Chapter 17: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

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Chapter 17: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

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The street where Lucio lives is in a quiet residential area not far from the coastal road. Since there is plenty of time, I decide to walk to his home. On Agios Antonios Street, I turn around and return to the corner where I saw a periptero. From there I call Lucio.

“Hi, Lucio, it’s Anika. I’m down the road at the periptero at the intersection. You said you wanted to pick me up.”


“Yes, Anika, I’ll be right there! Do you mind if I bring my dog Sahira along for the walk? It would also give her time to get to know you.”

“That’s fine as long as she doesn’t jump up or drool on me. Please keep her on a leash.”

“Yes, I will. Okay, see you in a minute.”

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A minute later, I see a man of average build and a small white dog walking toward me. He is wearing a colorful shirt and shorts. His dog does not pull on the leash, obviously trained. Come to think of it, I mistakenly agreed to meet Lucio on the street. I might stand out to people who know Lucio. And that is something I like to avoid. I walk a few meters farther so it does not look like I am waiting for someone. When Lucio catches up to me, he asks:

“Anika, right?”

The periptero vendor looks over at us. I wonder what he is thinking. I am uncomfortable and quietly say:

“Yes, I’m Anika. You must be Lucio.”

“That’s right, my sweet!”

To make matters worse, Lucio steps up to give me a hug. At the last second, I avoid his embrace by quickly bending down and petting his dog behind the ear. Obviously interested in my shoes, she sniffs them for a while and waggles her tail. All is well; she has accepted me.

“Lucio, it’s time to go! The vendor is staring at us. I really don’t like this.”

“Don’t worry, Anika! I know him. He’s a nice guy. — Anyway, let’s go.”

I am tense as we walk to his apartment. Not one word is exchanged. Arriving at his building, Lucio opens the garden gate. It screeches horribly. We climb a few stairs through the narrow front yard and step up to a slightly open lime green wooden front door. Lucio unclips Sahira’s leash and the dog slips into the apartment. Lucio opens the door all the way and beckons me inside. As promised, he places Sahira in the kitchen. Lucio might be Italian, not only because of his name, but like many southerners, his skin is slightly darker compared to North Europeans. He is bald and terribly skinny. In the hallway, he asks:

“Would you like some tea, Anika?”

“No, thank you, Lucio. Where are we going to get comfortable?”

“Let’s go to my yoga room. It’s cozy.”

Obviously, our opinions differ when it comes to what is cozy. That is okay, to each his own. The well-ventilated room looks clean. The walls are decorated with cotton batik and cheap posters sporting Hindu motifs. Several colorful foam mats lie on the floor and one wall has shelves stuffed with knick-knacks, books, CDs, and a stereo system. Lucio pushes a few yoga mats out of the way, grabs one of the stacked wooden stools from next to the shelf, and places it in the middle of the room. I am standing there and do not know what to do.

“Lucio, where can I put my bags and where can I sit down?”

“Oh, wait! Let me get a stool for your bags. Any chance you want to sit with me on the floor?”

“Better not. Can I sit on one of those stools?”

“Yes, of course. Wait, let me get a stool and then I’ll find a seat for you!”

Swiftly, he slips out the door and returns with a typical Greek wooden chair with a woven reed seat. Lucio has removed his sandals and is running around barefoot. After setting up the chair in a corner of the room, he looks at me and gestures to it.

“There you go, for your bags and clothes! A lady valet, so to speak.”

I have to smile. A lady valet. So, he wants me to undress. We will see. I have not decided yet. First, I want to know what is expected. Lucio takes another stool and places it next to the one in the middle of the room. Seemingly unsure, he stares off into space. Abruptly, he grabs another stool and places it with the other two.

“Ready!” He beams and gestures with a sweeping hand for me to take a seat. Placing my bags on the chair in the corner, I go back and sit opposite Lucio. Lucio sits and immediately jumps up. He rushes over to the stereo system. I can already guess what kind of music he is going to play. Sure enough, it is meditation music with harps and bells.

“Cute,” I lie as I smile at him. “What can I do for the young, friendly man?”

“Tell me, Anika, where are you from! I’d like to get to know you.”

