Chapter 13: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

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Chapter 13: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

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Outside on the street, I wave to the first cab I see. He stops and asks me where I need to go even though someone is already sitting in the back seat. I show the taxi driver the piece of paper with the address of the X-Dream Hotel on it. Without a word, he hastily rolls up the front passenger window and speeds off. The next cab driver reacts similarly. The one after that already has two passengers in the back, but he stops anyway and asks me something I do not understand.


I tell him the name of the hotel in Piraeus. He briefly raises his head, rolls up the window, and drives off. Thankfully, the next taxi that pulls up is empty. I get in and then hand the driver the piece of paper with the address. Looking at it, he makes a face, grumbles something in Greek, and drives off. Relieved, I sit back and relax.

Since there was no time to Google the hotel’s exact address, I do not have the slightest idea where it is located in Piraeus. As we drive down the road behind the theater, the cab driver turns toward the harbor. A short while later, he pulls into a narrow one-way street and reduces his speed. I failed to pay attention to the street’s name. After about 200 meters, the taxi driver stops and points to the hotel’s illuminated neon sign. It is 5:54 p.m. I made it in time!

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From the outside, the X-Dream Hotel looks good. Stepping into the large, modernly furnished hotel lobby, the young man at the front desk addresses me:

“Good evening. Can I help you?”

“Yes, thank you. How do I get to room 17?”

“Take the elevator to the first floor and take a left.”

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!”

The elevator is equipped with a large tinted wall mirror. I remove my black sunglasses and inspect my reflection. I do not see anything someone would complain about. Breathing deeply, I step out of the elevator. After a few steps down the hallway, I arrive in front of room 17. Once again, I do not know who is expecting me. Suddenly, I am nervous again. What difference does it make! I simply have to get accustomed to meeting clients in hotel rooms or in their apartments for the first time. I knock on the door. Muffled footsteps approach and George opens the door.

“Hello, Anika! Come on in.” — Hey, you look delicious!”

“Thank you.”

I offer him a cheek and he blows a little kiss on it. George has already shed all his clothes except for tight, black undies. I hope he used the bathroom to freshen up. He looks to be in his early to mid-thirties. He is tall, slender, with a mane of black thick hair, and quite the hairy body. His face is cleanly shaven, giving him a laid-back appearance. I doubt he is the type who likes to play slave. The room is adequately decorated but in the typical brothel style, all red tones, illuminated by soft, subdued light. The wall opposite the bed is covered in gold-framed Baroque mirrors in a variety of sizes and shapes. The bed itself is king size. On top are numerous heart-shaped pillows.

A large round mirror is attached to the ceiling directly above the bed, perfect for watching you and your partner during sex. The room is also furnished with two upholstered red velvet armchairs to the right and left side of a long, narrow Baroque table. A big screen TV stands on a low chest of drawers that effectively complements the rest of the ornate furnishings.

“Do you have any particular fantasies? A special request? Or do you want to leave it up to me?” I ask.

“Anika! I have no idea. Do what you want! I merely want to experience serving a dominatrix.”

“Okay, then I suggest you be my sex slave. You must obey me from now on. Does that suit you?”

“Yes, Anika, that’s fine!”

“You will address me as Lady Anika!”

“Oh, yes, of course, Lady Anika!” he replies, grinning. He really needs to stop grinning.

“And if you, for whatever reason, want to end our game, you must have a safe word. How about: Armageddon? As soon as you say Armageddon, I’ll stop the domination game. Does that word work for you?”

“Yes. — Armageddon, I get it. As soon as I speak that word you’ll stop the game!”

“That’s right. However, we also need a safe phrase in case you cannot or don’t want to experience any more pain. When it becomes intolerable, you could say, for example: World pain. How about it? Can you remember that phrase?”

He grins again.

“Yes, that’s fine. I say world pain if I can’t stand the torture. Got it!”

“Okay, we shall begin momentarily. Um, — anything else you want to know beforehand?”

“No, Lady Anika! You can begin!”

