Addams Family Values

Carol Kane put a curse on Will to create a doppelganger of him and, being Will, neither of them could keep quiet. This makes it sound like there's an echo on this episode, but there's not - there are two Wills. Will 2 ran off to Hollywood to try writing something called "Spirit Locomotive" (they clones weren't exactly the same), so we don't expect to see him again.

For those of us who are still here after that nonsense, snap your fingers and join in for Barry Sonnenfeld's sophomore feature, 1993's ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES! Will and Marc talk Joan Cusack's fashion, the merits of underground restaurants, Kamp Krusty, and Nathan Lane's turn as the one sane person in the Addams Family universe.

Plus: Is Christopher Lloyd's Uncle Fester actually Wolverine? Is Tony Shalhoub truly a macho man? Should Will buy a LaserDisc player? Let us know what you think, and be sure to rate, review, and subscribe.

Next Week: KAL HO NAA HO (Watch it on Amazon Prime to prepare!!!)


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