Chapter 15: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

Author :- Maria van Daarten May 16, 2021, 12:33 p.m.
Chapter 15: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

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In Kifissia, I walk along a large tree-lined avenue until arriving at this district’s town square. Compare to Piraeus, it is not as hot, but rather a delightful summer evening. Now would be a pleasant time to stroll hand-in-hand with a friend window shopping, maybe grabbing a bite to eat somewhere, and perhaps afterward a drink wherever... Oh well, at times, I dream of such things. — But I am alone and I already ate. Besides, I am on a mission. Looking down one of the side streets, I see many bars and cafés with chairs and tables on the sidewalk and almost all of them are occupied. Some establishments have a large flat screen TV hanging on their walls and each one is broadcasting some soccer game. All I see are locals, not one single tourist.


The patronage seems to range from 20-40 years old. All are in loud and lively conversation. The majority are smoking and drinking a cold coffee drink called a frappé that is popular especially in summer. I recall tasting it on a previous vacation to Greece and ending up with a stomachache. I am not a fan. A small bistro table is being vacated. Quickly grabbing a seat on one of the stools, I order a diet Coke. While waiting, I watch the hordes of passersby strolling down the road in both directions in front of me. Having seen enough, I take my phone and read today’s news. Looking at the sports section, I read the Greek and Russian soccer teams face each other in a European championship that is being broadcasted live. That explains the crowd of locals.

Jason must not be a soccer fan, otherwise, I am sure he would have asked me to come later. Nearby is a taxi stand. At 10:40 p.m., having already finished and paid for my drink, I head over to the stand and talk to a cab driver. Showing him the note with Jason’s address, he says, “Okay, let’s go,” and I hop into the back of his yellow cab. This evening’s appointment will be my first actual home visit. I am not counting Richard because the first time we went to his apartment together. The situation awaiting me is entirely different.

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Thinking about it curdles my stomach again. I promptly try to calm down. Shortly before 11 p.m., the taxi slows and pulls into a dark, quiet residential street. The big houses lining the road are hidden behind high hedges or fences with their own plot. From most of the houses, dim light shines through the windows. Arriving at a two-story red brick building, the cab driver stops and points to the plaque next to the front door — number 178.

“Thank you! Please pull a little forward and I’ll get out,” I say and hand the driver a 5-euro note. The taxi driver obliges me and thanks me for the tip. I walk back to house 178 and stop in front of the garden gate, looking in vain for a doorbell. Unsure, I grab my phone and call Jason. He picks up immediately and I whisper:

“Jason, it’s Anika, I’m in front of your garden gate and I don’t see a bell.”

“Oh, sorry, Anika! I forgot to tell you, the doorbell is by the front door. Open the garden gate, it isn’t locked and come to the door. I’ll be right there.”

I step through the garden gate as the front door opens. Jason greets and beckons me. He is average height, most likely in his mid-fifties, with thick, dark blond hair, blue eyes, and a gut. We enter a large hallway. Jason opens the first door on the right and we step into his living room. The sturdy furnishings are dark mahogany and the lighting is pleasantly dim. A glass of red wine and a burning cigarette resting in a heavy glass ashtray sit on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“Please, Anika, sit down. You are a lovely lady!” says Jason, pointing to the couch. “Can I offer you a drink? A glass of wine or champagne?”

Since it is impolite to decline, I say as I sit:

“Yes, please. A glass of red wine would be nice.”

To pace myself I’ll sip it. Jason goes to the living room cupboard and pulls out another wine glass. Grabbing the open bottle of red wine off a side table, he first fills my glass before topping off his own.

“Cheers, Anika! Here’s to meeting you!”

“Cheers, Jason! I’m also pleased to meet you!”

Clinking glasses, followed by sips, I suddenly feel self-conscious in front of Jason. Thankfully, he strikes up a conversation.

“So, where exactly in Germany are you from, Anika?”

“I’m from the Rhineland, close to Cologne.”

“Cologne. No, I’ve never been to Cologne. I’ve been to Hamburg and Munich, and Berlin, of course. So, how long have you been in Greece?”

“About a week. I rent a room in Piraeus.”

“Ah, Piraeus. I have my office there. My family is in the shipping business. We own oil tankers.”

Jason pauses, lights a new cigarette, exhales, takes a gulp of red wine, and continues:

“My work requires a lot of traveling. Mostly to New York and London, but I’m the happiest when I’m on my farm. It’s my passion.”

“Your farm?” I inquire, intrigued.

“Yes! — I have a large tract of land near Nemea, which is in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese. I bought an old farm many years ago. I’ve renovated it and now it’s back in operation. I have employees growing lettuce, potatoes, strawberries, cabbage, and many other vegetables. There are over a hundred olive trees and I don’t know how many orange and lemon trees on my land. I also have rabbit and chicken coops. While there, I enjoy caring for the sheep, goats, and donkey.”

