Romantic Ideas for Every Stage of a Relationship

Author :- Viloshni Moodley March 22, 2021, 8:36 p.m.
Romantic Ideas for Every Stage of a Relationship

Couples tend to get stuck in a mundane routine and find it difficult to implement ideas for romance to form part of the marriage/relationship/partnership.

There are different levels of romance through each stage of a relationship. This can be best described as the progression of the journey from the beginning to different milestones achieved together.

A couple on their first date would much rather enjoy something simplistic and casual compared to a week-long romantic trip abroad. However, for a couple that has been together for a period, keeping it casual quickly loses the romance factor and becomes rather ordinary.

Here are three romantic date ideas for every relationship stage.

Stage 1: Getting to know each other

At this stage, you will be meeting your date for the first time. Both individuals will aim to find out more and assess if there are common areas of interest. During this time, you will participate in meeting for dinner, catching a movie, a quick coffee, picnics, or visiting places of interest together. If the interests seem to match a few weeks or months in, you can progress to visiting a nursery together if gardening was something you had in common.

Play games at your favorite pub

Meeting each other for drinks at one of your favorite local pubs is the perfect casual meet-up. It’s a space that you’re likely already comfortable in, which makes it easy to shake off any preliminary awkwardness you may have. Engaging in games, such as darts, pool, or even quiz, is also a great way to have fun with your date while offering an activity that allows you to get to know each other socially.

Visit an amusement park

Amusement parks are great fun, and young & old would enjoy them. You never can run out of things to do together. Winning the one you trying to charm a prize from a game, racing around in bumper cars, or stopping at the top of a Ferris wheel are all perfect moments to have fun together and build memories.

Go see some stand-up comedy

A comedy club with stand-up comedians is another relaxed way to have fun with your date while laughing till your belly hurts. It’s a casual entertainment venue where you could be enjoying each other's company, dinner, and drinks whilst enjoying prime entertainment. Laughing together is shown to build a strong bond and bring people closer, which is ideal when you’re building a foundation with someone new.

Stage 2: Infatuation

At this stage, you have had more than a few dates into the relationship and you’ve been seeing each other regularly. You are more familiar with each other’s likes and dislikes and favorite to-do lists.

You know that you like each other, and you’re ready to dive deeper into each other’s interests and hobbies. Date ideas at this stage should be all about going one step further than the casual outings from before, to outings that reflect your mutual interests.

Check out each other’s favorite local bands

The music you listen to says a lot about who you are, and sharing that with your partner is an intimate way to bring you closer together. Taking them to see your favorite band, or going to see their favorite artist, is the perfect way to go one step above the casual outings you’ve been on before and experience something more meaningful with them.

Take a walk through nature

If you’re the type that loves nature, you can share that with your partner by taking them on a hike through your favorite trail or setting up an outdoor picnic. Even if they don’t share your enthusiasm for the outdoors, inviting them to take part in something you enjoy will make them feel special and appreciated.

Take a cooking class together

One step beyond going out to dinner together is the experience of cooking a romantic dinner together at home. If you don’t have much confidence in your ability to cook, or want a fun activity taking a cooking class together can provide that much fun. It’s a great way to learn something new and build on experiences that you’ve already shared.

Stage 3: Long-term commitment

Being committed for the long term means that you’ve passed some hurdles like your first fight and perhaps discussions & planning for the future. Romance at his stage goes beyond casual outings and learning more about each other’s passions - it’s about discovering new things together and going on new adventures outdoors, indoors, and in the bedroom.

Visit a jazz club

Getting dressed up and going out to a jazz club makes for a fun night out of drinking and dancing. Diving into a new genre of music together can be much of an intimate experience.

Go on a weekend getaway

When you’re in a long-term, committed relationship, it’s safe to say you’re able to plan a weekend getaway or a spontaneous trip without having to worry about getting on each other’s nerves. Planning a long weekend together is the perfect set-up for a romantic adventure somewhere new, It can be a stay at a charming bed and breakfast or a camping trip. Whatever you choose for your getaway, just be sure to be prepared to have fun together even if it rains and you are camping. Don’t allow anything to spoil the mood.

Treat yourselves to a spa day

Setting up a spa day with your significant other is a great way to unwind together. Getting professional massages together side-by-side is an incredibly intimate and relaxing experience, and sets the stage for some steamy romance afterward. You could also plan to have a spa day at home and take turns to be the therapist on each other.

Stage 4: Happily ever after and beyond

The final stage of a relationship comes once the decision has been made by the couple to cohabitate, marry, or choose options available legally in your country. No relationship is perfect and will have its ups and downs. But at this stage, you’re each other’s go-to person for everything and anything. Romance for couples in this stage is all about continuing to explore each other, the world, achieving goals together, and finding new ways to make normal routine romantic.

Plan a romantic vacation

Once you have determined your relationship status and in a happily ever after phase you’ve graduated from weekend getaways and are ready for a full-blown vacation somewhere new and exciting. Exploring new restaurants, culture, local venues, and local drinks with your partner has the effect of bringing you right back to when you were first dating and can reignite the flame.

Take a road trip

A road trip is just a long, extended date. When looking for romantic options to explore the world with your partner, nothing is more intimate than working as a team to plan out the stops you want to make and navigating the open road together. This could also be a great opportunity to dive into some of those new tunes you have been exploring together.

Make a night of it at home some of the most romantic nights are spent curled up together on the couch watching your favorite movies or television shows. Plan a picnic inside the house or outside in the garden. Soak in a bubble bath together. After being together for a while, scheduling time together to stay at home and cuddle can sometimes be the perfect avenue for romance.

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