5 Dirty Sex Games for Couples on App Store [Intense Foreplay]

Author :- Vivek Sancheti March 28, 2024, 2:11 p.m.
5 Dirty Sex Games for Couples on App Store [Intense Foreplay]

I was in touch with a few couples who recently broke up and discovered that 35% of them had a hard time because the spice in their sex life faded. As a couple, it can be very difficult to come up with new ways to spice things up in the bedroom and no matter how caring your partner is, good sex is important. One of the best ways to spice up physical intimacy in the bedroom is by playing some sex games.

I asked 75 couples to try the apps I’ve listed below and 95% of the couples reported that these sexy couple games not only improved their sexual relationship, but it broke the monotonous sex and helped them bond better. It also improved the trust between both partners and got them close to each other.

Do you want to spice things up between your partner? If you having an iPhone and are willing to break the boring monotonous sex life, then you should consider using the apps mentioned below. These games are self-centered towards improving foreplay, learning new sexual positions, increasing sexual excitement, and trying something you’ve never tried. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin with the list:

All these adult gaming apps will help you to:

  • Develop Trust With Your Partner
  • Enhance Passion
  • Strengthen Sexual Intimacy and Relation
  • Increase foreplay time without getting bored.
  • Do unimaginable stuff in your bed.

Let’s see which one excites you the most.

5 Best Sex Games for Couples on the Apple App Store

Whether you want to try new foreplay activities with your partner or know their desires better, these apps have plenty of sex games for iOS devices to try for free:

1. Best Sex Game For Couples: We2 - Sexy Couple Games

The Couples loved it for Sex Roulette, Sex Dice, Truth or Dare Couple Mode, Ladder of Desire

We2 Sexy Games for Couples has a classic collection of 7 fun sex games for couples to try on date nights. To help you know your partner better and spice things to the next level, the app has games like Sex Roulette, Ladder & Desire, Truth or Dare, Sexy Dice, Do You Know Me quiz and Dare You To.


All the couple sex games in the app are designed for all couple types: Straight and Gay/Lesbian Relationships. The UI is pretty simple and sets the sexual mood up. Simply tap on the game you would like to try with your partner and see how the app helps you two to open up about your desires effortlessly.

Here are the details of all the seven games you can try to spice things up:

1. Sex Roulette - Wheel of Foreplay [Try new Sex positions, Foreplay Acts]

The game has an exciting wheel you can spin to get various kinky tasks, positions or scenarios to try out. It is fun to try your luck and see who eventually ends up being in the weirdest possible position among you two. It is a hardcore sex game for those who keep looking for new ways to make their foreplay more exciting and long-lasting.



2. Sexy Dice - Erotic Dice

The game has endless combinations and three different modes, from soft to hard and extreme, to take excitement and passion to the next level. Roll the dice to get sexy combinations like Kiss, Breast, As fast as possible. In this combination, the guy must kiss her partner's breast as quickly as possible. Seems exciting? Then roll it out to begin your journey of erotic adventures!

3. Ladder of Desire

Completely different from your classic ladder game, this is one of the most sought couples sex games online. Roll the dice and climb the ladder of sexual adventures with exciting tasks. The more quickly you finish the tasks given on each step, the faster you complete the ladder. With each rising step, the excitement, difficulty level and fun will increase.


The majority of our users have a record of completing the ladder (having 22 steps) in two weeks. Let's see how fast you can do it.

4. Roleplay - Live your desires and fantasies

If roleplay excites you the most? Then this is gonna be your favorite game on this app. With more than 10 scripts, the game has exciting roleplay acts for you and your partner written by famous writers. These hardcore roleplay acts will excite things like you have never imagined. No need to hurry. Try one script every week, and you have 14 weeks covered with adventurous ideas.

5. Truth or Dare - Let's know each other better

Bored of playing normal truth-and-dare quizzes with your partner? Then try this kinky adult truth-and-dare game focused on couples only. Learn the naughty truths about your partner or give them the erotic dare to enhance sexual intimacy.

The game has three modes: Soft, Hard and Extreme, with random turns and task cards. It has over 1000 exciting intimacy questions you can ask your partner with never-ending naughty tasks.

