimate for a while and want to reignite your passions, the app has something for you at every phase.

7 Couple Games

The games on this app include the likes of the traditional ‘naughty’ games like Truth or Dare, Dirty Dare, and Do You Know Me, as well as others that take things to a more exciting place, like Ladder of Desire, Sex Roulette, Sexy Dice, and Roleplay. As far as sexy games for couples go, this app is the complete package for your package! Let us take a closer look at these games:

Sex Roulette

Sexy Tasks on Sex Roulette

This game is also known as ‘The Wheel of Foreplay’. Often foreplay is limited to just a few erogenous zones and people tend to ignore other parts. In fact, most couples tell us that it tends to get rather monotonous. However, sex roulette ensures that foreplay is always innovative and you can always pleasure your partner in new ways.

Sexy Dice

The throw of the dice will decide what you have to do to your partner, and on which body part. When two dice are thrown at the same time, the possibility of them generating a series of different combinations is much higher. This gives a very unique and thrilling experience to foreplay. You can play it in three modes - soft, hard, and extreme.

Ladder of Desire

This game gives you a series of erotic tasks, completing each will help you climb up one step on the ladder. As you climb higher, the intensity of the tasks increases. We all know that when it comes to sexual pleasure, the intensity needs to move a certain way. Ladder of Desire ensures this! 


Do you find yourself in a situation where you want to try out new fantasies but aren’t sure of what exactly you want to do? Has your existing roleplay game become repetitive? We2’s Roleplay section comes with over 10 detailed roleplays along with complete scripts that will help bring new adventures to the bedroom.

Truth or Dare

This happens to be one of the most widely played games in the world, but the problem usually comes when it comes to thinking of new questions to ask. We2 brings a massive set of questions for both, Truth as well as Dare, and comes in three modes - soft, hard, and extreme.

Dirty Dare

Do you want to skip the lighter questions and straight-up want to get into the hot and heavy stuff? Dirty dares offer you just that. In this game, you can straight up ask your partner to perform all the kinky things the app tells them to!

Do You Know Me

A great game for couples who are just starting out their relationship, it allows you to ask questions about each other to understand how compatible you are. In fact, couples in existing relationships can play this game to test how much they’ve come to know each other over the years. 

Strip Games By Sex Experts

Another major thing that we personally love about this app is that this is for all kinds of couples and not just for heterosexuals. You can be two men in a relationship, or two women together, and still be able to play these games. This is a positive step and gives all couples an opportunity to spice things up. The app is pretty simple to navigate through and can be easily used by anyone, thanks to a great UI. 

In-app Purchases: When it comes to pricing, there are different options for different packs. You can get a yearly, monthly, and weekly subscription to the game. The weekly and monthly options are good for people who are looking forward to using the app for something short-term or for a one-night Bumble date, but those in a relationship might want to try out the yearly packs.

  • Yearly pack: $29.99
  • Monthly pack: $7.99
  • Weekly pack: $3.99

We2 games support a whopping 18 languages! This empowers couples from all over the world to enjoy sexy times in a more innovative manner. The app comes in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. The app runs across all Apple iPhones and iPads.

2. Best For Kinky Time: Go Hoe or Go Home

Also, ranked among the most popular Drinking games in 2023.

Go Hoe or Go Home

Go Hoe or Go Home is an app based on the classic card game of the same name. This is a variation of the ‘would you rather’ drinking game, but with the inclusion of some kinky new features. In this game, you get a choice between two options - they could vary from the easiest and the most banal of things to the naughtiest of the choices. At the end of each round, both players’ picks are revealed, helping you know your partner better.

The game comes with various categories which range from easy and soft to hard and kinky. These categories are named:

  • Easy Peasy Pick: The softest and the simplest of choices
  • Demented Choice Questions: Harder than the regular ones but not too extreme
  • Virtual Verdicts: The intensity of questions rises harder
  • Seductive Showdown: Things start heating up and naughty questions start popping up
  • The Ultimate Dilemma: The ultimate test of your relationship
  • Extreme Hoe: This is where things get downright extreme and highly sexual  
  • Random Rumble: A mixed bag of questions 

Some of the questions that this app includes are on the lines of: 

1. Get completely drunk on a single unit of alcohol OR cheat on your Wife?

2. Have you kissed any of your Facebook friends OR have you dated two or more people at the same time?

3. Would you rather pick your mother or your partner?

4. Have you ever gone down on someone of the same gender OR have you ever dated someone who is asexual?

This is an excellent naughty game for couples, especially for those who are starting off a new relationship but haven’t really asked deeper questions of each other. The game helps you know each other better, and understand each others’ choices and sexual preferences. This is the perfect game to set the ball rolling for all the bedroom adventures that await you. Go Hoe or Go Home is a great game for long-distance couples as well.

