Chapter 14: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

Author :- Maria van Daarten April 16, 2021, 12:33 p.m.
Chapter 14: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

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My business is running like clockwork today. I am absolutely thrilled! As I cross the street, my stomach rumbles. No wonder, the last thing I ate was a few bites of my club sandwich at lunch. Definitely not enough nourishment to sate my appetite for the entire day. It seems my new profession as a call girl will deny me a regular meal schedule. That is okay, as long as I eat good meals and only revert to surviving on junk food when business calls and I am pressed for time. I should keep an eye out for restaurants serving wholesome dishes such as salads, pasta, fish, and vegetables.


The taxi I treat myself to stops in front of my hotel. As I enter the lobby, Spiros calls out to me from the small storeroom behind the reception counter. Stepping up to the desk, he emerges with a white bag that he proudly hands to me.

“This is your laundry bag, Kiria Ilona! You can drop it off here with me. Three kilos of laundry costs 15 euros. Dresses and blouses needing ironing are billed separately. How does that sound to you?” Spiros grins.

“Spiros, I love it. Thank you very much!”

“Not at all. It’s my pleasure to do you a favor, Kiria Ilona! Have a wonderful evening!”

“Thank you, Spiros. Same to you!”

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When I enter my room, the first thing I do as is turn on the AC. My room is hot and stuffy. Although it is counterproductive with the air conditioner running, I open the balcony door for some badly needed fresh air. I discard my bags on the bed and strip down to my underwear. Stepping out onto the balcony, I sit under the awning in the shade. A few minutes later, I close the balcony door except for a crack so the room has a chance to cool down. Since I am now a bit accustomed to Athens’ weather, I remain outside a while longer. It is shortly before 8 p.m. and it is another three hours until my next appointment with Jason. Closing my eyes for a few minutes, I listen to the early-evening traffic. Every now and then, someone honks. The loudest noise comes from mopeds zipping through traffic.

Apparently, they run faster without a muffler. Feeling inner peace as well as reenergized, I re-enter my room, shut the balcony door, and down a big glass of water. Walking over to the bed, I empty my bags onto it. Grabbing the vinyl gloves, I wash them with soap under hot running water in the bathroom. Examining my dress, I decide it only needs airing out and place it on a hanger. I stuff the small socks I wore with the thigh high boots into the laundry bag. After cleaning and sorting my domination equipment, I remove the clip-on hairpiece and brush it thoroughly. I unbind my hair and brush it into its usual lion mane. Once my black eye liner is eliminated, I apply discreet makeup.

I search my closet. Although I arrived with two large stuffed suitcases, I cannot help feeling that I did not bring enough clothes. My wardrobe is extensive, lots of chic dresses and costumes for when I go to restaurants or bars. I have a long dress for the theater and there are even a few conservative, plain summer dresses for home visits. And, unquestionably, short, sexy dresses and skirts with matching tops. After some initial indecisiveness, I finally choose the short-sleeved, knee-length dark blue sheath dress for visiting Jason at his home. It is elegant and I am presentable if I accidentally ring the wrong doorbell. While thinking about food and my upcoming journey to Kifissia, my phone rings.


“Hi! I’m Lucio,” a gentle voice whispers.

“Hello, Lucio. I’m Anika. Are you calling in regard to my ad in Athens World?”

“Yes, I am. Anika, what a beautiful name you have! Is that German?”

“I don’t think it’s actually German in origin. I was told it’s Scandinavian. So, what can I do for you? Do you want more information about me and my services?”

“That’d be great, Anika!”

I tell Lucio the pertinent information.

“Wow! 150 euros... that’s a lot!”

“No, it isn’t, Lucio. The price is justified considering the services I provide.”

“So you say, but I still think it’s a lot of money. At least for me it is. I’m a yoga teacher, so I don’t make much. Do you do yoga, Anika? Maybe we can come to some arrangement where I compensate you with free yoga classes...”

