An Ultimate Guide to Vegan Condoms

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Aug. 19, 2021, 5:32 p.m.
An Ultimate Guide to Vegan Condoms

Whether you plan to switch to veganism or your partner(s) are vegan, or you want to explore something new, vegan condoms can be excellent choices. When you use condoms that are vegan, you can create a positive impact on our environment. 

We know that most regular condoms are made from latex. Yes, they mostly come from rubber trees cultivated in tropical Asia. But, the entire process of mainstream condoms is not 100% vegan. There are animal products and even animal testing processes involved since they are medical products.

When we look at the market trends, the condom industry is worth a whopping $9.9 billion. Reports show that the condom industry would touch a market value of $15.1 billion in 2026. Even then, the revenue generated by the vegan condom industry would be comparatively low. The reason behind this is the disparity in the supply and demand curve of condoms that have vegan components.

Only a few people are aware of the vegan condom market, and many people are considerate of their efficiency. But, in reality, condoms that are vegan provide 98% protection against pregnancy and STIs/STDs, which is similar to that of latex condoms. 

Now, let's look at how vegan condoms are different from mainstream condoms and how they become vegan.

100% Plant-Based Vegan Condoms

Standard latex condoms use different components to soften their texture. Mainly, they use casein, which comes from cow or goat milk. Whereas on the other hand, vegan condoms use another plant-based alternative known as thistle extract. It makes these condoms eco-friendly compared to mainstream condoms. 

Many leading condom brands also produce condoms that are vegan. However, you have to cross-check if all the components used are plant-based. You can also rely upon brands that focus only on condoms that are vegan, like Glyde, the first company to launch these types of condoms in 2013. Another fair trade and sustainability-centric vegan condom brand is Einhorn, which is a German enterprise.

Focus on Sustainability and Fair Trade

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Instead of focusing on large-scale rubber plantations, most vegan condom companies opt for eco-friendly alternatives. They depend on harvesting rubber from smallholders. For instance, brands like Einhorn focus on these methods to enhance sustainability. Here, they avoid the usage of any pesticides and depend on organic ways of cultivation.

Besides that, most vegan condom companies promote fair trade as part of encouraging sustainability. However, there are mainstream companies as well that focus on these concepts.

Cruelty-Free Condoms and Vegan Certification

Even though vegan condoms don't have animal-based ingredients, it doesn't mean that all these condoms are 100% cruelty-free. Here, cruelty refers to the testing of condoms on animals to ensure their quality. Before shopping for these condoms, you can look for labels or signs that show the product to be cruelty-free. 

Similar to cruelty-free labels, these condoms would have certification from different authorities. Some of the certifications and badges that ensure a condom is vegan are as follows: 

  • PETA Approval,
  • The Vegan Society Badge, and 
  • The Vegan Action Foundation Badge.

 They show that the product is 100% vegan and plant-based. When it comes to non-vegan products, they won't have these labels related to veganism.

No Harmful Chemicals

Most vegan condoms don't use any chemical or harmful substances. They are safe to use and made from natural rubber. They underdo triple-washing and have quality texture. Hence, they won't cause any irritation to the vagina and even reduce the chances of causing any form of pain. Besides that, these condoms won't have any after-taste. However, they can have a natural flavor of wild berries, blueberries, or other fruits. 

When it comes to standard condoms, most of them might have chemicals in them. Some of the common chemical substances are paraben, nitrosamine, paragons, benzocaine, spermicide, glycerine, etc.  

Spermicide, which contains nonoxynol-9, could lead to infections. As per Mayo Clinic, they might increase the chances of vaginal tract infections and irritations. When it comes to glycerin, it is best to opt for products that have naturally derived glycerin. However, if they come from artificial compounds, they could have adverse impacts.

Are Vegan Condoms Safe to Use?

Yes, they are as safe as latex condoms. They are suitable for those who have allergies, especially dairy or mild latex allergies. Even though the market for vegan condoms is small, it might improve in the coming years. You can only identify their benefits to our environment as the market grows. However, they are beneficial for our well-being as they don't have any toxic substances.

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