FLASH Testimonial - Fixing Bill’s Peyronie’s

We share a testimonial of Bill who was able to successfully get rid of Peyronie

Austin: Okay. I'm here with Bill, I'm Austin.

Bill: Nice to meet you.

Austin: Nice to meet you.
Bill had Peyronie's. It affected almost everything, and he came here.
How many weeks would you say it was before we were able to almost completely get rid of the Peyronie's?

Bill : I would say it took six to seven treatments, so that's, what, 
about six or seven weeks.

Austin: Awesome.

Bill: I came once a week.

Austin: Got it.
I guess, just really quickly, how did having Peyronie's affect you before, and how is life now after that it's almost gone?

Bill: Oh, man. Before it sucked, man. It was like somebody just ripped your heart out, literally. You just lost ... I mean, it's your manhood, you know. You don't even feel like talking to women any more. It's like you're embarrassed. I was embarrassed

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