Oh my god! I have to put an end to this!

“Lucio, darling! I am only paid in cash. I don’t accept any other arrangements. Perhaps try your luck with a colleague of mine. As for me, I have to say no, it definitely doesn’t work for me.”

“Wait, Anika! Please don’t hang up! Let me make you another offer: I’ll pay you 100 euros to come to my house and I don’t even want to fuck you. I simply need someone to talk with. Naturally, I’d like to get to know you too. Please! Your voice sounds so sweet, even when you’re upset. You know, I really like that. What do you say, Anika? Pretty please!”

Breathing heavily, I am about to hang up when I change my mind. Why not go to his place and make an easy 100 euros for just talking! — Now I am actually curious to meet the man.

“So, let me get this straight, Lucio, you don’t want to fuck me? — Okay then, I’ll accept your offer of 100 euros. When and where would you like to see me? Today is out of the question.”

“You agree? I’m delighted! Thanks, Anika! Well, Monday through Saturday I’m busy giving yoga lessons, so that leaves Sunday, but it has to be after dark. I don’t want my neighbors seeing who’s visiting me. You understand, please be discreet, Anika! — How about tomorrow evening at 10:00 p.m.? Does that work for you?”

“Yes, that’s fine, but I need your full name, home address, and landline phone number.”

“Of course. Let me give it to you. Do you have a pen and paper ready, Anika?”

 “Okay, hold on a moment so I can get something to write on. I’ll be right back. — Okay, let me have it!”

“My name is Lucio Fabris. I live in Alimos, on Agios Antonios Street No. 5. My landline number is 210 899833126. Do I need to repeat it, Anika?”

“No, I got it! Once we hang up, I’m going to call you at that number to verify it’s actually yours, which I’m sure it is. Then we’re on for tomorrow evening. Okay?”

“Yes! But please, don’t come directly to my house. — Call me shortly before you get here, perhaps when you are at the periptero at the beginning of my road — that’s where I’ll meet you. My neighbors can hear my doorbell and they don’t need to know I am entertaining that late. The house is badly insulated, so discretion is in order, Anika! —Oh, wait, I have another question. Are you afraid of dogs?”

“No, I’m not, as long as he’s not aggressive.”

“Oh no, Anika! He is a she and she’s very sweet. Once you’re in the apartment, I’m sure she’ll want to sniff your hand to get your scent. Then she’ll be happy and I’ll put her in the kitchen for the time being. Don’t worry, she won’t stay with us!”

“That’s fine with me. Okay, it seems we’ve discussed everything. — I’ll call you right back on your landline. Talk to you shortly, Lucio!”

I hang up and save his cell phone under, ‘Lucio - Yoga’, than I dial his number and he answers after the first ring.

I record the appointment in my notebook along with Lucio’s phone numbers and address. It is now time to get ready for my appointment with Jason. — All of a sudden, I seem to be starving! — On the other hand, I need to dress. I use the perfume decanter and pack my big handbag with all the necessary items. After one last glimpse in the mirror, I switch off the AC and out the door I go!

I am in luck. I catch an approaching taxi to the subway station at the Port of Piraeus. Fortunately, the ride saves time for I need to grab a bite at one the small establishments around the harbor. I opt for a typical Greek restaurant and order a Salata Choriatiko, which comes with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, feta cheese, and olives. The table is set with a paper tablecloth, a small carafe of water, and a basket of bread that also contains silverware wrapped in a napkin.

A salad is just what I need. It does not take long to be served and I dig in. Breaking off a hunk of bread, I dunk it into the salad bowl to suck up the healthy olive oil. Come to think of it, a shot of ouzo would go nicely with my meal. Then again, I do not usually drink during working hours and I want to keep it that way. After finishing half the salad, I feel properly nourished for the rest of the evening. The subway ride north to Kifissia takes a good 45 minutes. It is also the end of the line.

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