This is quite an inclusive game and a good choice for same-sex couples. No matter if you’re straight, gay, or lesbian, this game has something for all kinds of couples. Another thing that we really appreciate about this game is that it carries a very easy user interface that can be understood with ease even by first-time users. 

3. Best For Stripping & Fun: Spin The Bottle, Truth or Dare

Spin The Bottle - Truth or Dare

Spin the Bottle is a name that takes one back to their teenage days. This is basically truth or dare but with a larger number of people than just two. If you are ever involved in a setup with a bunch of friends feeling equally raunchy, you might want to try this game. This is particularly exciting when you’re playing with your partner or your crush. 

The game has something for both kinds of people - for those who want to play with friends and keep things safe, as well as for people who want to play it with a partner and want to heat things up. The game draws up a circle with names based on how you are seated. A digital bottle spins on it which spins and displays who gets to ask who. 

Spin the bottle as over 2000 questions across 8 categories. Four to play it safe, and the other four where you get to be naughty. You can choose multiple categories to mix things up.

  • Classic: The most basic and generic Truth or Dare questions fit for young adults/teens
  • Funny: Want to drop in something that will make the group laugh? Choose this category
  • Hard: Tasks that become a little more daunting 
  • Crazy: Explore your crazy side and ask out things you normally wouldn't (non-sexual). 
  • Couple: Intimate questions that help you get to know your partner and their preferences 
  • Custom: This allows you to add your own questions. Be as wild as you want to
  • Naughty: Questions and tasks start becoming sexual in nature 
  • Extreme: Go all the way with these questions. There are no holds barred here! 

Some questions that the game covers include:

1. "Have you ever posed for nude pictures?" 

2. "Give a lap dance to your favorite person in the room" 

3. "Who in the room is the last person you would date?" 

4. "French kiss the person on your left"

The tasks here are usually gender-neutral and are fit for everyone regardless of the gender that they identify with. The inclusivity of this game is commendable. The game’s UI reminds you of the good old days and is rather easy to navigate through. 

In-app Purchases: You can choose to either buy each pack of this game separately, or you can choose monthly, weekly, yearly, or lifetime packs.

  • Truth or Dare Yearly: $24.99
  • Truth or Dare Monthly: $3.99
  • Spin the Bottle - Weekly: $3.99
  • Spin the Bottle Lifetime: $19.99
  • Naughty Pack: $4.99
  • Extreme Pack: $4.99
  • Couple Pack: $4.99
  • Remove Ads: $1.99
  • Hard Pack: $4.99
  • Custom Pack: $4.99

4. Best Undress Game: Sex Roulette: Couples

7 in 1 Sexy Games

Just the perfect couples game when it comes to adding that extra kick of kink and sexiness to your relationship, this app offers you a combination of 7 games that range from talking-based icebreakers all the way to telling you what to do to your partner in the bed. The highlight here, however, is the ‘sex roulette’, which as the name suggests is a spinning wheel that randomizes all your acts in the bedroom. 

The Sex Roulette app carries seven games:

  • Naughty Scenes
  • Sexy Dice
  • Karma Roulette
  • Truth or Dare
  • I Dare You
  • Dirty Never Have I Ever
  • Hot Trivia

While Hot Trivia and Dirty Never Have I Ever questions are good options to get talking about sex and cozying up to the idea of doing things with a new partner, Truth or Dare and I Dare You are two games that actually get you started. You can choose from the easiest and the most basic to the dirtiest of dares in these games. However, things start getting hot and heavy with Karma Roulette, Sexy Dice, and Naughty Scenes, where you can go all in with your partner. 

With each passing level and each different game that you choose, the intimacy level that you share with your partner rises. The game is designed in a way that makes you progressively hornier and is a perfect companion for experiments in the bedroom. This game will ensure that your sex life never gets monotonous or boring. 

