Chapter 11: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

Author :- Maria van Daarten Feb. 27, 2021, 4:03 p.m.
Chapter 11: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

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The next morning after breakfast, I use the hotel telephone in my room to call my father.

“Vertongen,” he answers with his last name in the good old-fashioned manner. He always complains when I answer my phone with ‘hello’.

“Hi, Dad! It’s Ilona. How are you?”

“Oh, hello, child! I’m glad to hear from you! I was thinking about you, hoping everything was all right there. I can’t believe you’re in Greece. Tell me, how are you doing? What are you doing? Do you already have a lead on a job? Or will you be coming back home soon?”


“Dad, I already found a job. I start tomorrow. Imagine, so far everything has worked out wonderfully. I’m sharing an apartment with two other women, — one a Swede, the other a Brit. I’m waitressing in a bar until the end of August. It is downtown, so it gets lots of tourists. It’s okay. I’m getting by with the little Greek I know, but I make sure I learn a few words every day!”

“That’s great. So, tomorrow you start your new job, you say?”

“Yes, tomorrow. I’ll work six days a week. I’m really happy about it. Nevertheless, before the end of August, I’ll have to figure something else out. Who knows what doors might open up for me by then. — In any case, you don’t need to worry about me. I’m doing great!”

“I’m glad to hear it. I feel much better now. How is the weather in Athens? It’s raining here again. Thankfully it’s not cold.”

We exchange a few more compulsory sentiments before saying goodbye.

As soon as I hang up, I take a deep breath. It seems my father believes every word I said. Next time I am in the city center, I should look for a bar and take a picture of my alleged work place. That way I will have a few photos to back up my story, should it become necessary. I treat myself to a third cup of coffee and slowly sip it while reading a newspaper on my phone. Today might be the day I have my first customer thanks to my ad in the paper, but I am not all that excited. Perhaps it is because I have already had engagements with different clients this week in hotel rooms. Standing in front of my open closet, it takes a while before I opt for a yellow-flowered, knee-length dress. It makes me look très chic. Not really sexy or striking, just chic. ‘Attractive and Charming’ — just as my ad says. I select a handbag that complements the floral pattern of my dress. After packing light blue lace underwear for my visit with Anton, I get on my way.

At a 1:15 p.m., I emerge from the Syngrou Fix Station near the Lipsy Hotel. Once again, it is maddening hot. I search for shade, but the sun is too high in the sky for the buildings to cast any shadow except for a narrow band on the sidewalk along the facades. I wish I had found a sun hat. I really have to find one! The Lipsy Hotel is located on a street parallel to Syngrou Avenue. Examining the front, it does not look very inviting. Although most buildings are old, this one is gray, dusty, and neglected. Its shutters are also closed. Looking through the glass entrance door, I see a small lobby, an old sofa, and stained gray elevator doors. What else did I expect from a dive? All I care about is that the room is at least clean! Nearby, I discover a small pedestrian zone with several cafés. I walk to the nearest one, sit down at an umbrella table, and order a Diet Coke. At 1:48 p.m., my cell phone hums. A text from Anton. He is in room 46. I text back: I’m on my way! I place change on the table for the Coke and walk back to the hotel.

I am meeting my first customer that contacted me through my ad in Athens World. Phew! The older gentleman at reception greets me without really looking at me and immediately turns his attention back to the television on the desk. The elevator appears ancient. It creaks and squeals as it slowly rises to the fourth floor. Now that I am about to knock on number 46, I suddenly feel quite anxious because I do not know who is waiting for me!

I realize what a huge difference it is when I enter a hotel room with a customer I have already spoken to in person, compared to speaking to him on the phone and coming to the hotel room alone! I briefly hesitate, give myself a quick pep talk, and knock on the door. That is the way it is in the female escort profession! Anton opens the door wearing only a pair of blue and white checkered boxer shorts. It seems he has already freshened up, which I like. I take another deep breath and concentrate solely on my work.

“Hi, darling! I’m here,” I say charmingly, and although I do not feel it, I exude self-confidence.

“Hello, Anika!” Anton greets me in a French accent while looking at me somewhat strangely. Immediately unsure again, I wonder if he does not like me. Can he perhaps tell my real age? Something is not quite right here. — At once, I am extremely uneasy.

“Is everything all right, Anton?” I ask suspiciously.

“Um — yes! Damn, you look good! I didn’t expect that. It’s common for ladies to exaggerate in their ads. I’m pleasantly surprised, Anika, that’s all! I apologize for staring!”

