Top sex-positive Influencers on Instagram

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team June 17, 2021, 4:31 p.m.
Top sex-positive Influencers on Instagram

People view sex through the lens of stigma and shame. It is because of a lack of awareness. Even today, our society continues to judge people based on our sexual preferences. Adapting the right attitude is necessary for creating a healthy sexual environment. 

Here, we have brought together the top sex-positive Instagram influencers. They question the taboos and misconceptions related to sex. These influencers are leading the way towards self-love and self-acceptance. 

Through their Instagram handles, they are promoting a judgment-free attitude towards sex. They encourage people to embrace fantasies and fetishes with an open mind.

Sex Positive means having a positive mindset towards sex. It aims at providing a safe environment for all sexual preferences. A sex-positive attitude focuses on consensual sex as healthy and pleasurable. It empowers people to be aware of their bodily needs and encourages safe sex. 

Seema Anand

Seema Anand is a writer, storyteller, and Kamasutra expert who considers sex as an art form. She uses her Instagram and Youtube to answer a wide range of sex and sexuality-related questions. They include delayed ejaculation, homosexuality and fear, ethical porn, and many others. In April, she launched Sexual Assault Awareness Month on her website. It aimed to create a safe space for sexual abuse victims.

Saloni Chopra

Saloni Chopra is fearless, confident, and daring. She is not afraid to speak out against inequality. Apart from that, Saloni has been an integral part of movements like #metoo and #freethenipple. She motivates people to speak out against sexual abuse. She has a profound knowledge of sexual health. Besides that, she uses her Instagram to make other women aware of it as well.

Leeza Mangaldas

 "Imagine a world where all sexual experiences are consensual, safe, and pleasurable," her Instagram bio says. She is a sex-positive influencer who justifies her bio through the content she writes. She encourages a sex-positive mindset. Besides exploring female masturbation, she also shares informative content on appropriate and inappropriate sexual behavior.

Dr. Tanya

 Dr. Tanya is another sex-positive influencer, who creates innovative ways to create awareness on sexual wellness through Instagram. She chooses a humorous and conversational approach to spread information. Dr. Tanya’s Instagram page answers questions related to mensuration, protected sex, pregnancy, orgasms.

Alok V Menon

Alok is confident and brave. Alok's Instagram is inspiring and imaginative. With #degenderfashion, Alok challenges the fashion cliché. Alok is not scared to talk about depression and encourages the LGBTQ community to live their lives as they wish, free of societal expectations.

Dirty South Sex Ed-Irma

She aims to revolutionize the field of sexual health education and is our other favorite sex-positive influencer on Instagram. Along with guiding people on masturbation and kinky sex, she also provides sex toy reviews. Through her content, she stresses the importance of consent in a relationship. She also exposes sex-related myths, which are highly essential in the present scenario. 


Funny and creative, Supriya is a 'supaarwoman' in the true sense. She sends out the message of body positivity and self-love. She is not bothered about what others think about her. Leading the path of body positivity, Supriya shows that we cannot confine beauty to any particular shape, size, or color. 

Miss Lingerista

Miss Lingerista is bold and sexy. She promotes self-prioritization and sees everyone's body as a work of art. Her 'Dos and Don'ts of Supporting a Friend After Sexual Assault' guide is quite helpful. Her posts about self-acceptance will make you admire her even more.

Priyanka Paul

Priyanka is fearless and innovative. Priyanka spreads awareness through thought-provoking art. Priyanka's 'BEDx Talks' is one of a kind program that is worth checking out. Here, you can find funky pictures with quotes. Through this, Priyanka gives sex-ed a comical twist. From promoting queer relief to taking a stand against sexual abuse, Priyanka is promoting a sex-positive attitude creatively.


In addition to giving all clitoris-related information, clitoriscious teaches you how to treat your clitoris. They believe in gender fluidity and attempt to create awareness about the same. They acknowledge that queer magic exists beyond the human world as well. They also provide information regarding the usage of pronouns for people with different sexual preferences. They are yet another sex-positive influencers on Instagram you can follow.

Ankush Bahuguna

With impeccable comic timing, Ankush sends out the right message of gender equality. One of his most important messages is that makeup does not have gender. He believes it is unreasonable to think that men cannot like or use makeup. 

He understands how to get the uninformed members of our society to listen. Unconcerned about his trolls, Ankush went ahead and did what he loves by creating his makeup channel.

trintrin , Dr.Trinetra Haldar

Dr.Trinetra has conquered all challenges to establish her identity. She will inspire you to live your life on your terms as a trans woman and a doctor. She often speaks about the sexism she has faced in society as a trans woman. 

She does not shy away from sharing her transition journey. Dr. Trinetra is a sex-positive influencer who speaks about feminism, marital rape, or sexual abuse. There were many hurdles in her journey. But, she will show you how to make the most of any circumstance.

Sufi Malik

Sufi is a true inspiration for all those people who cannot embrace their sexual preferences due to the fear of society. Challenging the internalized homophobia through her Instagram, Sufi proved that love stories do not have to be conventional. Sufi's positive attitude and ability to reclaim control of their own life are inspiring.

Gender is fluid, and, at the same time, we have to be proud of our sexual preferences. Through this, we can move beyond the frameworks set by our society and embrace ourselves. These sex-positive influencers on Instagram, like us, are curating a path for discovering sexual freedom.

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