Author :- TenWays ToTouch March 20, 2021, 2:48 p.m.

Kitten and I like to go out for a drive together now and then. The scenery here in the Green Mountains is, frankly, irresistible. During the fall, with the turning of the leaves, it is positively breath-taking. It was on one such afternoon that I found myself casually gliding around the curves of roads not often taken with kitten seated next to me. Despite the gorgeous scenery, the sunlight, and the wonderful scent of the mountain air drifting in through the window, kitten seemed fidgety and agitated. It was obvious to me, the reason why.

She did try to put on a good show, smiling and conversing as anyone might expect on a beautiful afternoon such as this, but her gaze kept falling to my crotch, and every time her eyes wandered there her hands would become a bit more animated. Then, she would adjust the way she was seated, squeezing her legs together and squirming just a little.

I do enjoy it when kitten squirms, and of course, the more I watched her, the harder my cock would grow. In turn, she would squirm a bit more, and, well, it was becoming a bit of a cycle. I sighed, and turned, pointing the car toward home, knowing that we’d passed a point where what needed to happen had become inevitable. However, I don’t think I was quite prepared for just how inevitable it would turn out to be.

I would guess that we’d made it not ten miles closer to home when kitten could no longer restrain herself, leaned over, and unbuttoned my pants. She wasted no time tugging down my boxer shorts, instead she simply pulled them down and allowed them to rest snuggly beneath my balls. I gently eased off the gas, when I felt her tongue begin to make its teasing way between my balls and meandering slowly along my shaft as it journeyed toward my head. Normally, I’d have pulled her off and scolded her for her impatience but she’d done a splendid job of getting me worked up and I was of a mood to oblige her.

As we drove I let her do as she pleased, teasing and taunting me, gently sucking on my balls until I was throbbing, then attacking the head of my cock like a lollipop she wanted desperately to get to the center of. Kitten knows that I have a hard time coming this way, despite all of her immense skill, and the thought occurred to me that she might simply enjoy it as a challenge. Were she to succeed in making me come it would be something of an achievement.

As we drew closer to town, it was feeling quite a lot like she might just win and I was struggling to keep the car between the lines, let alone, at the appropriate speed.

I am, however, quite an experienced driver, and I was able to maintain enough composure that I noticed Sherriff Van Essen parked in his usual spot behind the big cottonwood tree from a couple of miles out. Grabbing kitten roughly by her hair I pulled her off of me and nodded breathlessly in the sheriff’s direction at her questioning glance.

Kitten and I live in a very small town. Frankly, I can’t imagine the scandal that would ensue if we were to be caught doing any number of the things that we get up to. Even something as commonplace as a highway blowjob would have been the talk of the town for a VERY long time. In addition, we are reasonably prominent members of our community and our position here would be permanently altered were people to find out about all of the kinky activities that we indulge in. As such, it wasn’t a ticket I was concerned about, as much as the wagging tongue of our gossiping local sheriff.

Kitten, however, is remarkably adaptable in these situations and she simply wiped her lips on the back of her hand, took my hand in hers, and rested it over my exposed genitalia. Had the sheriff a more discerning eye he would almost certainly have noticed what had transpired from his high perch in his SUV. However, we barely elicited a bored glance and a nod as we coasted past, kitten waving hello from the passenger seat, her ample cleavage serving as further distraction.

Without realizing it I had been holding my breath, and I let it out as kitten rolled her eyes and smiled. However, her smile faded as we pulled into our garage and I shut the door. She knew she would be in trouble, and, even if she did enjoy her punishments, she needed to act her part. She was a submissive in need of chastisement, a role she played quite often.

I turned, and gave her a stern look, grabbing her by her hair and plunged her head back down onto my cock, humping against her face as she gagged, throat muscles working around the head of my cock. After she was in her proper place I leaned down and growled into her ear. “Now kitten, your obsession with sucking my cock has almost gotten us into quite a lot of trouble. You will remove your clothes right here and go to the basement for your punishment.”

