Allosexual, and Allosexuality, what do they mean?

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Allosexual, and Allosexuality, what do they mean?

According to Healthline “People who are allosexual are those that experience sexual attraction of any kind.” You might wonder, huh attraction of any kind! Then would they identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or another sexual orientation?

Too many questions and the answer to these is YES! If you are someone who has questions like, “ Am I allosexual?” then the next section is for you

What is Allosexuality? Who is an allosexual person?

Allosexuality: It means you consciously experience sexual attraction. It is the opposite of asexual, where you might ever do some sexual behavior or other, but you experience no sexual desire.

Russell Stambaugh, retd. Clinical Psychologist

In short, if you regularly experience sexual attraction, you are probably Allosexual.


The opposite of Allosexuality: "Asexuality", what does it mean?

A poll by Sky Data was conducted in the UK among 1119 adults to understand how confident they were in defining asexuality.

The result, among the 53 percent who said they were confident in explaining the term, 75 percent of them were either wrong or did not know that asexual doesn’t mean “no sex drive”. Boom!

So what does asexual really means? Being asexual does not mean that the person will not experience intimacy, love or, romance. It also does not mean that the person in question here will remain alone.


It is defined by a lack of sexual attraction though it doesn’t mean celibacy where there is a deliberate abstention from sexual activity.

For a long time, a stigma has been attached to people who identified as "asexual" as not being normal, but do you know 1% of the population identifies themselves as asexual.

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A fabulous community that we are aware of if you identify yourself as asexual is The Asexual Visibility & Education Network to provide you with the support needed.

Why is allosexuality important?

So again, why oh why do we need another term to be added to our vocabulary? Aka Allosexuality

Notice that because it is assumed that everyone experiences sexual attraction, there is not a huge group of vocal allosexuals declaring their identity. Asexuals, on the other hand, identify themselves as marginalized because they are often assumed to have sexual attraction which they do not experience. Often their lack of desire is pathologized.

In that sense, 'allosexual' fills an educational role very similar to the term 'cis-gendered', which transgendered people use to educate us that experiencing a seamless fit between our chromosomal sex and our gender identity is not universal”, clarifies Russell Stambaugh.

How is it different than other sexualities?

Allosexuality, isn't really a sexual orientation. It doesn't define who you feel attraction to, but how you feel attraction.

Am I/you allosexual?

Like all sexualities, it comes down to what you identify with the most, and how you feel.

Someone who is allosexual, typically would Experience sexual attraction (not necessarily irrespective of gender)

So if you have feel sexual attraction towards someone, congratulations, you are allosexual

Do you have a crush on someone?

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