He is still grinning. —Not for long though! He seems to enjoy addressing me as ‘Lady’. I am standing in front of him with my two bags hanging off each shoulder. I still have not put them down.

“Get down on your knees and only look me in the eyes when I explicitly permit you to do so.”

George kneels down, his eyes directed at the floor. I hold out my handbag and say:

“Take my bag and set it over there on the table.”

George gets up, which I anticipated, so I slowly and sternly say:

“Get back down on your knees! — You will not stand or walk upright unless I permit it or order you to do so. Get on your knees, crawl over to the table, place my bag on it, and crawl back to me, now!”

Kneeling in front of me in his tight undies, his grin immediately disappears. He now bears an expression of incredulity. Much better. I am curious if he will endure the entire domination game. It is obvious he has no clue what it means to obey his mistress. Hastily, he crawls on his knees to the table, places my handbag on it, and hurries back to me.

“Well done. Now crawl over to the armchair and wait until I return from the bathroom to give you further instructions. You better be still kneeling! Keep your eyes directed at the floor and your arms crossed behind your back. — Understand?”

Without replying, George scoots over to the chair and assumes the ordered position. Good boy! Still, I have to reprimand him. I walk over, grab a tuft of his long black hair, and pull his head back so he has to look at me. Sternly, I ask:

“How’re you supposed to respond?”

He seems clueless. I take a deep breath and say:

“Whenever I order you to do something you will politely respond by saying: ‘Yes, Lady Anika!’ Is that clear?”

“Uh, yes, Lady Anika!”

“What do I want to hear?”

“Um, yes, Lady Anika!”

“I don’t want to hear ‘uh’ or ‘um’!”

Still holding his hair, I gently place my right foot on his gender. He seems irritated. He absolutely does not enjoy the pain on his scalp, yet he might enjoy the slight pressure on his privates.

“I’m sorry. I mean, yes, Lady Anika!”

“That’s better! Yet you still lack proper manners. Don’t worry though,

I’ll make sure you learn some! It might be painful for you if you act clumsy or stupid.”

I remove my foot from his genitals and release his hair. Pushing his head down, I make him stare once more at the floor. I disappear into the bathroom. Now I can take my sweet time dressing. No need to hurry. It will be good for George to be alone on his knees. It will teach him humility. Although the bathroom is quite large, there is no stool. Crap! Where am I going to put my other bag or hang my clothes? Looking around, I notice a shelf above the towel rod that is full of clean towels with nowhere else to place them. Ha! What do I have a slave for! Opening the bathroom door, I see a disobedient George. He has made himself comfortable, resting his buttocks on his heels and looking around the room. And here I thought he would practice being humble!

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing? I didn’t tell you to get comfortable! You better get back on your knees and crawl over here this instant, you imbecile!” I admonish him. I am still not certain if he likes my domination game. I have to figure out if he likes obeying me and being humiliated. How much pain can he tolerate and still stay aroused? I have to play my role just right. How sternly do I have to act? Some slaves like being insulted and spit on, others like being beaten or urinated on.

Other guys like me to be polite and look down on them whereas some prefer I yell at them while calling them vulgar names. Some can endure lots of pain for their mistress and others cry like a baby with every little slap. I prefer a client who already knows what he likes so I have an idea how to proceed. With George, I am left entirely to my own imagination. Nevertheless, once we are done, I will ask him what specifically turned him on during my introductory game of domination. Who knows, maybe he has gotten a taste for something I have done to him?

“Yes, uh… yes, Lady Anika!”

George crawls on his knees over to me. When he is next to me, I grab one of his ears.

“That’s for saying, ‘yes, uh’, — and because you made yourself comfortable and looked around the room, you get this!” I drill the heel of one of my shoes into the front of his underwear, squarely on his cock. Nothing is moving yet in his undies. I am not surprised though. I do not believe an average macho man like he is, gets a hard on when a pretty woman orders him to crawl around on his knees and reprimands him by yanking one of his ears. In his place, I would not be turned on either.

“Watch what you say and follow my orders or else you’ll regret it!”

“Yes, Lady Anika!”