Some of the tasks, dares, and questions of this game include:

1. I Dare you to take off my ____

2. Talk about the time your partner turned you on the most

3. (Bite/Lick/Kiss) her (Tongue/Lips/Feet) (Gently/Hard)

What is that one sex position you would like to do with your partner but haven’t told them yet

With questions and tasks like these, things get really raunchy. This enables partners to explore each other and understand their sexual desires in an open and safe manner. The game is for couples of all kinds - for heterosexual couples as well as for couples in same-sex relationships. The tasks and questions in this game are equally fit for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and are pretty inclusive. 

5. Sex Game for Couple: Naughty

Sexy Game for Couple

The name makes it very clear. This is a naughty game for couples who want to have sex. ‘Naughty’ offers its users some interesting scenarios and dares that help spice up your sex life unlike anything else! The core strength of this game lies in the writing, as the tasks and dares are extremely detailed. 

In the beginning, the game asks for your name and gender and your partner’s name and gender, as well as checks for what props you guys have around you. It is based on the availability of the prop and the gender role that you sign for, that Naughty will reveal tasks. 

Naughty goes into great detail about what you and your partner should do to each other. For instance, it might ask you to use an ice cube or a pair of handcuffs and then it would tell you who to handcuff and where to put the ice. This is an excellent game for couples who have been together for too long and want to do something new to keep the bedroom activities exciting.

The game is also designed to keep making you hornier with every passing dare. When you start playing it, the first few questions are rather soft and easy. However, towards level 5, things get really hardcore. By the end of this game, you are certain to rekindle your romance with those you desire.

As we pointed out earlier, the basic game is actually free to play. However, you might want to buy some in-app content which gives you access to extra packs that let you get really creative with your partner. 

6. Sex & Love - Games for Couples

Sex and Love Games

Have you ever felt that your sex life is caught in the evil clutch of monotony? Do things feel repetitive and boring after a while with your partner? You might want to try out Sex and Love, which is a game that will intensify both, the sex and the love between you and your partner. The game offers a steady flow of exciting new things you and your partner might want to try out which will help keep the flame burning bright.

Sex and Love is the ultimate bedroom game for couples. It offers thousands of truth or dare choices, as well as a 'roll the dice' game that gives you different foreplay combinations. These combinations make sure that different parts of the body are explored with different sensations. 

Even in the Truth or Dare section, you get multiple levels. This starts with ‘soft’ where you ask the most basic of questions and give rather simple dares. Things start getting intimate with the ‘hot’ level where questions and dares start becoming sexier. In the ‘hard’ mode, clothes start flying off, while the ‘extreme’ mode involves you and your partner performing some of the most creative acts of intimacy. 

What makes this game even more special is that it customizes itself for you. You can provide your name and your gender, as well as that of your partner. The app will then directly name you and tell you what to do to your partner. It will also ask you questions based on how intimate you want to get, if you have props around you, if you enjoy roleplay, etc. basis which the questions will be generated. The game is rather smart in adapting to your taste and comfort with your partner. 

7. iPassion: Party Roulette For Strip Party

Party Roulette for Stripping

iPassion is a wonderful game created specifically for couples who are either too new in a relationship or couples who have been in a relationship for a while but haven’t really gotten intimate. Often, even married couples tend to have difficulty exploring sexuality with their partners and need to consult marriage counselors for that. This game can help you save the embarrassment of reaching those levels of incompatibility by helping you know your partner better.

The app works on a very basic principle - you ask your partner a question about yourself, and then they ask one about themselves. Now these questions could be something as simple as ‘What does your partner think is their best feature’ or about their favorite movie, all the way to ‘What is your partner’s favorite sexual position’ or something kinky that they would like to explore but haven’t really talked about. 

This is a great way to understand your partner’s needs and preferences in a way that is not too serious and intimidating. It gives you a glimpse into your partner’s mind and helps you understand what they want vs. what you want so that you reach a middle ground. 

When you get questions right, you can even send out gifts to your partner. These are in the form of digital certificates and coupons that say you have won _____. You can fill the dash with whatever you wish (for instance: a date night at your favorite restaurant; a roleplay session with me; a vacation to a nearby resort, etc) This keeps you engaged in the game and rewards your partner for being honest and open with you - leading to a healthier relationship between the two. 

8. 5 Would Your Rather: Second Rule

Would You Rather 5 Second Rule

Not only is 5 Second Rule a very good game for those who want to get intimate and know their partner better, but it is actually a great option for parties too. This game is specifically designed to be played with multiple people, as it can have up to 12 players at a time. The basic premise of this game is ‘quick thinking’, which makes it really interesting.

