Can Condoms and Lubricants be Used Together?

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Aug. 14, 2021, 6:25 p.m.
Can Condoms and Lubricants be Used Together?

From the oiled silk paper used by the Chinese to the latex condoms available nowadays, condoms have evolved over the years. However, they act as the best sources for offering over 90% protection from STIs and unexpected pregnancies. 

While evaluating condom usage in 2020, 33.4 million people in the US used condoms. It shows a drastic increase from the mere 29.5% in 2002. However, you have to use lubricants along with condoms to enhance its efficiency. You might be thinking, can we use condoms and lubricants together? 

Well, we will delve into it in a few seconds. Lubricants are liquids or gels that you can apply during sex to keep up the moisture. As per a recent study by WHO in San Francisco, 89% of the participants used lubes while having sex. While considering sexual pleasure, it was higher when they used water or silicone-based lubricants. However, there are still numerous people in the US who don't use lubes and condoms while having intercourse. There are many confused about what lubricants can be used with condoms. 

Can I use Condoms and Lubricants Together?

To answer the question in simple terms, YES, you can use condoms and lubricants together. Whether you have a pre-lubricated condom or not, it is always best to opt for a lube. It would reduce the chances of condom breakage, erectile issues, and irritation. 

As per a study conducted by WHO, the participants who used water-based lubes with condoms found the breakage rate was 3%. Whereas on the other hand, the breakage rate was 21.4% for those who didn't use condoms and lubricants together. 

By the use of lubrication with condoms, you can reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies. It can also enhance the pleasure and comfort involved while having sex. When you buy condoms, they may or may not have lubrication. However, you can apply lubrication inside and outside of the condom before using it. 

Since each person is unique, you or your partner might not produce all the lubrications naturally required to improve your sex life. Hence, it is best to opt for a gentle lubricant to make sex enjoyable for both you and your partner.

What Lubricants can be Used with Condoms?

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Using non-lubricated latex condoms can lead to friction. Even though most condoms have lubrication, they may not be sufficient in most cases. When you apply lubrication separately on both sides of the condom, it not just reduces the chances of breakage. It can also offer you a sensation similar to condom-less sex. 

When it comes to what lubricants can be used with condoms, it is best to opt for condom-compatible lubes. It means that you have to select a lube based on the type of condom you use. There are mainly four types of lubes. They include water-based, silicone-based, petroleum-based, and oil-based lubricants. The least preferred option would be oil-based lubricants as they can weaken the latex. It would increase the chances of STIs and unplanned pregnancies. You can find more about the different types of lubes from here.

Usage of incorrect lubricants can result in slippage. Hence, you have to ensure that you get one compatible with the type of condom you use. You can find this out by checking the packaging of the lube while you buy it.

Apart from these lubricants, you can use natural products like aloe vera. These water-based natural lubricants can offer skin hydration and are an excellent alternative for lubes you can use with condoms.

Final Thoughts

Thus, by adding lubrication to condoms, you can make sex comfortable and fun. It would reduce condom breakage and increase pleasure. Besides that, lubes can enhance the elasticity of the vaginal area and also improve oral sex. Therefore, don't forget to use condoms and lubricants together to have more exciting and safe sex.

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