I take the stacked towels off the shelf, hold them out to him, and order:

“Take these towels and place them on the table over there next to my handbag. — Hurry up!”

“Yes, Lady Anika!”

George obeys, quickly grabbing the towels and crawling away. Satisfied, I watch him and firmly say:

“Now crawl back to your place and assume the correct position. Don’t even think about looking around the room, grinning like an idiot!”

“Yes, Lady Anika,” George replies like an eager student.

Shutting the bathroom door behind me, I undress. I neatly fold my clothes and place them on the newly empty shelf. From my large shoulder bag that hangs on the doorknob, I withdraw my black boots and black vinyl dress. The sleeveless mini dress with collar laces down the front to below the navel. I remain braless so that my cleavage pushes brazenly against the lacing. As the final touch, I don long black vinyl gloves. I am ready for my first performance in Athens as a dominatrix. Satisfied with my image, I open the bathroom door and remain standing in the opening for a moment. I want to see what my slave does. How will he react?

As soon as George sees me, he lowers his head. The only sound in the room is the soft even humming of the air conditioner. It is almost hypnotic. Sure enough, George remains silent while obediently kneeling beside the armchair. I approach him slowly, trying to tempt him into raising his head for a look. He only sees a part of my seductive dominatrix outfit from underneath his eyebrows.

“So, little one, I want to take a close look at what kind of toy I have here. Let’s see if you have what it takes to satisfy me. I hope you understand that’s what is expected of you!”

“Yes, Lady Anika,” he replies like a good little boy.

“Stand up and turn around!”

“Yes, Lady Anika!”

George has a difficult time rising. His legs must be numb from kneeling for such a long time. Not even trying to throw a curious glance at me, he immediately faces the wall. Now able to see in the wall mirror, he catches sight of me behind him, which is exactly what I want. As long as he does not look me directly in the eyes, he has to have the opportunity to see something desirable. If he does, I must punish him.

“Listen to me so you don’t slip-up. Otherwise, you’ll regret it! — Take off your underwear and place it on the armchair!”

“Yes, Lady Anika!”

“Then, stand there with your legs slightly spread.”

“Yes, Lady Anika!”

George does exactly as I order and stands with his legs spread slightly apart. One of my gloved hands reaches between his legs and grabs his balls. It seems he likes the feel of vinyl material touching his balls for I feel his pride twitching slightly. Good, it seems I am making progress. My other gloved hand reaches around his waist and I run my fingers over his flaccid member. I snuggle close and rub my breasts against his back, driving him a little crazy. Seemingly aroused, George cannot stop staring in the mirror.

“I hope you and your little friend are able to satisfy me,” I say and lightly slap his cock. I release George and go over to open my bag containing my domination equipment. I remove my black leather spanking paddle and a thick black leather covered dildo with tassels on one end. Armed for the next round of my introductory domination game, I sit down on the empty, red velvet armchair. George remains motionless. He tries to remain a good, obedient slave. I spread my legs. My dress rides up, exposing my clean-shaven pussy.

“Come here!” I say firmly. “Now! Stand directly in front of me and do not look me in the eyes. Only look at my pussy! That’s what it’s all about. You understand?”

George does as I order. Standing in front of me, he says:

“Yes, Lady Anika!” followed by a brief peek into my eyes, then down to my breasts where again, he becomes sidetracked before actually looking at my pussy. I stretch provocatively and lustfully slide my gloved hands over my pussy and inner thighs. Adopting a gentle voice, I say:

“Come here, I want to touch your cock and have my way with it!”

His member quickly grows to a respectable size. With one hand, I firmly grip his penis so the tip sticks out. To moisten the head, I briefly stick it in my mouth. Taking the leather-covered dildo, I slowly run the tassels over the tip before wrapping the thin leather strands around it. His proud member seems to like this new stimulation. Satisfied with the way things are progressing, I use my stern voice again and say:

“I have a job for you: Assume the doggie position between my legs and lick my pussy!”

Enthusiastic, he promptly gets down on his hands and knees. He is quite tall and I am sitting in a low armchair, so he must crouch in order to reach my pussy with his tongue.