Inconspicuously, I glance at the clock. 10:05 p.m. By 11:00 p.m., at the latest, I want this appointment to be finished.

“Wouldn’t you rather tell me about you and your passion? I can tell it’s yoga, right? Do you also teach Tantra yoga?”

“No, not at the moment. The Greeks are too shy to learn Tantra Yoga. If you’re interested, I can teach you. My offer still stands. I’ll give you yoga classes instead of paying for your time with euros. Of course, Tantra Yoga too.”

“No thanks, Lucio! Okay, let me tell you a bit about me. I’m from Germany, taught sports, and worked as a prostitute. I’m here in Athens for the summer. I haven’t decided if I am going to stay longer or return to Germany in the autumn. — Now it’s your turn. You’re Italian, right?”

“Half Italian, half British. My father is Italian, my mother English. I was born and raised in England. In Kent. When I was a young man, I went to explore Italy. From there I took a little trip to Greece and the rest is history. I stayed. — Excuse me, Anika, but why did you bring your laptop? Do you always carry it around or just today? Don’t tell me, you have movies or photos on it for customers?”

“No, the laptop bag holds work related items. Not a laptop or notebook. It’s an undercover bag, so to speak.”

“Aren’t you a sly one, Anika! May I see inside? I’m curious! I want to learn as much as possible about you. Could you please undress while we talk? Please, Anika!”

I do not mind taking my dress off for 100 euros nor do I mind him looking in the bag. After I slip out of my dress, I drape it over the so-called lady valet. Remembering the way he said it makes me smile again. In only my sexy white satin lingerie and high heels, I return to the stool with my laptop bag and set it on my thighs. Lucio stares at me wide-eyed and whistles through his teeth.

“You’re much prettier than I had hoped! You have a terrific figure, Anika. Are you aware of that? Yoga would be perfect for you and your body! And I’m not just saying that, I know.”

Lucio is amazed by the bags’ contents.

“Oh, Anika! My, my, my!”

He shakes a raised index finger admonishingly as if to say my stuff is unseemly.

“My God, Anika! What’s that, a whip? — Anika!”

“Yes, that’s my whip.”

Removing it, I unroll it with a quick flick of my wrist. It is my braided leather bullwhip. It is the first whip I bought and my oldest companion. With room, I can unleash it and make it snap. I have practiced, but never actually had use for it during domination. Placing my laptop bag on the free stool next to us, I stand up. Gripping the handle of the unfurled whip over my head, I seductively turn in place, its long tail skillfully slinking around my body. Lucio stands up and watches in fascination. Liking my own performance, I look around for a mirror. Unfortunately, there is no mirror in his yoga room. As I come to a stop facing him, I grab the whip’s tail with my other hand and stretch it between my outstretched arms and ask:

“You liked that, didn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Anika. You have no idea! May I hold the whip?”

“Only if you’re a good boy!”

Violet mentioned Lucio was into role-playing. All I need to do is steer him in the right direction. I certainly do not know what else I can talk to him about. Usually, I charge more for role-playing. So what! We already agreed on the price over the phone, but because he will not get to fuck me, I can make an exception. Although, for a 100 euros I will not get completely naked nor is he allowed to touch me. There must be limits. I did not catch him. He contacted me through my ad in Athens World.

“I will be a good boy, Anika! Tell me what to do! Should I brush your hair or kiss your feet?”

Aha! He is that type of guy.

“First, take off your clothes in front of me. I want to see you naked!”

“Oh, Anika! I feel so ashamed!” he says primly. “But I’ll do as commanded!”

I watch him remove his shirt, shorts, and underpants, all of which he nicely folds and places behind him on one of the yoga mats. As he stands naked in front of me, it is obvious he is not inhibited. The yoga teacher stares at me in obvious delight! His body has a seamless tan. I do not picture him using a tanning bed and wonder where he got such a nice tan. Is there a nude beach somewhere along Athens’ coastline? I sit on the stool, cross my legs, and order him:

“Take off my right shoe and kiss the heel. Really put it in your mouth and suck on it as if it was a real cock. Otherwise, you can forget about holding the whip!”

