7 Sex Positive Influencers on Twitter

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Sept. 15, 2021, 5:03 p.m.
7 Sex Positive Influencers on Twitter

It is a known narrative that there are numerous influencers on Twitter and other social media handles. Hence, it can be challenging to find the right people to follow. When it comes to finding people offering insights on sex positivity, here are seven sex-positive influencers on Twitter whom you can follow. So, without wasting any more time, let's have a look at them.

Luna Matatas

Bringing in body confidence, Matatas is a sexuality and kink educator who is doing a great job spreading the meaning of sex-positivity. She brings life to kink and fantasy through her tweets and inspires people to follow their sexual desires. 

Matatas wants everyone to own their sexual desire and be the boss of it. She is a sex-positive influencer on Twitter who tries to challenge the patriarchal norms present in our society. It becomes evident from her Twitter bio too, where she states #pegthepatriarchy.

Matatas conveys the message of being confident, comfortable, and sexy at the same time. 

Besides that, Matatas also runs a podcast called The Plug Podcast. It deals with topics ranging from prostrate pleasure to anal sex. Matatas voices her opinions on inequalities and racism through her tweets. She also has tweeted(retweeted) the problems faced by Asians in the kink community.

Sarah Brynn Holliday

Sarah Brynn Holiday is a sex-positive influencer on Twitter who raises their voice and fights for the abortion rights of women and trans women. Holliday has tweeted about bringing in trans-inclusive abortion language. Besides, Holliday does an excellent job in running various campaigns that focus on eradicating trans exclusion from society. Holliday is also part of initiatives that strive to create a gender-inclusive society. 

Other than these tweets, Holliday also takes you on an inspiring journey that helps to claim your choices and preferences. They also believe in spreading the right message about gender through their tweets. Holliday does reviews on sex toys that can help you make better choices for your pleasure.

Justin Lehmiller 

Justin Lehmiller is a social psychologist and sex researcher. Lehmiller is also an author who has penned down works likeTell Me What You Want. This is a work that focuses on sexual desires and brings in ways to improve sex life. 

Through his tweets, he shows different ways by which people can enhance their sex life. Lehmiller also aims to explain different gender types shortly and crisply through his tweets. He also conducts surveys to help people understand sex positivity and the various aspects associated with it. 

Lehmiller is also a sex-positive influencer on Twitter who stands against the wrongs done to the LGBTQ+ society and sex workers. As you browse through his Twitter handle, it becomes evident that he has done in-depth research and has first-hand experience with the information he shares. Besides, he runs a podcast named Sex and Psychology and also hosts a blog. You can listen to a podcast by Justin Lehmiller from here.

Dr. J

Dr. J is a sex therapist and erotic author who conveys the importance of consent as a life lesson that everyone has to practice. She has created a tweet thread called Sexy Consent, where she mentions the need for asking questions and communicating with your partner to have a pleasurable time. Other than this, another tweet thread by Dr. J that is worth reading is the one on sexuality. Here, Dr.J concisely explains sexuality. 

Dr. J is a sex-positive influencer who reminds you of the importance of reading erotic stories too. She presents how they can be a good experience for you. If you follow her on Twitter, you will understand that she is a firm supporter of the sex-tech and fem-tech industries. Dr. J also offers constant motivation through her tweets. They can be a major boost of energy for you.

Dr. Liz Powell 

Dr. Powell is yet another influencer on Twitter worth following and is a speaker, coach, author, and psychologist. Dr. Powell, in their Twitter bio, states that great sex can have a role to play in changing the world. They are someone who emphasizes the need for bringing in transparency when it comes to turn-ons and other choices. 

Through their works and initiatives, they ensure that the voice of trans people become heard. They are also someone who presents a stand against homophobia through their tweets. Dr. Powell supports the people belonging to the sexual wellness community by retweeting the amazing works done by their colleagues.

Marla Stewart 

Being a sexologist, coach, and pleasure activist, Marla Stewart has made many contributions to the sexual wellness industry. Stewart takes active participation in different kinds of socially relevant discussions. One of them is the presence of anti-Asian racism in kink. 

Stewart also creates content around new sex toys that can spice up your sex life. Some of Stewart’s tweets on skill and art of seduction are worth reading.

One of the tweets that caught our attention is the one on the vagina museum. It is informative and explains why there can be patches in the underwear, which occur due to acid secretion from the vagina. These changes that happen are completely healthy as well. 

Besides, Stewart explores different subjects related to sex and kink. Through the tweets, Stewart provides resourceful content on these topics, which are worth reading. Other than these subjects, Stewart tweets on topics including sensuality, intimacy, body positivity, etc.

Andrew Smiler 

Andrew Smiler is a TEDx speaker, media expert, and masculinity scholar. He has also penned down books like Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy, Is Masculinity Toxic?-A Primer. He actively participates in international discussions related to topics like eliminating violence against men and boys. He also depicts how the traditional definition of masculinity has refrained men from seeking help for their mental health concerns.

Smiler shows how essential it is to offer proper sex education to teen boys. He is also an advocator of dadvocacy, where the father would also be responsible for taking care of the child. Through his tweets, he endeavors to educate people on different types of sexuality as well.

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