6. Dirty Dare - Time to try out new things

Want to take things to the next level with exciting dares only? Then skip the truth questions with Dirty dare mode in the game. Give kinky and dirty dares to each other to push your limits excitingly. Start with the normal mode and then move to hard and extreme modes as you like.

7. Do You Know Me? - Know your Partner Better

Want to unleash the wildest fantasies of your partner? Then give your smartphone to your partner to try this game, and you will be surprised at how much there is to know about them. Ask certain types of questions to each other available in the game to see which one knows the sexual desires of the other better.

Pricing: All seven We2 couple games are available to try for free on the App store with in-app purchases:

  • Yearly Pack - $39.99
  • Weekly Pack- $3.99
  • Monthly Pack - $9.99

The app is supported in more than 11 languages, i.e. English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Sweden, Norwegian Bokmål.

Device Compatibility: Compatible on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - Version 12.0 or higher, and MacOS with Apple A1 chip and version 11.0 or later.

2. Best Truth or Dare App: Truth or Dare Extreme - Dirty

Truth and Dare is one of the most played sex games among couples. It also is popular drinking game for parties, nightouts, sleepovers, etc. But if you are bored with regular intimacy questions and Dares and looking for something more exciting and spicy, this game will be perfect for you.

To take the classic truth and dare game to the extreme level with your friends or partners, this app has more than 1500 flirty hot questions to try out anytime, anywhere. The game has eight categories, out of which four are non-seductive and suitable for teens, kids and adults:

  • Classic: Normal truth and dare questions, loved by teens to enjoy with friends on an outing or get-together
  • Funny: Questions and tasks with a touch of humor to make times memorable with friends
  • Hard: Designed for risk-takers, it includes challenging tasks and questions to level up the game.
  • Crazy: Has all the crazy tasks and questions one always thinks of asking or doing but never succeeded. This is your time to make it happen.


The other four are extremely seductive (for 18+ adults) for couples, college students, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.:

  • Couple: Exciting questions and tasks to perform with or ask your partner to know them better.
  • Custom: The mode allows you to add your custom questions/dares in the app or choose from our already available set.
  • Naughty: Get naughty with your partner with spicy truths and dares [exclusively designed for adult couples and not kids]
  • Extreme: Take things to the extreme level with the dirtiest dares and truths one can only imagine doing with their partners. Ask them their dirtiest desires or give them the spicy dares to do things you have never done before.

While in the classic truth and dare game, you need a bottle and a lot of tasks/questions to think about, this app doesn't require any such efforts. With our never-ending exciting tasks and questions, you cannot go out of ideas whether playing it with your friends, crush or partner.


The app has not only the largest amount of dares and questions but also the best ones that one does not usually think of. Here are some unique and exciting features of our Truth and Dare Extreme app you must know about:

  • A unique and never-ending collection of over 2000 questions & dares (without any typos or grammatical errors)
  • Support large groups of players - up to 20 people
  • Scoreboard to reveal winners and losers
  • Eight different themes/categories for different types of Dares and Questions
  • Can turn off the background sound of the spinning bottle if you don't like it
  • The spinning bottle sound gives you feel like a real bottle is spinning
  • Regularly adding new questions and dares to make the app more exciting
  • Can enjoy the app in offline mode too (without the internet)
  • Avoid ads by taking our no-ads subscription pack, starting at $1.99

Pricing: The app is free to try and download on the App store but contains in-app purchases:

  • Monthly Pack of Truth and Dare Extreme - $4.99
  • Naughty Pack - $4.99
  • Couple Pack - $4.99
  • Extreme Pack - $4.99
  • Lifetime - $19.99
  • Crazy Pack - $4.99
  • Custom Pack - $4.99
  • Hard Pack - $4.99

Device Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 12.1 version or later, and MacOS with Apple A1 chip and 11.0 version or later.

3. Dirty Sex Game for Couples

You can also spice up your relationship by Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions.

If you are specifically looking for erotic sex games for couples app store based on truth and dare, this one is a perfect fit for you. While the second game in this list is designed for both teen friends and adult couples, this dirty sex game app is exclusively for couples to find and try out their wildest fantasies.

