Is it okay to masturbate?

Author :- Lindsay Michelle Oct. 12, 2020, 4:03 p.m.
Is it okay to masturbate?

Is it okay to masturbate?  Is it a disorder?  Is it a sin? Or does it prove to be an abnormality? 

Friends! Such questions are normal to pop in your mind. Hence sex education is the need of the hour nowadays. So it is better to live with all the awareness of sex education rather than living with rumors attached to sexuality, but the thought we need to ponder over here is that, is the correct information being imparted to everyone?

Your questions about masturbation are common to arise and fuel your curiosity. And trust me, if you’re curious enough then sex education is the key to enlightenment. 

Say 'yes' to masturbation cause it calms your nerves and ultimately you’re exploring your own body and being friendly with all the pleasure points you got. When we misunderstand a term and create barriers around it (which might be societal, religious, or self-created) we are likely to feel that something is not okay, even if it harms no one. 

Masturbation is a voluntary act to woo yourself and to take yourself on a journey. Be the hero of your own story. 

Lindsay Michelle in this video tells us how good is it to masturbate along with the benefits of masturbation.

But a lot of misconceptions, myths, illusions, and the inability of people to not understand certain concepts lead to fear. Then people start questioning even small pleasurable things in their life.

A lot of people forget that these questions have nothing to do with their existence and identity. 

Masturbation is a common practice for self-pleasure and exploration. A lot of English dictionaries describe it in a lot different manner but mostly forget to normalize that masturbation is just a simple act. It doesn't necessarily attack your identity. It doesn't trigger your personal space, morality, and sanity. 

 Masturbation is just to live in the moment. In fact, some sexologists even prefer masturbation over sex because it offers a lot of benefits. Masturbation is not only a one-person act even though it's proved that a lot of couples enjoy this self-exploring act together. And most people experience their first orgasms through masturbation only. The best way to be sexual for any gender and age is through masturbation. It will not disappoint you, but your partner can!

Masturbation is fun. And a thing of fun can never be ill for your body and soul. So just sing along Pink Floyd’s song “Coming back to Life” when you play the guitar with your fingers, “I took a heavenly ride through our silence, I knew the moment has arrived” ;)

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