Lucio kneels before me and pulls off my right shoe. Enthusiastically, he sticks the heel in his mouth. Next, he uses his tongue to lick it up and down, and then, almost passionately, showers it with kisses. I wonder if he is bisexual. Or, perhaps, he can assume a yoga pose that allows him to blow himself? Whatever the case, it is apparent he enjoys my game. That is fine with me because it is such easy work.

“Great, Lucio! I like it when my pumps shine. Now lick the entire shoe.”

Wordlessly, he slides his tongue all over my shoe. He caresses it lustfully and for the most part, keeps his eyes locked on me.

“You have nice, delicate feet, Anika! They look healthy. May I kiss them?”


“Oh, that’s a shame!”

I believe Lucio is familiar with my type of game. I wonder if he has a girlfriend. Does he have affairs with his yoga students? That is a distinct possibility. As their teacher, the seduction would not be a problem. The room is softly lit with aromatic incense permeating the air and meditative music plays in the background as they have tea. Then, he slinks around while teaching them stimulating yoga poses. Once aware of his peculiar predilections, they break it off. Yes, I easily imagine him with such a love life. Since he wants to act out his fantasies, every now and then he hires a prostitute. I assume he has called many women who advertise in Athens World. I am sure Violet and I are not the only ones who have seen him in his home. Deciding the licking has gone on long enough, I order him to place the right shoe back on my foot and perform the same act with the left one. Without complaining, he does as I say. Once again, he mainly keeps his eyes glued on me. I guess it turns him on to look at my body. Or, is it licking my shoe? I have no idea. At least his little pecker is bouncing around in his lap.

“Enough of that!” I say after a while. “Put the shoe back on my foot. Make sure you remain squatting and close your eyes! You’ll feel the whip soon enough.”

As soon as he is finished, I get up and position myself behind the still squatting Lucio. I snake the whip several times around his naked upper body including his limp arms. Grabbing the tail of the whip with my other hand, I pull it taut. With eyes closed, Lucio rolls his head back and whispers:

“Anika! The leather feels so erotic. Please, pull it a bit tighter. I love that feeling!”

I like it this way. He makes it easy by telling me what he wants! As I increase the tension on his body, I step closer to him so that my lower abdomen touches the back of his bald head.

“How does it feel, baby?”

“Just look at my willy and you’ll know, Anika!”

His manhood grew into a boner. Not a big one, but it is proportionate to his physique. Recalling Violet’s words regarding Lucio’s preference, I ask him:

“Lucio, tell me, were you a good boy when you went to school? Did you pay attention in class instead of looking at girls?”

“No, Anika, I wasn’t a good boy. Although I paid attention, I always tried to look up my teacher’s skirt when she sat on her desk.”

“Did your teacher ever notice you trying to sneak a peek?”

“Yes, she noticed, though she never scolded me. Occasionally, she deliberately spread them a little wider. I believe she liked me looking at her bush. She never wore panties, Anika! It wasn’t my fault; I was just a curious little boy.”

“You were a naughty little boy! I’m sure you were aware it was inappropriate when you looked under your teacher’s skirt, right? I mean, you knew she was your teacher! Did you also masturbate in class?”

“No, Anika, not during class. I wouldn’t have dared. The students sitting next to me would have seen it. However, every day after school, I masturbated at home. It was always the picture of my teacher’s bush in front me, Anika! I wasn’t interested in the young girls at school. All I wanted was to kneel between my teacher’s legs and get a close look at her thick bush while taking in her infatuating scent. It’s what I’ve dreamed of when masturbating. I’ve always wished for it, Anika!”

“And nowadays, do you still wish for it?”

“Oh, yes! Just thinking about it gets me going. — Also, I wanted to slide her skirt up and rub my willy against her bush. I didn’t want to stick it in, Anika! Only rub it against her bush, just once, against that thick, strong scented bush of hers. Is that so reprehensible? — Anika, do you think I could rub my willy against your pussy? Only rubbing, I won’t stick it in!”

“No way! That is a crazy idea you have! — However, I would like to see you masturbate. Stay put. I’m going to loosen the whip so you can remove the hand you use to jerk off with. Then you can show me what you do when you think about your teacher’s bush!”