“I can’t hear you!” As a warning, I smack his butt with the paddle.

“Uh… yes, Lady Anika!” he immediately replies.

“What was that? Another ‘uh’? Are you supposed to say that?”

I give him another smack on the butt.

“No, excuse me, Lady Anika!”

“So get to work!”

As he moves his head between my legs, I squeeze my thighs together so only his tongue can touch my pussy.

“Lick it properly!” I order him. He really has to stretch his tongue to get the tip between my lips. Once he touches my clitoris, I quickly grab his hair and pull his head back.

“Only my pussy, stay away from my clitoris! — Got it? If you touch it again, I’ll really smack your ass. — Now, pay attention to what you’re doing!”

I loosen my thigh pressure to allow him more room to maneuver. He immediately endeavors to lick only my pussy. To keep the game exciting, I deliberately move my hips so his tongue — inadvertently — touches my clit. At once, I swing the paddle, smacking him on the butt. He winces and immediately stops licking me. His face betrays his dislike for pain. I will have to handle him differently before he uses the safe word.

“You’re not good at it! You use your tongue clumsily, spoiling my pleasure. Stop licking me! — Here, take this leather cock and stick it in my pussy!”

George takes the dildo and handles it awkwardly. Eventually he succeeds in sticking it into my slit. He is probably afraid of doing something wrong. Acting impatient, I seize the dildo and cruelly state:

“You really are quite inept. Give it a rest now! Back up a bit and get back down on your knees. Watch how it’s done. Maybe you’ll learn something.”

Using my right index and middle finger, I spread my labia, giving George an unobstructed view into my pink vagina. I know the picture he sees all too well. Oftentimes, I watch as I pleasure myself and seeing the erotic play of my opening and closing lips drives me over the edge. Every single time. George watches every movement intently with great fascination. Provocatively, I wriggle around in the armchair while my two fingers keep the entrance of my pussy spread wide open. Since I believe George has enough time to become stimulated by the view, I slowly let the dildo disappear between my labia. George’s cock is rock hard and sticks out at an angle from his body. Just the way it should be! I unhurriedly push the sex toy deeper into me and then back out until only its penis-like tip remains inside me.

“Now get back over here and do it exactly as I’ve shown you!”

George scoots over and takes control of the leather cock.

“I can’t hear you!” I say firmly.

“Yes, Lady Anika!”

While he is focused on pushing the dildo deep inside me and back out again, I strip off my gloves and loosen the laces of my dress enough so that my nipples poke out. Using both middle fingers and thumbs, I start twisting and pulling on my nipples. George repeatedly looks fleetingly between my breasts and the enticing fondling of my hard nipples and the dildo he is using slowly to gently fuck my pussy.

“Stick the dildo deep inside me and leave it. Make sure it doesn’t slip out. I want you to suck my nipples now!”

As I order him, I sit upright so my breasts are directly in his face. George seems confused. Apparently, he is clueless how to manage both. I say:

“Hold the dildo with one hand and make sure it stays in place while using the other to grab my breasts and stick my nipples into your mouth. Don’t tell me it’s too much for you to handle.”

“No, Lady Anika, I’m sorry.”

“Now focus on what you’re supposed to be doing before I get turned off again!”

He does as he is told and switches between grabbing my right and left breast, sucking on each nipple enthusiastically so that they remain hard. If this were a personal interlude, I would be really turned on, but since this is work, I do not let it get to me and remain focused on my role. I cannot let him get control of the situation. It is important I keep making the rules of the game. I get comfortable with my upper arms resting on the chair’s arms as I play my role as dominatrix and have my slave pleasure me sexually.

No longer wearing gloves, I can look inconspicuously at my watch. Almost an hour has elapsed since I entered the room. That gives me another half an hour to end my introductory domination game. George is currently doing his best to follow my orders. I do not even have to punish and hurt him. He seems to be enjoying the game much more. This is good. Perhaps he likes the little taste he got and will call me again. Perhaps not! Or, he might seek out the services of another dominatrix. Who can say?

