How does Honesty Act as the Base of a Relationship?

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team July 14, 2021, 6:23 p.m.
How does Honesty Act as the Base of a Relationship?

To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.

- Charles Dickens

Every relationship demands trust and transparency. To be transparent, both partners need to be honest with each other. Honesty is the best form of intimacy. When you share all the intricate details of your life with your partner, it could help in forming a healthy relationship. Making them a part of your secrets and events of your life shows that you are emotionally available to them.

The base of any relationship cannot be made on lies. Honesty is an important pillar that can hold relationships together. But, before being honest to your partner, you need to be truthful to yourself. You cannot be rude, disrespectful, and aggressive to your partner in the name of being honest. Hence, think wisely to decide what to reveal and what not to.

According to Youth.Gov dishonesty is one of the reasons for an unhealthy relationship. Being truthful does not mean that you must share all your ideas and opinions with your partner(s). However, you could share things that you think can have an impact on your relationship.

Importance of Being Truthful in a Relationship

How to build relationship with honesty?
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  • Promotes Growth in relationship

Having a conversation with your partner without any filters helps immensely. It enables you to learn their perspective towards things. Hence, solving problems in the relationship becomes easy. Everyone has different points of view and can learn from one another. Honesty improves both the mind and the heart as well.

  •  Helps in building trust

Some truths might break or make your relationship. But when you are honest, you show your partner that you trust them with the truth. By speaking the truth, you are presenting your vulnerable side to your partner. By doing so, you are building a relationship based on trust and loyalty.

  •  Helps to improve our character

Take responsibility for your deeds. By doing so, you are challenging yourself to be a better human being. You can gain the ability to consider your decisions and how they may help or harm the connection and the person you care about.

  • Promotes respect in a relationship

Being honest in a relationship shows that you respect your partner. When you are lying, you are not only disrespecting your partner but also the relationship. Sharing your issues with your partner shows that you respect their views and understanding of things.

  • A sense of independence

Honesty helps us to be our independent selves in a relationship. We don't have to refrain ourselves from being our true self. By communicating your emotions and choices to your partner, you give them a chance to appreciate you.

  • Chance to nurture each other

It might get frustrating for your partner to constantly wonder about what you are thinking. When you talk to your partner about what you are going through, you give them a fair chance to show their love. Being aware of each other's desires helps to deepen understanding.

Honesty can help you fix problems in your relationship. It may appear to be a difficult task, but being true to your partner can save the sinking ship of your relationship. When things in your relationship become challenging, rather than looking for an escape, be honest with your partner about the issues.

When you are ready for a stable relationship, share your anxieties, your feelings, your fear. A relationship should be built on confidence. It will be unfair for you and your partner to have something built on dishonesty.

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