I released her and she coughed, a string of drool dribbling down her chin as she nodded, quickly pulling her shirt and bra off, breasts bouncing freely, nipples hardening in the cool air. She tossed those into the back seat, opened the door, and bent over quickly to shuck off her jeans and panties. The view was spectacular and made me throb uncontrollably as she glanced back, a flicker of a smile crossing her lips, before she sauntered toward the door.

I sat in the car for a moment, needing to catch my breath a bit, my mind reeling over the possibilities. It took a few minutes for my head to clear, my lips curling upward as a plan began to form for kitten’s punishment. I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

Reaching over, I snatched kitten’s panties out of the seat next to me where she’d tossed them. She was, evidently, quite wet as the fabric was saturated with her juices, and her warm musky scent wafted up to me, further enhancing my arousal as I strode confidently inside and down the steps.

When I reached our dungeon, I found kitten kneeling there, head bowed in the middle of the floor. I reached down, grabbed a fistful of her hair, and hauled her forcefully to her feet, bending to kiss her, hard on the lips before shoving her toward the table we had positioned at the side of the room. She crawled onto it, shivering slightly after my kiss.

Kitten knows that when I kiss her like that before one of our sessions that it might become particularly rough. It’s a signal we have that reminds her just how much I love her, right before I treat her exactly as though I don’t. After crawling on top, she flipped over and spread her legs, her eyes fixed on the ceiling, chest heaving in excitement and trepidation.

I walked over and shoved her sodden panties in her mouth, using them as a gag while I rummaged through our locker retrieving two lengths of thick, purple rope. When I returned, kittens’ eyes bored into me, wondering exactly what I might have in mind. Without uttering a word, I strode over and bound each of her arms to her legs tightly, allowing her to spread her legs, but otherwise immobilizing her.

Once she was properly restrained I stood in front of her, casually removing my clothing as she looked on, hungrily eying my cock as it sprung forth. I gave her a good look, letting her take it in for a moment as I hovered a mere inch from her mouth. She squirmed on the table, but otherwise remained still.

I calmly strode around, positioned myself at the entrance to her pussy, and thrust myself deep inside her, pulling on her legs to grind my pubic bone against her clit. She moaned loudly, startled by the sudden sensation of being filled, but otherwise, no sound escaped from beneath her gag as she gazed up at me.

I looked down as I ground against her. “Now kitten, it would be unfair of me if I didn’t take some responsibility for what just happened. I shouldn’t have let you have my cock until we were home. You have to admit though, that you did not show proper restraint.”

Kitten gazed up, nodding her agreement.

I continued to grind hard inside of her. “As punishment, you’re going to explain to me exactly why you are unable to keep your mouth off of my cock. This way, in the future, perhaps I can help you keep your composure”.

I leaned over, grabbing her throat, and squeezing the sides. “I know you are shy kitten, and you have a hard time confessing these things. That’s why I’m going to make you come while you confess. We’ll see if pleasure will serve as your truth serum.”

Kitten’s eyes got wide. As a rule she tended to be very reserved, only coming unglued and becoming vocal when she was nearing the edge. That was where I intended to keep her, tossing her over, and hauling her back like a rag doll until I was satisfied that she’d confessed every last reason why she loved sucking my cock.

With that, I pulled out and strode over to the locker again, removed her Hitachi wand and set it menacingly between her legs. Then, I took the panties out of her mouth and lay them gently between her breasts, placing my cock just out of reach of her mouth. She looked ridiculous, staring cross-eyed at it while she tried to think of just what to say. “So, my dirty little slut, why can’t you resist putting your mouth on my cock?”,  I asked.

Kitten licked her lips, glancing between my eyes and my cock, seemingly unable to speak. I chuckled, “Does kitten need some encouragement?”.

With that, I reached down, gently trailing my hand over the undersides of her breasts and pinching each nipple lightly. She watched helplessly as I dipped lower, gliding over her hot, slippery mound, carefully wetting my middle finger inside of her. She closed her eyes and sighed, but I dipped my finger lower still, carefully wetting her asshole and sliding my finger inside until it was about halfway in.