Again, he takes another big swig of red wine.

“Yes, Anika, I also have one donkey. God, I love that beast!”

Full of enthusiasm, Jason tells me all this and when I sneak a peek at the clock, it is already 11:15 p.m. I guess it is time to get down to business. That is why he called me after all. However, he takes much delight in his story and continues his narrative while drinking wine like it was water. I must think of something to stop him or we will be sitting here for who knows how long.

“Oh, I, of course, have dogs. A German Shepherd and two Labradors. God, they’re great animals. Do you like dogs, Anika?”

“Yes, darling, I like dogs very much. Actually, I’m fond of all animals. I can sympathize. After living in the city, it must feel great being out in the country from time to time.”

Quickly, so he does not take my remark as an invitation to continue his story, I add:

“Jason, darling, you’re sitting so far from me. Don’t you want to scoot closer or perhaps we can go into another room? — And, darling, where would I find the bathroom? I’d love to freshen up.”

“Yes, of course, Anika. Come on, I’ll show you where the bathroom is.” Taking another quick drag, he places his cigarette in the ashtray and we walk into the hallway. A few doors down, he opens the bathroom door, reveals where the freshly laundered towels are kept, and walks out again, closing the door behind him.

After ensuring it is properly shut, I admire the big beautiful precious marble tub, gold-plated faucets and fixtures, and big tinted mirror. I slip out of my clothes and change into the light blue lacy lingerie I protected from Anton’s powdered armpits this afternoon. I am sure Jason will love it. I disable my phone’s ringer, grab the little bag containing my work equipment from my large handbag, and exit the bathroom. Dressed in only the sexy lingerie, I walk back into the living room in my silver high heels and notice Jason has refilled his glass and is smoking a new cigarette. He looks at me and smiles.

“Damn, you’re gorgeous!”

Since I do not want him to become preoccupied with another story, I approach him and sit down on his lap.

“Wait!” he says and puts out his cigarette.

He places his arm around me, giving me the impression he is a bit shy. Maybe because we do not know each other yet. Some clients need to feel a certain familiarity before they lose their inhibitions. Therefore, I make the first move and start caressing him. Oh-so gently, I blow little kisses on his forehead, cheeks, and neck. As my lips wander further down, I kneel between his legs while simultaneously unbuttoning his checkered shirt. He does not utter as much as a word.

As I run my fingers through his hairy chest, I brush my lips all over it. Embarrassed, he smiles. I am positive he enjoys the performance. My other hand cups the zipper of his jeans and I can immediately tell he is hard. Given the fact he remains quiet and I am not sure whether he wants to do it here on the sofa, I ask:

“So, darling, are we staying here or are we going into another room to get cozy?”

“Yes, you’re right. Let’s go into the bedroom. Follow me.”

I get up, grab my small bag, and follow him into a huge bedroom. Framed photos of young people are in the place of honor on the nightstand bedside the double bed. His children? There is also one of an attractive woman. His wife? Possibly. Jason undresses and hangs his clothes on a valet stand. I fold back the light bed cover all the way to the foot of the bed and lie on the side I assume is his. As I stretch and wriggle around seductively, he surprises me by literally pouncing on me. Quickly, I spread my legs for Jason to lie down between. Enthusiastically, he showers my neck with kisses while frantically moving my bra aside. He eagerly moves his mouth to my breasts. After a while, he begins kissing me down along my belly and ends up at my thighs. — He is frantic, reminding me of a wild animal. I glimpse his cock and see it is medium sized and hard. Grabbing a condom, I open it, and say:

“Come on, darling, let me touch your cock,” I whisper and adjust my position so I can hold of his penis. He does not hold me back. After rolling the rubber properly on, I lean further down and take his penis in my mouth. He groans.

“Stop, wait!” he says, “I want to fuck you!”

Lying on my back with my legs spread far apart, I move the flimsy material covering my crotch aside to make room for his cock. Breathing heavily, Jason lies on me with his full weight and shoves his erection into my pussy. I can barely move. I did not expect him to weigh so much. Like a man possessed, he rapidly thrusts his cock in and out my pussy. After a while, he heaves his body off me and lies down on his back, panting heavily. “Come on! Sit on me!” he manages to say between gasps.

Removing my askew bra, I toss it at the head of the bed. I lower myself onto him. His cock is still hard. The condom looks intact and does not need replacing. Since he is all the way in me, I lean back and use my hands to support myself to keep from falling backward. Jason now has a clear view of his penis moving in and out of my pussy. It is obvious he likes this arrangement. I stay in this position and slowly ride him in a rhythmic motion. It does not take long before I sense he is about to ejaculate. To help him along, I hasten my movements and he shoots off his load abruptly. Jason rears up one final time and then collapses on the bed. With eyes closed, he moans:

“Oh, my God! — Oh, my God!”