A huge weight is lifted from my shoulders! Relieved, I answer:

“Thank you, darling! Let me freshen up and change, then I’ll be right with you!” Phew! — He is pleasantly surprised! And here my initial impression was that he was disappointed and about to send me on my way. Damn, this is so exciting! Violet was right! It is a common hotel room, not big, but everything looks spick and span. With the thick blue window drapes securely shut, the few small wall lamps illuminate the room in a pleasant, subdued light. The tiny bathroom has a stool where I can place my handbag. I hang my dress over the towel rod affixed to one wall and change out of my yellow satin underwear into my lacy light blue lingerie. For now, I continue wearing my silver high heels. I change the ringer on my cell phone to vibrate.

Grabbing my little cosmetic bag containing the condoms from my handbag, I return to the room. Anton lies on the bed with his with arms crossed behind his head. I estimate he is in his early 60s. He is around 1.80 meters tall, slender, short gray hair, and wears glasses. Now that I have returned, he removes his glasses and places them on the nightstand. His skin is white as snow and his chest nearly void of hair. Glancing at his armpits, I feel a bit disgusted because he has powdered them. Yuck! Who does that? Obviously, I do not let on that I am repulsed by the powder and give him a charming smile.

“God, Anika, you’re gorgeous!”

“Thank you, Anton. May I give you a massage?”

“Oh, that would be nice! You know how to do that?”

“Well, I’m not a masseuse, but I can manage a short relaxing massage. Why don’t you turn around and lie on your stomach, darling!”

Anton does as I ask and I see his back for the first time. It is full of large, dark liver spots. Perhaps that is the reason he does not go out in the sun and is so pale.

“May I remove your underwear, Anton?”

“No, please wait. I don’t want them off yet, but you can pull them down a little.”

“That’s okay. — So, you’re French, right, darling?”

“Half French. My mother was Greek. She passed away a long time ago. She left me her house here in Athens, so from time to time I live here.”

I squeeze oil onto my palms and start massaging his back, running my hands up and down in slight circular motions. When I reach his shoulders, I knead them with a bit more pressure and he groans.

“Am I hurting you, Anton?”

“No, not at all! On the contrary, it feels great. Please continue, Anika. Your hands are magical!”

I still cannot get the powdered armpits out of my head! I only hope he does not powder his pubic hairs too. I really do not know how I would react. Unable to get over my disgust, I hope I can continue hiding it. Other than that, Anton’s manner is that of a gentleman. I focus on the massage and run my hands in ever changing circular motions, applying light pressure up and down each side of the spine.

Every time I reach his shoulders, I knead them a little harder before running my hands back down to his buttocks. This time, however, my right hand continues further down until it reaches between his thighs. Anton jerks violently yet remains silent. I slide my hand a little further underneath his wide-cut boxer shorts and briefly touch his balls before withdrawing my hand again. It is obvious he enjoyed the little interlude. I pour a few more drops of oil onto my right palm and move it back underneath his boxer shorts. Immediately he groans aloud. Aha! Are you about to come, baby?

“May I remove your shorts now, darling?”

“No, not yet please, Anika. I’d like to turn around and hold you in my arms for a while.”

Hold me in his arms, with powdered armpits? Oh my God, does this have to happen? Well yes — it is part of the job and I simply have to manage somehow. Maybe he uses powder as a deodorant substitute because of his sensitive skin. Maybe he is allergic to regular deodorants. Maybe his powder even smells good. Nevertheless, no matter what I tell myself, I cannot override my disgust! Anton turns around and lies on his back, stretching out his right arm invitingly.

“Wait a second, Anton. I want to slip out of my clothes.”

I quickly strip out of my beautiful light blue underwear and toss it onto the armchair holding my cosmetic bag. I do not want my unmentionables exposed to the powder! Right now, they are clean and I want to keep them that way so I can wear them for the next customer. Tense and uncomfortable, I lie down in his arm, but not before arranging my hair so it falls over his upper arm and does not touch his armpit. Now Anton’s left hand starts stroking me. I gather he cannot see well without glasses. His touch is soft and gentle. Caressing one of my breasts, he touches the nipple.

Since he pulled his underwear back up, there is no way to tell if there is any movement. When I start stroking his chest, he immediately asks me to stop. I am simply to lie still and do nothing. Inactivity makes me uncomfortable. After a while, he pulls his arm out from under me and kneels beside me. I raise my upper body and support it with a couple of pillows so I will not miss a thing. I believe I see a small bulge in his boxer shorts. It would be strange if by now nothing has begun to stir. I seductively wriggle around on top of the white cotton sheets. Anton slightly spreads my legs. He leans down and studies my pussy up close. The distance between his face and my clit is no more than 10 centimeters. I guess without glasses he needs to be adjacent to see what he is looking at. And, it seems he wants to see every little detail of my pussy!

