Raiders of the Lost Ark

As #PodcastSummer continues, Will and Marc decide to celebrate by looking at one of the all-time great summer movies: 1981's RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

They're joined by friend of the show Matt Grisier to debate perfect blockbusters, the symbolism of dresses and pants, and whether Huey Lewis is doing a black voice in "The Power of Love."

Plus we talk about the writing process for the movie, plans for future sequels, and the weirdness of a franchise that spawned both a Nazi monkey and a switchblade-wielding Shia LeBeouf.

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Next Week: KAL HO NAA HO

Corrections: Contrary to what Matt said, Steven Spielberg did not get a Best Director nomination for JAWS. Contrary to what Will said, the 1936 Olympics were in Munich, not Berlin.


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