He was quick! I hope I satisfied him. I mean, I did not do all that much before it was over. I slowly dismount his softening penis and inspect the condom. Everything is as it should be. As I lie down next to him, he pulls me into his arms and says:

“That was fantastic, Anika. Tremendous. I really like you. Hopefully, you’ll stay in Athens for a while longer and come see me again.”

“I’d love to, darling. I’ll be here until the end of August, if not longer. — So, whenever you’re in the mood for my company, all you have to do is call. I like you too. You’re a real gentleman — and quite a wild one in bed.”

“Ah, Anika, you should have seen me in the prime of my life. I used to have much more stamina, but nowadays I quickly run out of breath.”

Not wanting to say the obvious, I sit up and ask:

“Do you want to enjoy another smoke before I leave?”

“Yes, that’s a great idea — and you still haven’t finished your glass of wine. Come on; let’s go back into the living room.”

Just as I intended. I grab my stuff and slip into my high heels. In the bathroom, I quickly shower, dry off with fluffy and probably expensive bath towels, then brush my hair, and use a little hair spray to get it just right. After touching up most of my makeup, the only thing left is lipstick, but I skip it because I do not want to smudge his wine glass. Finished, I walk back into the living room. It is 11:45 p.m. A quick fuck, just the way I like it. I take my previous seat and cross my legs.

“Cheers!” Jason holds up his full glass toward me.

“Cheers, darling!” I raise mine in response.

“Jason, I have a favor to ask. Can you call me a cab or tell where I might find one quickly? It seems you live in a secluded area and I don’t think many taxis can be found here at this time of night.”

“Yes, you’re right. You won’t find a cab at this hour. I’ll drive you to the subway station. There’s always a taxi available there. — Or take the subway, it’ll be cheaper than taking a cab to Piraeus.”

“Yes, I thought about taking the train back home, but the last one leaves at midnight. It’s too late for that, so I have no choice, I have to take a cab.”

“Oh! Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t think of that when I asked you to come at 11:00 p.m. — For what it’s worth, I’ll drive you to the station and make sure you get safe and sound into a taxi!”

Considering all the glasses of wine he had just in my presence, I am not sure it is such a good idea. Then again, he does not seem to be drunk. I guess I can trust him to get me there in one piece. I pick up my glass and take another sip of the deliciously red wine. As soon as Jason stubs out his cigarette in the ashtray, I get up before he lights another one. After all, I only meant to keep him company for one cigarette! Jason, who threw on bathrobe after we had sex, stands up and says:

“Give me two minutes, Anika. I’ll be right back.”

While waiting, I meander through the room and look around. I find more family photos on a sideboard. One is Jason as a soldier and another one when he was a groom. Although I do not know what his wife looks like today – perhaps she is already deceased – but looking at the pictures of her, I can say she was a true Greek beauty. While I’m looking at their wedding picture, Jason walks back into the living room and says:

“That’s our wedding photo, taken 28 years ago. We married young. She’s a fantastic woman and mother. But nowadays she lives in New York for most of the year. She only comes to Greece over the Easter holidays. She’s still as beautiful as she was back then. I love her!”

“I believe you. She is strikingly beautiful! How many children do you have, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Three. Two boys and a girl. I took our eldest under my wing and taught him how to run the company. The younger boy left three years ago to study in London. Our daughter studies art history in New York. — They’re great kids. They’re good hearted and intelligent.”

Jason walks over to me and asks:

“How do we do it, Anika? Is it okay if I just hand you the money?”

“Yes, that’s fine, darling!”

He hands me two green bills.

“Take it, Anika, the taxi ride will be expensive. The night tariff goes into effect after midnight, double the usual fare.”

I am more than happy and thank him for his generosity. A customer like him needs to be treasured! Jason leads the way down the hallway and grabs his car keys out of a bowl sitting on a cupboard next to the front door. We continue into the two-car garage. Both parked cars are Mercedes; one is an SUV, the other an S class. He opens the passenger door of the SUV and assists me inside. Yes, regardless that he looks like a Canadian lumberjack, he is a true gentleman. After a ten-minute drive, we reach the subway station in Kifissia. Five cabs stand in line waiting for fares. Lowering the driver side window, Jason talks with the taxi driver first in line and then turns to me:

“Okay, Anika, he’ll drive you to Piraeus. That’s your destination, right?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Okay, then good night, Anika. I’ll call you!”

“Good night, Jason, — and thanks for everything. Have a great weekend!”

I exit the air-conditioned SUV and climb into the air-conditioned taxi. Tired and satisfied, I lean back and relax. Showing the driver my note with the name and address of the Lilo Hotel, he nods and drives off. While watching the lights of Athens zip by for 50 minutes, I reminisce about past evenings spent in clubs, vacationing on a Greek island… Suddenly, I think about what the future has in store for me. Looking at my phone, I notice I have not received any calls. However, considering the hour, that is fine with me. Although happy, I am also quite tired and merely want to go to bed and sleep.

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