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Maria van Daarten

My name is Maria van Daarten and I am from Germany. I have been working as a part-time prostitute in Clubs since I was in my twenties. But a working girl does not just come out and profess to her family she is a prostitute. Even friends and acquaintances are kept in the dark… In my forties I got tired of hiding my profession and was seeking to work full time in this business. That’s why I moved to Athens/Greece, were nobody knew me and I started working there as an independent female escort. This was an exciting time and I wanted to share my exceptional experiences with other people. So, when I stopped working in Athens, I started writing my first book about my time as a call girl. – A second book followed and currently I am writing my third book about my experiences. The first book’s title is *Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money* and I would be happy to share it with you! – You see, I have a dream: Of decriminalizing sex work!

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