Most often, in the beginning, new customers are totally fascinated by me and want to see me often, but over time, their interest usually wanes until such time they do not call me at all. At least, that was what happened in the German clubs. The same goes for other women who worked there. They also had numerous lusty admirers, but only a few remained loyal over the years. Anyway, that is the way it is in my profession. Men are programmed that way. Then again, loyalty is not required in our industry. Nevertheless, it is nice and it makes us happy when a customer turns into a regular.

“Okay, that’s enough licking. Now it’s time for your cock to see action and do its thing. Come on, get up!”

We both rise. Taking him by the hand, I lead him to the mirrored wall. I position us so we both can watch in one of the big, gold-framed mirrors. Thankfully, the pause does not affect his boner. I lace up and hide most of my breasts again. Slowly circling him, I touch his naked body wherever I want. My hands run over his buttocks, thighs, cock, balls, hairy chest, chin, face, neck, and shoulders.

“Spit in your right palm!” I order, for which I receive a look of irritation, yet he does as he is told.

“Spit in it again and make sure no spittle runs off your palm! I want the spit in your hand, not on the floor or wherever. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Lady Anika.” I see he is trying to create more saliva in his mouth. As he spits again, I say:

“Okay, that’s enough. Now rub the spittle over your cock. I want it nice and shiny. Then, masturbate for me!”

Carefully, so as not to lose one drop, George rubs the gooey substance all over his cock and starts masturbating.

“Yes, that’s what I want to see. Get your cock nice and hard and then, and only then, will you be allowed to fuck me with it.”

I walk over to the table where my handbag is and take out two extra-large condoms. As I open one packaging, I glance at George. Like a good boy, he waits in front of the mirror and instead of watching himself play with his cock, he uses the mirror to watch every move I make. I am perfectly fine with that. The important thing is that he stays aroused. — Hm… how and where do I want to fuck him? On the bed? Then I could tie his hands and feet. That would be good. It will not hurt, yet I can immobilize his movements, causing him a little discomfort by not being able to touch me. Yes, that is what I am going to do. I take out my hand and ankle cuffs before walking back over to him.

“I like the way you stroke your cock, baby. You know what you are doing, don’t you?”

“Yes, Lady Anika.”

“Now it’s time your cock had a bit of fun. Lie down on the bed on your back. Cross your arms over your head and keep your feet tightly together!”

George releases his boner and does as he is told. Obediently, he stretches his arms above the head. There is a sparkle in his eyes and for the first time, I actually receive a smile, not a grin. I kneel beside him and place both rubbers on the bed above his head. Joining his two wrists, I handcuff them. They are heavy-duty handcuffs given to me years ago by a German police officer who was a customer. They are much heavier than ones available in a sex shop. The ones I am using are covered in black velvet. Men like the plushy feel on their skin.

And velvet looks classy, not kinky. My ankle cuffs are made of two round flexible black plastic rings connected by a short chain. Although they are a carnival accessory, they suit my work. I wrestle the elastic rings over each foot and, voila, his feet are tied. Lying there, restricted in his movements, I squat over George’s hips so my crotch is directly above his erection. This makes him grin again, which I do not like. He should not be grinning while playing this game. Even now. Without warning, I slap his face with my right hand and say angrily:

“You better stop grinning immediately or there won’t be any fucking! Understand?”

“Yes, Lady Anika!” he replies, startled. He is as horny as he can get. His cock is rock hard and throbbing. Now it is time to roll a condom on it and invite him to fuck me. As he slowly sticks his member into me, I can tell it is a bit longer and thicker than my black dildo. And that thing is quite big. George groans. He no longer has time to grin. He is too obsessed with fucking me. Then again, I want him to exert himself! I slightly raise my hips to provide a better angle for his pelvic thrusts. I command him:
“Come on, fuck me! Get a nice even rhythm going and fuck me hard! I want to feel your thrusts in my brain! You understand? Nice, steady, and hard!”

“Yes, Lady Anika!”