This spicy couple game has over thousands of Truths and Dares to try out with your partner with four different difficulty levels:

  • Soft: If you want to take it slow, this mode has hundreds of Dares and exciting questions to enjoy soft foreplay.
  • Hot: This one spice up the foreplay with more naughty tasks and questions you can ask your partner for better intimacy.
  • Hard: This one is for intense foreplay. The mode has some seriously hardcore stuff that you have never tried before.
  • Extreme: It is the most-loved level of couples where things can go extremely dirty and naughty. Try it if you are open to everything to enhance passion and sexual intimacy with your partner, and you will enjoy it the most.


The app is quite different from other adult truth and dare gaming apps available online, as it allows you to add your custom dare and sensual experiences. This way, you can ask your partner anything to reveal about themselves or do that you won't ask otherwise. 

To raise the sexual excitement and tension between you two, the app also has a rolling dice feature. Roll the dice, and the combination that appears will be your must-do task to please your partner. It could be anything like kissing their lips or teasing them, though is it better than sex toys for couples, here we have our reservations.

Another great thing about this app is its privacy protection. The app does not require the internet to operate and thus contains no ads. Any questions or dares you create on it will only remain on your device, and nothing will go online on servers. So, you can enjoy the app anonymously without worrying about your privacy.

Apart from the exciting four difficulty levels, the two major features that make it one of the best xxx games apps online are:

  • Hands-Free Mode: Allow the app to read the content aloud to keep your hands free (or busy doing other stuff)
  • The Dares and Truths appear in an exciting animated format to grab your attention.

The app is available to use for anyone above 17 years. It is supported in more than ten languages, i.e.:

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Pricing: The app is available to enjoy for free on the App store but contains in-app purchases, like:

  • Get Personalized dice - $1.99
  • Unlock Everything - $9.99
  • Extreme - $6.99
  • Hot - $3.99
  • Hard - $4.99
  • Dice Game - $3.99
  • Full pack of customizable dice - $4.99

Device Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 11.0 or later and on macOS 11.0 or later with an Apple M1 chip.

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4. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

Featuring exciting bondage games for couples, the app is perfect for strengthening your relationship and knowing about your partner. The app presents the best relationship quiz that any couple or newlywed can play online around the globe to check how well they know about each other. 

This exciting relationship quiz will not only help you to know your partner better but also unleash the romantic and emotional side of yours, which you might or might not be aware of. 


The app works like a charmer for couples in long-distance relationships. Even though being physically apart, you can keep the romance and passion alive in your relationship by playing this game together.

This popular couple quiz game works in a really exciting way:

  1. First, the app asks you some questions about yourself and saves your answers.
  2. Then your partner will answer some questions about themself.
  3. Then you both guess each other's answers to who knows whom better and to what extent!

But do you know the best thing about this app? The couple quizzes have a variety of topics, from fun to deep conversational stuff, covering every crucial aspect of your relationship. And guess what? The winner also gets exciting rewards and coupons to redeem in real life.


You can choose from a variety of topics, from General conversation starters to your partner's perspective on something important to strengthen your relationship through this app. Couples can also show their appreciation towards their partners with various fun coupons. Sounds exciting? Well, it is.


The other best thing is that every answer of yours and your partner's is saved automatically in the app. So, next time when you are out of ideas to gift them something they might love, simply head to the app.

Here are some exciting features of this best couple quiz game available on App store:

  • Features hundreds of questions for couples, making it one of the biggest and most popular mobile games for couples
  • Chat feature to keep sending each other naughty messages while learning about them better
  • Questions cover various aspects of a relationship to take things to the next level.
  • Auto-saving answers and guesses in the system's memory for future reference.
  • Relationship coupons to gift each other for small or big gestures. Create your own coupon or choose from the available ones.
  • Decide which kind of conversation you wish to start with your partner by choosing conversation cards from multiple categories (from fun to intimate).

The app is available in various languages like English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish on the App store to try for free for users with 17+ age.