One of the things I love about kitten is that she has so many sensitive spots. One of my favorites is the one at the back of her pussy. It almost always makes her gasp and squirm when I play with it. I slid my thumb inside of her then, looking down into her eyes as I began to rub the flesh between my middle finger and thumb together.

Kitten’s response built gradually but after a time she’d become quite breathless. She whimpered and gasped, hips rolling as I worked her k-spot. Her nipples suddenly hardened as she flushed, arching her back and pushing against my fingers. As I watched her reaction I kept my cock just out of reach of her roving tongue, always allowing her to think that she might reach it but not giving her a taste of the precum that dripped slowly down my shaft from the tip.

“Well kitten, why are you my dirty little mouth whore?”

She tried to focus. The effort was visible as she pulled her eyes away, bit her lip, and said “Because I like the way you taste”.

“Ok kitten. Would you like just a taste?” I said, continuing what I was doing.

“Mmmm, oh yes Sir”, she panted. “Please let me taste your cock!”

I thrust forward then allowing her to flick her tongue over my dripping head briefly before pulling away.

“I believe you kitten, but that can’t be the only reason”, I said. “Why else do you love to suck my cock?”

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, trying to think as I continued to tease her openings but nothing seemed forthcoming. Sliding my finger out of her asshole, I briefly washed it on a disinfectant wipe we had kept in a drawer beneath the table. Kitten looked up, sliding her face toward my cock in an effort to catch me distracted.

I jerked back, gathered her head in my hands, and kissed her hard, biting her lip as we parted. “It seems you might need a little more encouragement”, I growled.

I dropped her back on the table then, hand trailing over her throat as I walked back to the locker. I picked up kitten’s nipple clamps and tossed them casually over so that they landed in a jingling heap on top of her. The cold metal and the sudden shock of it made her gasp and I felt my cock throb in response. Next, I pulled out one of her larger plugs and our bottle of lube. Walking back, I made a show of slathering it on thick, before carefully lubing her tight hole and gently working it inside.

Kitten loves it when I play with all of her holes. In the past she has told me that nothing makes her feel more useful, more integral to me, than when I use her as my three-hole slut. For my part, I thoroughly enjoy making her feel useful and I try to incorporate her desires into everything we do.

Once I had her plug fit snugly inside of her I thrust my cock back in her pussy until my balls rested against the cold steel of the plug. The extra tightness at her entrance felt amazing and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and moan.

Kitten gazed up at me from below, that awestruck look of pleasure lighting her features. I felt overwhelmed by it in the moment and leaned down to kiss her again before growling, “Tell me kitten! Tell me why you love to suck my cock!”

Kitten’s eyes grew big as she confessed, “I like the way it feels, when you throb in my mouth”.

“Mmmm…fuck me Sir”, she pleaded. “I like the sounds you make when I’m sucking you off, mmmm…please…or when you’re fucking me”, she begged.

I chuckled and thrust hard into her, grinding my pubic bone on her clit as we fucked. At this point I knew she’d come if I continued thrusting so I pulled out, replacing my cock with my fingers as I worked her g-spot hard. She began to pant, desperately holding back her impending orgasm. “Please Sir! Can I come? Please!!”.

The desperation in her voice set my cock to twitching. I bent down and whispered in her ear as I worked. “Why, kitten? Those aren’t the only reasons are they?”

“Ohhhhh, Sir! Ohhhh fuck, please!”

“First you have to tell me why kitten. Then you can come”.

She glared up at me, focusing every bit of concentration she could muster. “Mmmmm…because I like the way you twitch Sir…I like the way you….Fuck!…bounce when I…..MMMMmmmm…ohhh…lick…your…head…”

“Come for me kitten”, I whispered.

She came then. Hard. “Ohhhhh….fuck!!!”, she shrieked as she squirted, wetting my hand with her juices as her pussy convulsed uncontrollably. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuck!”, she moaned as she tried to arch her back against her restraints.