“I like this, nicely clean-shaven, Anika,” he says as he gently brushes a hand over my Venus mound. I remain quiet, continue to lie still, and merely observe. Apparently, he is doing what he dreamed about and seems quite content. Nevertheless, I am not satisfied. I cannot help wondering why I have not seen his cock yet. Why will he not pull it out? Is something wrong with it? Did he powder his pubic hair? Does it have a rash? Is he sick? Can I catch it? I really need to know!

“Darling, I’d also like to play a bit with you,” I say lovingly, pretending to want his cock.

“Later, Anika, later.”

Inconspicuously, I look at my watch. Twenty minutes have already passed. Okay — it is still within the normal time range. He did after all book an hour. Although in my profession, like school classes, one hour is only 45 minutes. All I need to do is be patient! After what seems like an eternity, he finally asks me to flip over. Oh no, what is he up to now? Naturally, I abide by his wish and turn over on my belly. Now I am in no position to watch what he is doing, something I do not care for at all! I hear my cell phone humming in my handbag. Anton seems unaware of it. If he is, he simply ignores the intrusion and starts caressing my legs. He grabs my foot and massages it gently.

“Anika, you have a beautiful body! Your skin is so smooth and soft. I like your even tan! You really are a rare sight to behold.”

Considering my age, his compliments thrill and flatter me. I leave him alone, believing he will eventually orgasm! I try to relax by thinking about the easy money I make by doing exactly what I want. I have had numerous experiences that were by far less pleasant. Anton is a simple man who is happy showing tenderness while enjoying looking at a beautiful woman’s body. The powder is nothing more than deodorant. My phone hums again and although I cannot answer, I am delighted someone is trying to reach me. Anton stops caressing me and actually speaks:

“Now you can roll the condom on, Anika.”

Nothing would please me more! I lie on my back again and watch as he removes his boxer shorts. A medium-size, normal-looking penis. It has no red spots, no rash! His dangling scrotum also looks quite normal. It is slightly hairy, basically, the way balls are. The best thing, his pubic hair is not powdered! Relieved, I grab a regular-size rubber out of my cosmetic bag and gently roll it over his penis. It seems Anton is quite aroused. His cock is hard and not far from reaching climax. Should I suck on it or does he want to fuck me right away? Since I have no idea, I lean forward, making it clear I am going to take his cock in my mouth next. Anton restrains me.

“No, Anika. Please turn around again. I’d like to look at your back while I fuck you. I’m enormously turned on by your backside.”

“Sure, darling, whatever you want!”

With moistened fingers, I part my pussy and guide his cock to the opening, making it easier for him to slide in his penis. Gently, he starts fucking me. Although his rhythm is slow, his thrusts are deep. I try not to disturb his movements and just lie there, moaning now and then so he believes I am enjoying it. He continues the steady paced movements until he suddenly thrusts hard and deep and groans out loud with a long sigh. He came. Still not moving, I give him time to settle down before one of my hands checks whether the condom is still on his cock. Everything is as it should be. Holding his softening cock, I move a bit forward until it slides out of my pussy. Turning around, I find Anton still kneeling in the same spot with his eyes closed and breathing heavily. I fluff up two pillows and make myself comfortable. This worked out great! Anton opens his eyes and gives me a glorious smile.

“Wow. That was fantastic! I really needed that. — Damn, Anika, you’re a class act.”

Here I think: What did I do except lay motionless? Nevertheless, his praises please me. It reassures me that I can be satisfied with myself and my services.

“Thank you, darling, I’m happy to hear it. I truly enjoyed your tenderness.” I tell a little lie. Anton pulls off the rubber, knots it, and discards it in the ashtray on the bedside table. He puts his glasses back on and stretches out on the bed. To avoid lying back down in his arms, I quickly turn on my side and prop myself up on one elbow. We can make eye contact and talk for a few more minutes. Anton does not seem to be in a chatty mood, so I ask:

“How about it, Anton, may I use your bathroom to freshen up while you lie here and rest?”

“Yes, go right ahead, Anika. I’m rather pressed for time as well. My family is expecting me. You know how it is. I always have to be sneaky about it. Now it’s time to get out of here. Go ahead, use the bathroom.”

I get up, take the condom from the ashtray with one hand, grab my cosmetic bag and my lacy lingerie with the other, and disappear into the bathroom. Shower, towel off, dress, brush hair. I touch up my lipstick and glance at my phone. Two missed calls, both from the same number. Completely dressed, I reenter the room. Anton has dressed while I was in the bathroom. He picks up two bills from the nightstand and hands me 150 euros.

“This is your present, Anika. Thank you!”

“No, thank you, darling! I hope you have a nice weekend!”

“I wish you the same, Anika. Would it be okay if I call you again?”

“Of course, Anton! I’d be delighted!”

Being the gentleman he is, he walks me to the door, opens it for me, and gives me a peck on each cheek before I exit, beaming joyfully.

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