Pricing: Couple Game app offers free content but also has its premium monthly and yearly subscription to try exclusive coupons, rewards and other benefits. It also contains in-app purchases, like:

  • Premium monthly pack - $7.99
  • All packs - $9.99
  • Premium yearly pack - $39.99
  • Premium quarterly pack - $19.99
  • Sex & Intimacy 2 - $1.99
  • Date Night - $1.99
  • Our Home - $1.99
  • Future Kids - $1.99
  • Would You Rather - $1.99

Device Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, Mac and iPod touch having iOS version 11.0 or later.

5. Sex Roulette: Couple Games

Lastly, there is Sex Roulette on my list - the hottest couple game available on the App store to try with your partner. Designed to satisfy your most carnal needs, the game has some of the boldest tasks you and your partner can try out for pure pleasure. 

The app has five exciting and dirty couples games to play with partner for all kinds of relationships (Gay, Lesbian, Straight):

1. Naughty Scenarios - Say bye to the boring stuff

Tired of normal routines & scenarios? Then try the naughty situations in this game to spice up things between you two. Designed to ignite your wild desires, the game has various stages tailored to your sexual orientation. The game has three modes to take things from soft foreplay to hardcore stuff real quickly:

  • Get Me Going: A soft-foreplay mode for beginners to build up their passion.
  • Unleash: For bold couples with more daring tasks. With the rising difficulty, more pleasure is guaranteed.
  • Fantasy to Reality: An extreme mode to enjoy your secret turn-ons and sexual fantasies like never before.

2. Wheel to Decide

Always open to trying new things and activities to explore the wilder sides of your relationship? Then let this sensual wheel decide what you should try next. Roll the dice and see how many exciting and new positions you can try with your partner, like Caramel, Marshmallow, Ying Yang, etc. The game has positions for every taste.

3. Red Hot Dice

The 4 dice of pleasure with endless combinations of exciting sexual tasks that can be extremely dirty and unpredictable. This exciting rolling dice game is quite different from others as with every task, you will get a time limit and extra challenge to complete.

4. A Truth and Dare - For both couples and large groups to play together

Done with the usual Truth and Dare? Then try this adult classic version of Truth and Dare to unleash the bold side of you and your partner. To spice things up at parties, you can even invite your friends to play fun and exciting tasks with you (but only at your own risk!)

5. Dirty Never Have I Ever

Always wanted to play this exciting sexual fantasy game with your partner but never tried? Try this now and learn the weird crazy fantasies of your partner. On top of that, you can also add erotic sexual objects to increase the passion between you two.

The app has no ads, so you can enjoy all these five adult sex games with your partner online without any disturbance or pop-ups. On top of that, the developers keep updating the app with new content and features.

Pricing: The app is available to try for free on the App store. But the Truth and Dare game comes with three auto-renew subscription options to choose from, i.e. Weekly- $4.99, Monthly - $19.99 and Yearly - $39.99.

It also has in-app subscriptions for premium features and services, like:

  • All the Sex Roulette app - $22.99
  • All Truth or Dare packs - $8.99
  • 50% off on All Premium sex games - $2.49
  • 3 in 1, all naughty scenes - $9.99
  • Truth or Dare - Hardcore - $5.99

Device Compatibility: Compatible with all iOS devices running on version 11.0 or later.


What do you play at a couples game night?

There are various exciting fun tasks you can try on a couple game night, like Truth and Dare, Never Have I Ever, Find Your Mate, Charades, Couple Sex Card Games, etc.

What kind of games can couples play?

Couples can play a variety of sex games available online like couple quizzes to know each other better, dirty truth and dare to try new activities, sex roulette to try new positions and rolling dice for new tasks.

How to spice up a relationship?

To spice up your relationship with your partner, try out new things frequently. Ask each other about their secret turn-ons, wild desires and fantasies to fulfill. Also, try roleplay if your partner likes to try something different from the normal routine.

What can my husband and I do for fun?

You can try dinner dates, get a couple massages, try playing sex card games, sexual bets, adult truth and dare quizzes and challenge each other to find some new ways of foreplay for fun.


These sex games for iOS are the best way to increase passion between couples, improve foreplay, roleplay, and try out new things for a change. The games are designed to help you understand your partner and their desires in a better way to gain confidence, trust and spark. If you haven’t tried sexual simulation games before, these apps can be a real game changer for you and your partner. 

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