When she began to calm I gave her my cock to suckle so she could refocus. I let her lick the head, gather the precum that was pouring from it, but nothing more. She began to squirm in frustration.

I thrust into her mouth then, and slapped her cheek lightly, feeling it reddening from inside her mouth as much as outside. Kitten whimpered but stilled and I bent to retrieve the nipple clamps that I had tossed onto her before, pulling my cock from her greedy mouth as I locked each nipple in its steel embrace.

She moaned a little at the pain and I pulled gently on the chain between for emphasis. She stopped immediately but eyed my cock greedily nonetheless. Then, I walked back around between her legs and slid all of the way back inside of her, using the chain as leverage for my thrust. Her pussy was still sensitive from her orgasm and she moaned loudly at the sudden penetration. “Ohhhh fuck!”

“Why kitten? Why?”, I shouted.

She looked up at me then, panting as I began to thrust in and out of her, alternating shallow thrusts with deep, pulling on the chain as her hard nipples stretched slightly.

“Because I like the control it gives me over your cock. It’s My cock!”, she shouted. “I love to feel it twitch and jerk while you come”.

I grabbed her throat then, dropping the chain and pulling her face closer to mine as I thrust deep and hard. “Is it now?” I growled, pulling out of her and dropping her back to the table.

She gasped, glaring up at me. I lifted her by her waist then, effortlessly impaling her on my cock as I carried her to the side of the table where I’d put the wand, then pulling out again and dropping her to her knees on the floor.

With my left hand I grabbed the chain between her nipple clamps and pulled it tight while I used my right to slap my wet cock against her face, smearing what remained of her makeup and leaving her a wet, sloppy mess. She figured out my rhythm and tried to capture my cock with her tongue.

This time I let her have it, grabbing a fistful of her hair and fucking her mouth hard, pumping into her throat and forcing her to gag on the head. When she deliberately began to swallow around it I could feel my control slipping and I withdrew from her mouth, hauling her up by her hair before grabbing her waist, lifting, and depositing her back onto the table. Before she had the chance to get her bearings I picked up the wand and pressed it hard against her clit, growling into her ear as she wailed, “Ohhhhh fuuuckk..Please!!!”

“Why?” I grunted.

She turned then, a look in her eye like that of a cornered beast and whispered breathlessly. “Because I NEED to be your dirty little cum bucket Sir. I NEED to have you inside of me!! I just NEED to be YOURS!!”

With that, I moved back to her mouth, maintaining the pressure of the wand on her clit as I thrust my cock between her lips and pumped all of the tension I’d built into her throat along with my cum.

Kitten came instantaneously, the lower half of her body bucking violently as she sucked everything she could from my cock, trying desperately to keep it in as her body writhed, and she tried not to moan. A trail of cum soaked saliva trailed from the corner of her mouth as she made a gurgling noise, her face red from the intensity of her orgasm and the effort of holding my spunk. 

I pulled out and bent to kiss her, enjoying the taste of my cum on her lips. I gathered her up, pressing her flushed skin tightly against mine and whispering “Good girl” until she stilled against me, arms clinging tightly as we held each other for a long time. When she’d had time to calm down I carefully untied her bonds, cleaned our toys, and put them away. Then, I picked a marker out of the drawer beneath the table and walked back over to kitten.

She watched as I wrote “SLUT” in big, bold letters just above her breasts. Then, I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her over in front of the mirror so that she could see what a messy little slut she’d become. As she looked on, her lips twitched up in a beautiful smile while I looked over her shoulder and scrawled “MY” above “SLUT”.

Later, after helping her clean up, we lay in bed tangled together and she whispered “Sir?”

“Yes, kitten”

“I really do need to be yours.”

I squeezed her tight and whispered “You always will be.”

After she’d fallen asleep I lay awake a while longer wondering exactly what I might do to help kitten control herself, eventually coming to the conclusion that I didn’t want to, at least not in regard to her needing to be mine…

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