I loosen the whip. Lucio immediately pulls out his right arm and his hand reaches for his twitching boner. I pull the whip tightly around him again, grab both ends with my left hand, and step nearer. Lucio has his rod in his hand and starts masturbating. Although my pussy has no bush, it does have its scent. I stick my free middle finger deep inside and then wave it in front of Lucio’s face. Greedily, he leans forward and tries to lick my finger. Should I allow it? No! Definitely not!

“Keep your tongue in your mouth or I’ll pull my hand away this instance! Be glad I’m even letting you smell my pussy!”

To give him a good whiff of my pussy, I place my hand over his face so my moist finger is directly under his nose. Lucio moans with desire.

“Yes, that’s a good boy. Now show me how you masturbate when you think about your teacher. I want to see you squirt all over!”

I am fine with him coming soon. For the 100 euros he is paying, he has certainly received more than enough. I can end my hour on time. He is yanking on his peter like there is no tomorrow. Then, his whole body spasms and he ejaculates onto his thighs. Not a single drop lands on a yoga mat. Slowly, Lucio sinks down and moans softly until his climax spasms subside. I loosen the whip and slowly uncurl it from his upper body.

“Now that was a good boy. Once you’ve showered you can hold the whip!”

“Yes, Anika, the whip! I completely forgot about it. I’m going to hop into the bathroom. I’ll be right back!”

Lucio promptly leaves the studio. When he returns, the scent of soap follows him. Holding out the whip, he absentmindedly grabs it and runs his fingers over the soft leather:

“Thank you, Anika. I liked the feel of your whip on my skin!”

“Would you really like to feel it at another time?”

“Oh yes! I might like that. But only on my butt! Like the teacher would have done if she had caught me masturbating in class. I would have had to stay after class and once we were alone, she would have punished me right there on her desk!”

“Well, we can arrange for that to happen. But not today. Today’s class is over, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, of course... But you could stay for a while longer, Anika. I can brew tea and we can listen to some music and chat.”

“No, thank you, Lucio! It’s time for me to go. Is there somewhere I can wash my hands and freshen up?” I ask. Lucio leads me to the bathroom. By the time I return, he has fully dressed again. I quickly put my clothes on, place the rolled up bullwhip in my laptop bag, and close it. In the end, it was good I schlepped the bag around. Granted, it was not much fun, but the sight of the whip exposed Lucio’s proclivities and saved me from having to come up with something. He made the job easy. Lucio pulls a hundred euro note from his pocket and says:

“For you, Anika.”

“Thank you, darling! I can find my way out. You don’t have to accompany me.”

“Oh, come on! I’ll walk with you for a bit. Wait, let me get Sahira. She’ll be happy for another little walk.”

“No, Lucio! I don’t want to be seen with you in public. Who knows who we might run into and I really don’t want to be stared at again. It made me uncomfortable. So, please, let me leave by myself. You can always walk your dog after I’m gone.”

“But it would be nice if Sahira and I accompanied you, Anika!”

“Why is that? Do you do the same thing with all the prostitutes you hire?”

“Yes, of course!”

And there you have it! No wonder the vendor stared at us. He knew what was going on! Who knows, maybe Lucio brags to him about his female company!

“I see. — Regrettably, you won’t be picking me up anymore. Understand, Lucio?”

“Yes, Anika, that’s fine, since it means so much to you, — but please don’t be angry with me!”

“I’m not mad at you. Don’t worry, we’re okay. It’s a rule of mine not to be seen in public with clients. That’s all. — Okay then, thank you, Lucio, and take care of yourself,” I say in a conciliatory tone.

As quietly as possible, I walk through the wooden house door and the squeaky garden gate. Why does he not oil the hinges if he does not want his neighbors knowing when someone enters or leaves? Unless… he wants his neighbors to hear!

On Poseidonos Street, I head for the nearest bus stop. The wait is not long before the A1 bus pulls up. There are plenty of seats to choose from for my ride back to Piraeus. I did not earn much today and my phone never rang. I am a bit perturbed, although there is no need to worry. Tomorrow is a new day.

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