He enthusiastically thrusts his pelvis upward and forcefully rams his cock deep into my pussy. I can tell he likes the challenge. Everything is going according to plan and I let my mind drift. Is he married? Why else would he ask for the service of a prostitute? A colleague of mine once told me that except for a few, most Greek men cheat. And mostly with prostitutes. We call them whoremongers. Is George one of them? I should help him reach climax. Changing position, I place my full weight on him. Loosening the lacing, I once again expose my breasts. They bounce rhythmically with his thrusts.

“Come on, make me come. Let me see what you can do!” I say encouragingly.

George is in his element and my goading has the desired effect. He is giving it his best. I pretend to be on the verge of an orgasm and as I feel he is about to ejaculate, I moan and groan aloud and then quiver as if I came. Over time, I have learned several variants. With him, I knew I had to explode. He erupts. I hope the condom does not break!

As a precaution, I take the pill so I cannot get pregnant, although there is always the risk of contracting AIDS. I cannot protect myself against that. George’s after-orgasm panting ends, so I allow him to grin. I check if the rubber is still intact on his cock. It is. I rise slowly up so his cock slides out of my pussy without the condom coming off. I am relieved to see the little receptacle on top is full of George’s cum. — When I return from the bathroom, George is sitting on the bed smoking.

“So, baby, tell me how you feel about being my sex slave?”

I put on my bra and panties and sit down next to him on the bed. George offers me his pack of smokes, which I decline with a gracious gesture.

“Well... I didn’t really enjoy being pulled by the hair and ears. However, being allowed to look into your spread pussy — wow! No woman has ever shown her pussy to me like that before. That was the best experience ever. And seeing you in that black vinyl outfit drove me absolutely crazy! Damn, that outfit is incredibly sexy on you. When you came out of the bathroom and walked toward me, right then I wanted to take you and have my way with you, — maybe even spank your ass a little...” He laughs mischievously and takes a long drag from his cigarette. “But then I thought, domination requires patience before I get rewarded. — Anyway, I definitely want to see you again. But next time I want to fuck you normally and also have a say in what we’re going to do.”

He takes another drag and grins apologetically.

“Of course, we can do that,” I reply. “In any case, you have gained another experience. Now you know you’re not into pain or being humiliated. And you also know you’re not a guy who likes to only follow orders when it comes to sex. — Tell me, are you married? I mean, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, I’m merely curious.”

“No, that’s okay! I have no reason to keep secrets from you. No, I’m not married yet, merely engaged. We’ve known each other for five years. But we’re not living together, at least not yet. She’s still studying, whereas I work in the computer industry. — I still live with my parents. I don’t know why, but our relationship isn’t as exciting as it was in the beginning and that is probably why we got engaged. I know, stupid move. Anyway, I think she would love it if we didn’t have sex anymore. I mean, she doesn’t show any interest or enthusiasm in bed. You should see her, she’s so beautiful, always dressed smartly — such a desirable young woman... Something stands in the way of us really having fun in bed.”

“It’s quite normal for a couple’s sex life to mellow over the years. In a relationship, other things take precedence.”

“It sure seems so,” he replies.

Given the fact he is a young, handsome man, I do not understand why he would hook up with a prostitute. I am sure if those two marry, they eventually will have children and the normal life of a Greek family. His wife will blossom in her role as wife and mother while George will most likely continue using the services of prostitutes. In any case, it is an arrangement that may satisfy both parties. George finishes his smoke and stubs the cigarette out in the ashtray. He stands up and extracts his wallet from the back pocket of his folded jeans.

“I owe you 250, right?”

“That’s correct.”

He counts off 50-euro bills and makes a fan before handing them over to me. I pocket the money and say:

“Thank you, darling! — I’ll dress now and leave you to your own devices.”

George glances at his Rolex and nods.

“Yes, I also have to get going soon. I wouldn’t want to be late meeting my fiancé!”

He grins mischievously. I go into the bathroom and grab a quick shower before dressing. After packing up all my stuff, I put my black sunglasses on above my forehead. George kisses me on both cheeks and with a ‘bye, darling’ I walk out.

Leaving the X-Dream Hotel, I am in a great mood because I am 250 euros richer.

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