Effects of Role-Plays on Couples in Building Relationships

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team July 24, 2021, 7:10 p.m.
Effects of Role-Plays on Couples in Building Relationships

Whether it be bringing into life a scene from a movie you recently watched or a fantasy of a sexy librarian, including role-plays can spice up your sex life. Role-plays can play a significant role in blending your imagination and creativity. It is an excellent way to express sexual fantasies safely. 

Justin Lehmiller conducted a research study with 4200 Americans belonging to different sexual orientations for his book, Tell Me What You Want. Through this study, he found that 97% of American adults have sexual fantasies. They imagined different sexual scenarios from time and time. Apart from that, 52% of the people had sexual fantasies at least once every day. Besides that, most people fantasized about taboo topics and gave importance to power plays as well.

When it comes to bringing your sexual fantasies and roleplays into reality, you have to be sure that you have gained consent from your partner. Besides that, you have to discuss safe words beforehand and ensure that each one of you is comfortable with them. There are a plethora of benefits of bringing roleplays into your relationship. Without wasting any more time, let us dive right into the core of the matter.

Build-in Extra Excitement with Role-Plays

If you are in a monogamous relationship or wish to spice things up a little, role plays can be an excellent way to rekindle your relationship. When you bring in components that you have never tried before, they can provide you with the extra excitement you are searching for in your sex life.

Role-plays and incorporating fantasies could also couples who are facing issues in their intimate relationships. It would help them build the bond that they are lacking. You can try out simple imaginary scenarios. It could be the old school professor and student plays, or you can spice it up the way it feels right for you.

How role-plays can build relationship?
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Enhance Communication with Your Partner

Roleplay creates a safe container in a relationship, where each person has the opportunity to embody, the lay and express their true sexual desires. We have been heavily conditioned to suppress sexual expression, feel shame for our desires, and fear judgment. Role-playing creates the opportunity to be an age place for our true desires to be realized. This fosters deeper intimacy as it involves vulnerability and courage, creating more love and trust. And it is hell lot of a FUN.

Melissa Louise, The Pleasure Studio, said to Tickle.Life

Sexual fantasies and spicing things up with roleplay provide you with the opportunity to explore more about each other. It could act as a path that assists you in being open. Through this, you and your partner can know more about each other. 

By communicating about your sexual fantasies and engaging in role-plays, you can get closer to your partner. Here, you would be exploring different dimensions of your relationship. However, ensure that you and your partner are listening to each other without any judgments. Bringing in roleplays can be effective in building a non-judgmental relationship too. 

Bring in Novelty

Who doesn't like to spice things up and try out new ways of exploring sex? With role-plays, you can do so and enhance your sexual satisfaction and pleasure. When you bring in new things like different types of roleplays, you can increase sexual arousal and, at the same time, it can also assist in the frequency of attaining orgasm. 

Apart from these aspects, role-plays can also be highly beneficial in can act as a healing experience for you and your partner. It would help couples in moving past the hurdles they have in their lives. Besides that, it can help in building trust and can help each other in understanding your vulnerabilities. You can create a safe space with your partner by incorporating roleplays in your relationship. So, why not spice things up by trying new things out with your partner?