You have 5 seconds to answer the question that the game asks you. These questions can vary from the most basic of questions to the dirtiest of things. When you start thinking quickly, you don’t really get time to be diplomatic or politically correct, and the truth is generally blurted out rather quickly. This is what makes this game fun, especially after you have been drinking for a while. 

Another thing that makes 5 Second Rule a fun game for parties is that it can be played not only with people you know well but also with complete strangers! Imagine meeting someone in the party that you have a crush on - and playing this with them. It will help you know them better as well as give you a good chance to hit on them or to impress them with your quick thinking. 

The game comes with six decks, two of which are free to play - 'House Party' and 'Tea Party'. However, the other four need to be purchased separately. These include 'Surprise Party', 'After Party', 'Dirty Party', and a deck funnily named 'Communist Party'. If you want to get hot and heavy with someone, you might want to play the Dirty Party game with them. Also a fun game when you have multiple partners together. Lastly, you can also create custom decks in this game.

9. Sexify: Roleplay & AI Chat

Ai Girlfriend for Stripping

While most games on our list have multiple things that you might try out sexually, but also have an element of breaking the ice and getting to know someone, Sexify stands a cut apart as this game is played by couples with the straight-up intention of having sex and getting really intimate with each other.

This app comes with various games and modes built in, which allow you to enjoy your intimacy and take things to the next level. The app has a ‘Truth and Dare’ game which comes in four modes - foreplay, hot and heavy, hardcore, and extreme bedletics. The last of them is the most intense and intimate experience you can get from a game as it gives you detailed instructions on different positions that you need to try out with your partner. 

One of the most innovative things about Sexify is that it comes with a Voice Mode, where the game speaks out things to you and you can control it with your voice because your hands are obviously too busy exploring each other. In addition to that, there is also a sexy throw-the-dice game in the app, which allows you to explore the various erogenous zones of your partner using different body parts. 

Sexify comes in at $2.99 per week and has a yearly pack for $19.99, both of which can be auto-renewed. The weekly pack is a great option for couples who want to spice things up every now and then but don't want the app for a long time. You might want to keep the yearly pack if you get around quite a bit.

10. Desire - AI Girlfriend

Desire AI Girlfriend

Desire is the perfect couples game for couples who have been together for quite some time and feel like they are losing sheen. There are a lot of features in this game - and what makes it different from other apps in the list is that this needs to be on the phone of both partners. 

You can send your partner a dare from your app to theirs, even if they are living away from you. This makes it pretty interesting for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Desire also has a ‘Platinum Subscription’ option which unlocks everything for you. 

Upon accepting the dare and performing it, the performer earns points - which keeps both of you competitive. What also keeps this game fresh and interesting is that the app keeps updating every week with new dares, which ensures you always have something new! The more you play the game, the more points you earn will help you unlock the hotter and sexier dares. This is another motivation to keep playing and keep performing. 

Another unique thing about the Desire app is that you also get a space to chat with your partner. This is a completely private chat and also supports sharing of pictures. You can even pixelate these pictures if need be. This ensures that your regular chat apps have nothing nasty on them. 


1. Are there intimate games suitable for long-distance couples?

Intimate games are pretty good for long-distance couples. Since they do not live together, playing games like truth or dare together virtually is a good idea. Apps like Desire are also of good use for those in a long-distance situation. 

2. Do sexy games have the potential to alleviate bedroom intimacy?

Yes, sexy games can help you understand the needs of your partner better. These games can help improve the communication between the two of you and also help you try new things out with mutual consent.

3. Can playing sexy games lead to increased sexual satisfaction?

Yes, playing sexy games can help increase sexual satisfaction. This is because after a while sex becomes monotonous with the same partner. These games help you innovate and keep things fresh in the bedroom.

4. Are intimate games only for couples experiencing problems in the bedroom?

No, intimate games are also for couples who want to know each other better, or for someone you are getting intimate with for the first time. They are also fun games at college parties.


All we’ve got to say in conclusion to this is that these sexy games can help you loosen up and talk freely with your partner about things you’d like to do together in the bedroom. This is a great way to get the ball rolling and understand each other in a better manner. Lastly, remember that intimacy is great but innovation is the key component in it!

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